Magi Craft Meister 351

12-01 Onwards to Lake Tosumo

In the capital of the Shouro Empire, Jin obtained recognition from the Empress and became a state guest.

He devised a plan to counter the “Magical Exhaustion Fever”, which had spread through not only Kaina Village but also the Klein Kingdom… and possibly through this entire world as well.

The plan is to resolve the situation by feigning sickness, placing a substitute doll to sleep in his place, and temporarily returning to Kaina Village.


That was also completed safely on the morning of the 20th of May. Which is the day when Jin is to leave Kaina Village.

“It might be a little longer this time.”

In front of the workshop that is Jin’s private residence, Jin informs his ‘family’ of his departure.

“Take care, Onii-chan!”

Hanna obediently saw Jin off.

“Well then, Elsa and Smith A will be staying, so if there’s anything you don’t understand about Magicraft, you can ask them.”

Even in Jin’s absence, Elsa decided that in order to study Magicraft, she would try to create a custom Smith Golem.

“Good luck with your practice. …Take care.”

Elsa had a somewhat lonely expression but still sent Jin off with a smile.

“Jin-sama, please take care. I’ll look after Barou and Belle.”

After saying that, Mine took them both up as apprentices.

“Jin, do come back sometime.”

Martha said so with a smile.

“I’m going.”

And then, leaving those words behind, Jin left Kaina Village.


And then, Jin jumped into his carriage, setting off to Shouro Empire via Hourai Island.

“Hey, Jin! Welcome back!”

“I’m home”

The carriage appeared in the Roizato suburb of the Shouro Empire, a place away from the public gaze.

“Just on time, huh?”

On time for the previously arranged meeting with Reinhart. Jin thanks Reinhart for doing well.

“Were there any issues with the substitute doll?”

After that question, Reinhart’s face looked troubled.

“Well, some people came to visit, and there were almost no issues at all. Excluding one person…”

“Huh? Could it be…?”

To Jin, it could only be just one particular person.

“Yes, your Majesty the Empress..”

The Empress ‘seems’ to have the ability to see through the true essence of her opponent. There is a high possibility that even in a short time, she may have realized that it was a substitute doll, and not Jin himself.

“I’m scared of what comes next…”

While saying this, Jin has a smiling face. Somehow, he cannot imagine a scene where that Empress would make unreasonable demands for this material.

Well, at the same time he can’t deny he can be too optimistic for his own good.


Mira 10, who was disguised as Reiko, disappeared into the warp gate with Jin’s substitute doll, and the real Reiko returned in exchange.


“Father, I’ve finished without delay.”

“Well done.”

With this, everything is as it used to be.


*   *   *


The following May 21st.

Jin had finally arrived at Reinhardt’s parents’ house.

“Jin-kun, how was the capital? Well! Since you tend to sleep a lot, you might not know much, huh?”

The guileless Empress had informally come along to see Jin off. Since she was being informal, her words were also frank.

“Although it seems you’re not just sleeping, are you?

After hearing that from the Empress, who looked at him with one eye closed, Jin thought:

(Uhh, don’t panic)

“I’ve asked Reinhart, then Jin-dono as well. If anything happens, contact me.

For a moment, the Empress’ face turned serious, and Reinhart corrected his posture before answering.

“Yes, ma’am. Understood.”

After that, Reinhart and Jin left the Shouro Imperial Palace.


Since the territory of Count Randle is on the other side of Lake Tosumo, there are two possible routes: either going around the lake or crossing it. Jin hoped to cross the lake.

To do that, first one first needs to head towards to Koju Town, which is by the lakeshore. The town is 20 kilometers away, which is a half-day trip.

This is also very convenient for Jin because it allows him to advance slowly.

“Today we’ll arrange for a boat at Koju Town. Tomorrow morning, we shall cross the lake.”

Jin enjoyed himself as Reinhart had said that.

It was a really quick run to Koju. After leaving Roizato at 9AM, and having lunch at Ikishi Town, which was in between Roizato and Koju, they arrived at their destination at 2PM.


