Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 340 Renald Kingdom

Reiko consulted with Laojun and An and plotted her plan.


“We know his location so I can fly to Renald kingdom at night with Pegasus 1 and capture him.”


She had received the permission from Jin to use the fastest airframe in Hourai island, so she will use that. The warpgate which doesn’t require a receiving end isn’t complete yet as there’s a problem regarding the accuracy of the destination and she decided not to use it this time.


[Please use the emergency warpgate to return.]


There won’t be any loss in time with this.


“Sister, don’t go alone, take someone with you. Of course, I know you are strong. But we don’t know whether he is alone or not so just in case, just in case.”


Said An. And Reiko meekly took the warning. She had confidence that she wouldn’t lose to anyone but there is a possibility that she might be faced with obstacles. It is reassuring if there’s someone along at a time like that.


[Right. Taking into consideration Deneb 30’s report, I think it would be best if you take Soreiyu, Luna and 2 Lands.]


Soreiyu and Luna are directly under Reiko’s supervision and the Lands are the strongest golems in Hourai island, excluding Reiko.


“I will do that then. Also, Touka.”


As one would expect, she couldn’t really take the magi canon as it’s hard to use against single individuals and it would be overkill.


Touka was damaged during the decisive battle with the Unifiers but, after that, the parts were changed to magi adamantite by Jin and even the function of a vibrating sword was inserted.


“And for defense… I have this.”


The pendant she received from Jin before.

The time it took to prepare everything was about an hour. The current time in Hourai island is 5 pm.


“How does the target look, Laojun?”


[It’s good, it seems like he has stopped moving.]


Laojun answered immediately as he was checking the location in real time.


Raldus wasn’t moving. In other words, he was probably in his base.


[It would be best to depart now and descent after it gets dark.]


Taking Laojun’s advice, Reiko, Soreiyu, Luna and Land 1 and 2 got into Pegasus 1 and departed.


Jin had returned to Kaina village to consult with Lishia so he was absent. But, even though he wasn’t there, in Reiko’s heart… in her control core, the words Jin said — ’I can’t leave it to anyone other than you, so I am counting on you’ were etched in.


“I will be back then, father.”


She said with a low voice which only she could hear and took off with Pegasus 1.



*   *   *




The distance between Renald kingdom and Hourai island is about 600 kilometers and the time difference is 2 hours.


With Pegasus 1’s speed, they can reach there within an hour. However, as the sun was still up and it was bright, the chances of them getting spotted were high, so they took a detour.


“…So Raldus is around here somewhere…However, this is…”


The sun still hadn’t sunk and Reiko was looking down from about 500 meters high and was somewhat exasperated at the sight.


“To think there isn’t a kingdom.”


That’s right, as far as she confirmed from the skies, there wasn’t anything which could be called a country there.


It wasn’t like there were no humans living there though. Just that they lived in small settlements here and there and it wasn’t big enough to be called a town.


It wasn’t like this when the map was drawn.


“Are you telling me there was an illusionary barrier deployed…”


When they were making the map, they were viewing it from about 5000 meters and 2000 meters above.


At that time, they couldn’t spot any anomalies.


“Seems like the barrier was deployed at about 800 meters.”


Once they decreased their altitude, the scenery changed altogether.


It may be possible if it were normal human beings but to even deceive the golems of Hourai island and Reiko.


“….That’s secondary for now. However, let’s record this phenomenon clearly.”


Reiko gave order to the golem she brought along this time, Luna, to properly record the characteristics and strength of the barrier and devoted her attention to finding Raldus.




With a short search, she determined his precise location. About 12 kilometers north to where Reiko was at the moment. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get there with Pegasus 1.


However, as the opponent is even capable of putting up such barriers, she got off 2 kilometers before the destination.


As Pegasus 1 has VTOL feature, it could land anywhere as long as the surface is flat but Reiko was prudent and got off while it was still flying.


“….Standy by here until I contact. I will keep the mana telecam always on.”


“Understood, sister.”


Soreiyu answered as their representative. This time, they set up mana telecams on Reiko’s eyes and ears.


