Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 318 Contract Established


“We become residents of this village?”


“Yes, if you guys are okay with it, that is. Of course, if you want to return to your country, I will help you. You don’t have to answer right away either.” said Jin.


After thinking a bit, Barou replied,


“I see… This village is a really nice place. I had opportunity to observe the study meeting the day before yesterday. Although they were still teaching things we already know, I heard from Elsa-sama that they were planning on introducing many more different things.”


Jin nodded.


“Yeah, that’s right. Although it is progressing little by little, I do wish to complete the education system here.”


“A village like this, it’s my first time seeing anything like it! I like these villagers!”


Belle said full of spirit.


“If it’s okay for me to live in this village then, I want to live here.”


To Belle who had already made up her mind, Barou asked,


“Belle, you’re okay with this, right?”


“Yup, Barou. Unlike you, I don’t have any family anymore so I wouldn’t have anywhere to go even after returning to Magiruts.”


Looks like Barou was the only one who had a family in the Shouro kingdom and Belle didn’t have a single relative.

Although Jin had left the questioning to Mine and Elsa about these, he forgot to listen to their report. It was a point he thought he had to reflect on, as he was the one who brought the two kids.


“Jin-sama, could you let us live here, in this village? My country… I don’t really have a reason to return there soon or anything. At that time… we were really grinding with our last ounce of strength and thought that if we were to die, it should be on the soil of our own country.”


Barou faced Jin with his back straight.


“Got it. I will also tell Gibbeck-san about it. About your job… hmm, how about castle management?”


They would normally have to do cleaning and receive guests if there are any. Jin also said that he would like to entrust them with one end of the management tasks one day.


“Su-such a big role?”

Barou was getting slight cold feet. On the other hand,


“Yes! I will do my best!”


Belle replied positively. Although it can also be that she didn’t quite understand the details of the job.


“Alright, then your salary will be 10 silver coins a month, the food will be served from here and we will also provide the necessary clothes. For your house, how about inside the castle for the time being? You will get about 1 day off a week at first. I will think more about it later.”


Normally, butlers or lady attendants in learning while living in don’t really get paid. 10 silver coins a month was an exceptional offer. There’s also no other place which gives a whole day off every week. At the very least, not at Serroa kingdom, where they had been working.


“Y-yes, thank you very much!”


After being elbowed by Belle, at last Barou also replied.


“Alright, then it’s settled. Let’s talk about the details again tomorrow. I have somewhere to be after this.”


Saying that, Jin was about to leave but then he stopped and looked back,


“Really, I would consider it if you guys wanted to return to Shouro kingdom once.”


Having said that, he went back towards the castle.


“Onii-chan, have a nice trip!”


Hanna, who had just come out of the house, saw Jin off like that.



*   *   *



At the time Jin got out from the carriage’s warp-gate, the group was about to reach the city of Kram. It was about 30 minutes past noon.

Jin had perfectly predicted the timings as he knew the time difference.

“Ohh, right on.”


He said, instinctively.

The carriage stopped at the city’s outskirts in the carriage parking.


“Oii, Jin, you there?”


It was Reinhart. Seeing how he was asking ‘you there?’–Jin wondered if he should be wondering if Reinhart knew about it or that he was getting used to it.


“I am.”


“This city’s specialty is a bit different.”


“That’s interesting.”


Jin said while getting off the carriage. Reiko also followed him, like his shadow.


“Reinhart, Jin-dono, let’s go.”


Matheus lead the way. Looks like he had his subordinates make the reservations.



“Look, this is the place.”


The restaurant they had entered was normal in appearance. However, the moment he entered, Jin could sniff a nostalgic scent.


“Well, it is far off from being luxurious but there are these kinds of food as well so you could try them.”


To make Reinhart say so much about food. And then, the food was served in front of them.


“This is…”


It was boiled barley and rice with tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables. Apart from that, there was also a grilled, dry fish. It was pompano no matter how you looked at it.

Jin expressed his gratitude and sank his teeth into the dried food and vegetables.

He had thought the boiled barley and rice would be dry but they were slightly liquidy with wheat flour.

He can also catch fish which resemble the pompano at Hourai island so it wasn’t that nostalgic but he was certainly surprised that such a fish existed at a place like this.

It would have been better with chopsticks, he thought, as big forks and spoons felt kinda off.

Although it is unfortunate that they didn’t have soy sauce, Jin got teary eyed after experiencing the nostalgic taste. He had finished a plate right away.

Seeing his appetite, Reinhart was also surprised, as he looked at Jin wide eyed.


“I am surprised. To think you would like it that much. It is an honor.”


“Yeah, I had similar food in my hometown so it felt nostalgic. Thank you, Reinhart.”


“I see, I didn’t know that but I am glad you liked it. They are better when it’s cold, though.”


Reiko, who was standing behind, was analysing the ingredients of the food and sent it to Laojun back in Hourai island.


(“Laojun, father is eating this with an expression of nostalgia on his face. Please make it so that it can also be made in Hourai island.”)


([Understood, leave it to me.])


Having received the report, Laojun compared with his own data of Jin’s likes and informed the golem maid in charge of cooking, Peridot.

At the very least, the next time Jin goes back to Hourai island, he will be able to eat coleseed and chinese cabbage-like pickled vegetables with it.

After all, as there is a huge refrigerator in Hourai island, they can also make pickled vegetables which are normally made in winter.



After having his fill of the unexpected nostalgic cooking, he was heading towards Fonde while talking to Reinhart who was also on board.


“….And that is how I have decided to hire those two at my place.”


Hearing the whole explanation from Jin, Reinhart was happy.


“I see! I was worried about them, as they were my fellow Shouro citizens. That also makes me feel relieved.”


Saying that, Reinhart continued,


“I had prepared their IDs for what it matters, though.”


Reinhart said bringing out wooden tags from his chest pocket. As he was a diplomat, it seems he could also issue certificates like ambassadors in Earth could.

In the certificate, it was written how they were citizens of the Shouro empire and all that’s left was their signature.


“Well, it might come in handy in the future so I will gladly accept them.”


“Yep, that would be good.”


The carriage advanced down the highway carefreely.



*   *   *



Meanwhile, at Kurain kingdom, Presos, at the outskirts of Earl Walter’s territory. Just a little further in is the royal family’s territory.

Normally, landlords would place their base in a place where it would be easy to rule but it was different for Earl Walter.

He liked it to be as close to the capital, Alban.

At Presos, two travellers had reached.


“We will be staying the night here, huh?”


One was a young, male knight.


“Seems so. Let’s head out early tomorrow.”


A young, female knight answered.


“Rush-san, did you ever come to this city?”


Asked the female knight. The knight named Rush answered,


“Embarrassingly enough, I have not. I will leave it to Farheight-dono.”


“You don’t really have to be so formal. Please call me Lishia.”


“I-I see! Then, you should also call me Pascaud!”


“Fufu, got it, Pascaud-san.”


After parking their carriage, the two went with their luggage to search for an inn.



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