Koju, along with Kam to the west and Lahaa to the east, were the towns responsible for the water transportation and fishing industry in Lake Tosumo. Since it’s a freshwater lake, there’s no smell of beach in the air. However, since fishing is popular, there is some smell of fish drifting about.

Jin and Reinhart walked to Koju Town with Reiko, Steward, and the Schwarz Ritter ‘Noir’. After seeing such a party of travelers, all of the people that were walking down that road were sure to turn around.

Since Matheus, who had escorted them to Roizato, had to return to his usual duties at the Imperial Guard, he was no longer charged with escorting them.


Naturally, because maintaining the public order inside the Shouro Empire is important, Reinhart and Jin strongly insisted that the escort was not necessary.


However, with such a tall (and thin) young noble, a rather short foreigner, a black Golem and a silver Golem, and a black-haired beautiful girl…

It is impossible for them not to attract public attention.

“Look, the harbor is over there.”

At the drawn-in canal, there was a pier, where a great ship (to this world, at least) was moored.


It was considerably different in shape than the one seen in Port Rock, Elias Kingdom’s port town. Jin thought it would be the difference between a boat meant to travel the rough waves of the open ocean, and a boat meant to traverse a calm lake.

There are many flat bottom ships. In shallow places, it’s easy for ships that have a V-shaped bottom to rub against the ocean floor and the bottom of a lake.

It is because Jin is the only Magi Craft Meister in this world, that he can get to see through these shapes in such a complete way.

“About 20 meters at large, is it?”

It is a ship that one may want to call a ‘carriage ferry’. It is a ship that carries exclusively carriages and horses. As for its power, there are many ways in which Golems can row it.

That, along with and wind power, is what powers the ships of Lake Tosumo.

“Oh, how interesting!”

Jin looked with great interest how both big and small ships and boats go over the lake properly using sails and oars. Sails were not used that much in the port town of Port Rock.

“Ha ha! I’m honored to be able to be this interested!”

Said Reinhart, who was next by Jin’s side.

“The house I was born and raised on is on the opposite shore of this Lake Tosumo, in a place called Vanne. Since water transportation is developing there as well, I’m quite familiar with ships. That’s why I wanted to go to that race.

“Golem boat racing, huh? It was so long ago…”

It was at that race that I met both Reinhart and Elsa by chance when I joined as a contestant.

“That’s why both Elsa and I have been swimming since when we were little. How long can you swim, Jin?

“Well, I…”

Jin has yet to swim on anything other than a pool.

“About 50 meters, I think…”

Having heard that, Reinhart smiled, and said:

“Ha ha! I can’t say you can keep up with us! I meant how many hours! Both Elsa and I can probably swim across Lake Tosumo!

The narrowest part of Lake Tosumo is between the cities of Trom and Mahahama. The distance is about 10 kilometers. The locals are said to make this crossing as a coming of age ritual.

“There are very strong people who can make two round trips instead of just one.”

Jin admired the fact that the people living in rural areas had these features.

Reinhart did not seem to get used to climbing mountains, however, although his pace did not rise, he did not get out of breath like Jin did when he previously chased both him and ‘Gigas’ up a mountain.

It seems that cardiopulmonary functions are trained by swimming.

“Look, that one’s probably the same type of boat we’ll be riding tomorrow.”

Looking at the direction pointed at by Reinhart, there indeed was a boat with a design that looked very stable.

“That is a high-speed boat that can carry 10 passengers. I’m taking my own boat as a reference here.”

“Now that you mention it, the shapes are very similar between the two.”

With such a width and shallow bottom, Jin was convinced that this boat like that would be appropriate for the circumstance.

“I wonder how are Marcia and the others doing. A catamaran, huh…?”

Reinhart is has a face which seems as if he was submerged in memories.

“… Jin, would it be ok to build that boat that Reiko-chan was sailing?”

And, of course, it also leaks off the essence of the construction fool.




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