In other words, everything Reiko sees or listens will be sent to Laojun. It was set up just in case something happens.


Reiko jumped off from 10 meters height and landed without making any noise. And like that, she sprinted towards the destination. She already had stealth activated.


“However, Deneb 30’s stealth was also seen through so.”


Reiko bore in mind that she shouldn’t trust too much on the stealth.


The surroundings there looked like there was a city there before but it has probably been decades since humans lived there and the buildings were in ruins and weed was growing here and there.


And because of that, there was an abundance of places to hide. Reiko took about 10 minutes to get close to the destination.


“….That building seems to be it.”


It even reacted to Reiko’s search function. It was a big pulse.


“…As the opponent is a demon, he won’t be needing any light. Well, I don’t either.”


The building was made of stone. It seemed to be a 3 storied building before but the 3rd floor has since fallen apart and only 2 floors could be used.


And the mana reaction was coming from the 2nd floor.


“Looks to be alone.”


She was being wary about his allies but for the moment, as far as Reiko could detect, there weren’t any large reactions of mana anywhere within 10 kilometer radius.


“Then all that’s left is to fulfil my mission.”


Reiko was careful not to make any sound and went in front of the building’s main gate. As far as she could see, there weren’t any traps.




And right at that moment, flames burst out from underneath Reiko.


But Reiko wouldn’t be done in by that level of flame. She leaped back in an instant and escaped the fire.


Reiko was fine but the other party now completely knows she is there.


“A trap even I can’t see through…!?”


She guessed that it was probably done in a demon specialized way. And then, deciding that anymore covert actions would be useless, she deactivated stealth and equipped Touka.


And then, a voice could be heard from the 2nd floor.


“Fuhahah, a guest, eh? ….Oho, a young lady?”


His appearance was the same as what she heard from Deneb 30. A tall thin figure and a bit muscular.


“I wonder what business you have here?”


The guy said with a grin. If Jin saw that, he would probably say it is psychologically unpleasant.


“You are Raldus, the Jester, am I right?”


Reiko asked point-blank. The man’s face distorted.


“Hou? Where did you hear that?”


But Reiko didn’t answer and directly went to business.


“I will have you talk about the disease you spread about in Kurain kingdom.”


It seemed even Raldus was surprised to hear this.


“Oho? You know about that too, eh. Can’t be, are you an ally of the automata from afternoon?”


Raldus expression got intense.


“I didn’t feel anyone following, though. Have I grown dull, I wonder?”


And then, he jumped down from the 2nd floor. Without a sound, without even making the dust move about, as if like a feather falling down. Seeing such a physically impossible feat, Reiko was on alert.


“If so, you are also an automata. What do you want?”


“Like I said, I have come to hear about the disease you spread in Kurain kingdom. Also how to counter it.”


“Hoho, so you already noticed? It seems the place isn’t filled with all idiots.”


“Answer the question.”


Reiko asked with resolute wording. But Raldus just calmly laughed.


“Humans are weak, after all. Even that would kill a great number, you see.”


“I am not asking that.”


“That’s what that fool Walter wished for, you know? I just lent a little hand to his wish.”


As if he was teasing Reiko, he avoided the point and answered evasively.


“Earl Walter has died. You killed him.”


“Hmm, he was wrong to believe that the disease he wished for would be harmless to himself.”


Reiko thought that no progress will be made at this rate and decided to shake it up.


“I don’t know what you demon plan on doing at a place like this but do you want to die of an ‘ether stampede’?”


And this worked a little.


“What?! I am a demon, you say?”


Raldus was surprised for a moment but soon understood he was being leaded to an answer.


“Fu-fufufufu. You seem to be smart as well, huh. Seriously, the guy from the afternoon and now you… it seems like the world now has quite a talented magi craftsman.”


“I have grown tired of your tedious talk. Are you going to talk about the disease or not?”


In response to Reiko’s final demand, Raldus happily said,


“If you want to know that, try winning against me.”


Saying that, he drew the sword he was hiding behind his back.


That sword gave off a bluish-white gleam even in the pure darkness.




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