Magi Craft Meister 333

11-35 Nidou Castle



Jin let go of his baggage, placed some pens, ink, and parchment for memos in his office, and helped Butler B and C organize some books into the empty shelves.

The books were supposed to be bland, and so were of simple Magi Craft introduction material with pictures of plants inside. Of course, these were all made by Laojun.

Also, he would also place the Honorary Magi Craftsman half coat and badge from the Egelia Kingdom here as well.

The Honorary Membership badge from the Shouro Empire’s Magi Engineer Guild was of course, inside the carriage.

As the office floor was covered in wood, Jin had a personal set of slippers. Ignoring the fact that they were made from the skin of a monster, they were quite ordinary slippers.

“Good, that’s about right then.”

Jin saw that everything was in order, and decided that he should make it clear who was in charge of management.

First, he ordered that Butler B and C would have everything above the third floor, the five golem maids would be in charge of the underground.

He had been told that it was too much to have poor Barou and Belle clean and tidy the third floor and up and also the underground.

He would only ask Belle to clean the office on the third floor when they had to entertain guests, but it was decided that the butlers would handle it otherwise.

Mine was parttime, and Barou and Belle were in charge of instructing, and so they would be given a little more freedom, which would allow them to move in and out of the third floor when necessary.

Once this was done, Jin took Reiko with him and headed for the village chief’s house.

“Ah, older brother. Welcome back.”

Hannah had just come outside after finishing lunch when she saw Jin.

“I’m back, Hannah.”

“Um, that girl from the tribe has come here.”

“Yeah, that’s right. That’s why I am going to the chief’s house now.”

Jin said, and so Hannah sent him off warmly.


The chief’s house was close to the center of the village.

The time was around 1 pm, everyone should be finished with lunch now. Belle just happened to be in the garden when she saw Jin.

“Oh, Master Jin. Welcome back!”

Hearing this, Barou’s face appeared from the window of the chief’s house and quickly disappeared again.

Then the door opened, and out came Lishia.


Lishia ran to him at full speed and grabbed Jin’s hand.

“It’s been so long! I was worried! But it’s good to see that you are well! What happened while you were away!?”

Her questions came very rapidly, and so Jin was at a loss of how to reply. He fell silent.

Seeing him like that, Lishia turned bright red. She let go of Jin’s hand and jumped back.

“S-sorry about that, Master Jin. …I am a new noble of the Cline Kingdom, Lishia Fahlheit. I was sent here as an ambassador to the Kaina village. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

She said this and bowed very deeply. Jin was even more uncomfortable.

“Li-Lishia, please stop that. You said it yourself before, let us talk together like we always have.”

As Jin said this, Lishia raised her head and stood up.

“…Are you sure?”

“That’s what I said.”

Jin pressed, and Lishia finally relaxed and smiled.

“Oh, thank goodness. I am glad that you haven’t changed.”

“I won’t change. I am what I am.”

Jin answered. Then he noticed that there was a young man who did not look familiar standing near the doorway of the chief’s house. He was glaring at Jin.

“Umm, Lishia. Who is that?”

Lishia turned around to see.

“Oh, he is Pascaud Rush. Of the fourth knight’s division. He came with me as a guard.”

She introduced him.

Jin and Lishia walked over to the door where he was standing. Pascaud was no longer glaring at him now, and so Jin decided to forget about it.

“I am Jin Nidou. An Honorary Magi Craftsman of the Egelia Kingdom. I have been leased this Kaina village.”

He said to Pascaud. Pascaud too introduced himself in the same way that Lishia had done.

“If you are already finished eating, I would like you to come to my castle. …Ah, but first, I would like a word with the chief.”

Jin said, and then open the door and entered in order to speak with Gheebeck.

“…So that is Jin Nidou.”

Pascaud muttered in a somewhat resentful tone.

“Yes. Hehe. I am glad that he has not changed.”

Lishia answered happily.

“Why would he abandon the ambassador and go talk?”

“It is fine. I wish to continue on as friends with Jin in any case.”

Lishia said and Pascaud furrowed his eyebrows.

“Is that the direction you will take as an ambassador?”

“Umm, I don’t know. It is without a doubt, my way of thinking. But if you ask about being an ambassador…”

Pascaud was a little taken aback by how cute she looked as she tilted her head in thought, but he quickly controlled himself.

“In, in any case, I believe that you should protest to any actions that slight our kingdom.”

“But I do not think that that was Jin’s intention? I just think he wanted to get some business out of the way.”

Lishia was formerly of the common class, and so she had no concerns in particular about Jin’s actions. And she knew that she was right.

However, Pascaud was not convinced. He continued to grumble.



Inside the house, Jin talked with the chief, and it was decided that tonight, they would have a party where the entire village would gather together.

Things like this could be decided quickly as it was a small village.

“So, how many are there in total?”

“There are 29 houses. Excluding you, there should be 102 people. Now that Mine, Elsa, Barou, and Belle are here.”

“I understand.”

100 cushions had been prepared for the great hall in his castle. It looked like it would not be enough, though, and so Jin realized he would have to have more made in a hurry.


“Well, then. Please tell the others for me.”

“Yes, I will do so. Is it alright if we gather at 5?”


Jin answered, and he simultaneously thought that he should build a clock tower eventually.

“Barou and Belle, please come back to the castle once you are finished here.”


After this conversation, Jin left the chief’s house. Of course, it was Lishia and Pascaud who were waiting for him.

“Oh, Jin. Are you finished talking?”

Lishia asked Jin.

“Ah, Lishia. So you were waiting here for me? I am so sorry I didn’t realize it.”

Jin realized that he had made them stand and wait, and he apologized. Then he invited them to the castle.

“It has only just been completed. Lishia, you will be the first guest who has been invited to it.”

Lishia heard this and then asked Jin something that had been on her mind.

“Um, uh, Jin. When exactly did you build this castle?”

“It was of course after I was leased this land.”


Lishia froze for a second. However, she quickly remembered that it was Jin that she was talking to, and so she returned to herself.

“Is, is that so. So you are not only great with Magi Craft but construction as well.”

“Yes, well, it was made by the golems that I created.”

Hearing this, Lishia was somewhat satisfied with the answer. The golems had a strength that far surpassed humans, and so they would probably be able to build things at several times the speed.

However, Pascaud did not feel the same.

“…That’s impossible…How could a building on this scale be finished within a few days…that is so utterly ridiculous…”

He muttered in annoyance. He had experience with repairing the castle walls of the fortress city Tetrada, and so he had more knowledge of construction and materials than Lishia.

And yet the castle now loomed in front of the three.

“Reiko, please tell the butlers and maids to come out and greet us.”

Jin gave Reiko the order. Reiko nodded.

“Jin, what do you mean by butlers and maids?”

Lishia asked out of curiosity. Jin laughed and only told her that she would know soon enough.

And just as he said, there were seven golems lined up in front of the castle entrance.

Jin walked forward a few steps and then turned around.

“Ambassador Lishia, Pascaud. Welcome to Kaina village, and Nidou castle.”

He greeted them with a few simple words.

And when he was finished, the seven golems all bowed their heads in unison.

While they were not wearing clothes, Butler B and C were a matte silver, the five golem maids were red, purple, green, yellow and blue respectively.

Seeing their incredible designs in front of them, Lishia and Pascaud became unsurprisingly speechless.





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