Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 337 Sudden End and Confrontation


While Jin was going through the awkwardness with Pascaud in Kaina village, at present, Earl Walter was staying at Rakham. Although his usual base is at Prenz, as of late, he has been working at Rakham, which is closer to Kaina village.


“Master, it is morning. You should get up soon.”


The attendant said, knocking the door. But there was no reply.

Earl Walter was at least good at getting up and was known for his pranks on the attendants who come to wake him up.

However, even after some time, he didn’t answer, so the attendant got a little suspicious.

And then, remembering that he did say something about his body feeling heavy since yesterday, the attendant rushed to the butler.

The butler soon came rushing in. And after using the spare key to open the door, there lied…



*   *   *



“(….How far does he plan on going?)]


Deneb 30 thought. She was now following the ‘mysterious man’.

The mysterious man, who was giving the Earl his wits before was now, heading east after exiting Earl Walter’s mansion in Rakham early this morning.

If he keeps on going like this, he will probably go beyond Earl Walter’s territory.

Even with all the investigation till now, they couldn’t grasp the identity of this mysterious man. Considering the Quintas’ abilities, this is something very surprising.

No, maybe the man’s movement speed is more astounding. It isn’t that of a normal human being.

He has travelled 60 km in 2 hours. In other words, he is moving at a speed of 30kmph. It is 1.5 times the speed of a marathon runner.

On top of that, he wasn’t heading through any urban areas. He was moving along the area between Nowasa and Riein, where there’s the least amount of people.

And so naturally, there was no proper road there, just boulders, forests and wastelands–and he was moving at 30 kmph even in these conditions.

Judging from the fact that the mysterious man’s identity couldn’t be revealed even with Deneb 29 and 30’s investigation, he might not be a human at all–is what Deneb 30 reported to Laojun before following him and that might just be the truth.




*   *   *






Seeing his master writhe in pain on the bed, the butler shouted out. And then instructed the attendant beside him.


“He has an intense fever! Healer! Call a healer!”




The attendant hurriedly left the room.




*   *   *




The mysterious man and Deneb 30 who was following him had come all the way to the Great Shama Wetlands.

Time spent to come this far was a total of 3 hours. That is insanely high speed.

Just when their legs started to get muddy, the mysterious man stopped. And slowly turned around.

For the first time, the mysterious man’s face could be clearly seen. It was face of a man of about 20 years. But it also felt somewhat not human. It would be more appropriate to call it a cold-blooded animal.

His height was about 190 centimeters and was thin but ripped. The body of a martial artist.

The fact that such details came to light after all this time means that the mysterious man has been careful to not let even the Quintas know of his disguise.


“Good job making it this far.”


And then his gaze clearly caught Deneb 30, who was in stealth mode.




*   *   *






The healer checked Earl Walter for a while with a grave expression and then just said,


“It’s too late.”




“His breathing has already stopped. He can’t be brought back to life.”


“That can’t be!”




Earl Walter, dead at 41 years old. It was an all too sudden end.




*   *   *




“What exactly are you?”


Undoing his stealth, Deneb 30 asked the mysterious man.


“What about you? With those physical abilities, you’re not human, are you?”


“I will borrow your words and use them right on you.”


“Hmm, so you don’t have any intention of talking.”


They glared at each other.


It felt like a stalemate would continue like that but, as if he got impatient, the mysterious man was the first to act. His moved even faster than before.

Moreover, who knows where he was hiding it, but he also brought out a short sword.




Deneb 30 tried to evade but because of the surface being soft, he tripped and his first response was a tad bit slow. And that was enough for the man.

-Tiingg- along with a high-pitched metallic clank, the short sword had cut into Deneb 30’s right hand.

Quintas’ skeletal frame was made of aluminium. The short sword had even cut halfway into that aluminium.


“You bastard, golem… no, an automata, eh?!”


The aluminium was tough and Deneb 30 instantly pulled back his arm, taking the man’s short sword along with it.


“To think someone who can create automatas like you also existed in this era…… What is the name of the person who made you?”


“You think I will tell you that?”


Taking out the short sword from his right arm, he took stance with it on his left hand and glared at the man.

His right hand had more than half of its magical muscle cut and was of no use anymore.


“Hmm, you automatas are always the same. With that unlimited loyalty to your creator… However!”


The man brought out an orb from his pocket which shone light-blue in the sunlight. And then,




He used a magic they never even heard of. It looked as if that wave pierced through Deneb 30.


“…..Hmm, making me do so much work. Automata, spill your and your master’s name.”


The mysterious man ordered Deneb 30 as if he had won. However, his eyes opened wide in the very next moment.


“I decline.”


It was because Deneb 30 acted as if nothing had happened.


“W-what… exactly are you? Not obeying my enslavement!”


“I have no obligation to answer.”


“….I see. Then I shall tear you apart, drag out that control core and directly ask it!”


The man again put forward the orb and said,




Destructive magic was released. Taking in that magic, the mud burst and scattered. Even Deneb 30 wouldn’t be unscathed if he took that head on but as he got a hold of his footing properly this time, he was barely able to dodge it.


“Elrad Light, eh? That’s bothersome.”


“You bastard! You even know of that?!”


Once again, they stopped their movements and stared each other down. And again, silence fell…


“….Your master is definitely quite the person, this I will acknowledge.”


The man muttered vexingly.


“Let’s make a trade, how about it? You won’t follow me around any further. In exchange, I will answer any one of your questions…. How about it?”


Deneb 30 was silent. But he was in fact exchanging information with Laojun with mana-cam.


([Is that man’s mana remaining in that sword?])




([Then it’s fine. We can affirm his location with magi radar. Accept those conditions.])


After such an exchange, Deneb 30 answered the man.


“Understood. I will accept those conditions. However, you have injured my hand, so I will have this sword.”


As Deneb 30 said that, the man made a grim face.


“Kugh… I have no other choice. Ask anything, I will answer only one question.”


The question had already been decided by Laojun.


“Well then…… What was your objective at Earl Walter’s place?”


Hearing that question, the man stared in wonder once again.


“…Oho? So you will ask that. I had completely thought that you would ask who I am.”


“You don’t need to speak of useless things, so just answer the question.”


“…Understood. Me being at his place was just as a pastime. This isn’t a lie.”


“…So you were saying you spread infectious disease just for fun?!”


The man was surprised again.


“….Really, what exactly are you and your master? …I did say only one question but to pay my respect to those discerning eyes, I will answer. Exactly that.”


The man put in the Elrad Light in his pocket and leaped back. He made it all the way to the other side with just one leap.


“Hahaha, it was quite amusing. However, as usual, humans sure are weak. But, I shall tell you my name. My name is Raldus. ‘Raldus the Jester’.”


The man who introduced himself as Raldus jumped across the wetlands without getting sucked in and disappeared into the distance.


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