The meal was eventually finished, and Neon started to tidy up. Reiko decided to help out.

“Thank you, Reiko-san.”

Neon expressed her gratitude, and Berthie also bowed to Jin and Reinhart with a smile.

“Thank you for joining me for lunch.”

At around that time, the town of Vanne on the opposite shore could be seen quite clearly. A wide canal continued all the way to the inland.

It seems like in this town as well, the defense against foreign enemies is provided by canals rather than by walls.

After entering the canal, and advancing for twenty minutes, the ship carrying the party on board reached the harbor.

“Reinhart-sama, today my father and brothers are having a meeting.”

Berthie said this to Reinhart as the ship was arriving at the dock.

“Oh, I see. You haven’t seen your father or brothers in quite some time, have you?”

The ship was docked. Reinhart quickly disembarked and held out his hand to Berthie.

Berthie took his hand with a smile, and disembarked next to him.

After seeing that, Reiko anticipated Jin’s disembarking and extended her hand. Although in Jin’s case, it was different. Despite he tilting his head he was pulled out of the ship by Reiko.


At the harbor there were some of Count Randall’s carriages already waiting for them. Jin and Reiko got on a large carriage along with Reinhart and Berthie.

Since the vessel prepared by Berthie was quite fast, the other large ship where the luggage and carriages were had yet to arrive. The delivery of those carriages and luggage will be duly carried out by the Randall household.

From the harbor, after 15 minutes of travel over the stone paved roads, the count’s residence finally came into sight.

It had 3 storeys, and it was firmly built in stone. It was about a third of Roizart’s Imperial Palace in size.

While the spires on top of each side were greatly different, the rest of the building bore a striking resemblance to the palace.

“Oh, it’s been a while!”

Looking at Reinhart being so delighted about being finally home, Berthie smiled as well.


*   *   *


That night, they celebrated both Reinhart’s homecoming, and his fulfilling of his service as a peace diplomat. Furthermore, they excitedly celebrated a welcome party for Jin, despite his reluctance.

Jin arrived at Reinhart’s house and, much to his chagrin, ended up getting looked after by a maid and a butler. He only managed to put up with the whole ordeal since Reinhart had told him that it was ‘only for tonight’.

“Reinhart, thank you for your service as a diplomat.”

His father, Wolfgang Randall had said this as a toast. He resembled Reinhart in his grey hair and eyes, but he was different to his son because of his solid figure.

“I’ve heard about your deeds with the Schwartz Ritter at Cellroa Kingdom and Lorelei at Elias Kingdom.”

The one who said that was Reinhart’s eldest brother, Leonhart Randall. He is the spitting image of their father.

“Jin-dono, I’ve heard great things about you as well. It would appear you dislike these formalities, but please, do accompany us just for tonight.”

The one who had called out to Jin was the second son, Wilhart Randall. He takes after their mother’s platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.

While being silent, the third son Elhart Randall playfully strikes Reinhart’s shoulder. He takes his blonde hair after his mother, while having inherited his father’s grey eyes.

Reinhart was being served at Berthie’s side, and one by one replied to each of them.

As Jin was sitting right in front of Reinhart, he could see his state of affairs quite well.

“… Family, huh? What a good thing to have, isn’t it?”

To an orphan like Jin, a normal family is a difficult concept to grasp. To him, a family is a director, who sometimes a mother and some other times a father, and other young children.

“Jin-san… can I call you that?”

“Uh, yes.”

The one who appeared at Jin’s side was a tall and slim-all-around beautiful woman. Reinhart’s mother.

“Isolde Randall Von Turfell. Pleased to meet you.”

“Ah, yes, likewise. Pleased to meet you.”

She was clad in a gentle ambience, and a great figure. Jin thought that perhaps this would be probably be Reinhart’s ideal mother.

“It appears that you’ve looked after my son during your journey. Please allow me to express my gratitude once more.”

“No, uh… Me too, he’s looked after me as well.”

“Ohohoho! When it comes to that boy, Jin-san, I can speak with face as gleeful as I possibly can. I have yet to find a friend like that myself. Please continue to get along.”

“Yes, of course. Rather, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh, I’m glad!”

Afterwards, Reinhart’s mother, Isolde, spoke a few words with Jin, bowed down, and went back to her husband Wolfgang.

After that, Leonhart, Wilhart and Elhart said their farewells to Jin before leaving. Reinhart’s father Wolfgang soon followed, after saying a few parting words.

“Jin-dono, I have heard many things about you from my son. I can only ask that you continue to look after him from now on.”

“Yes, of course.”

Perceiving a hearty concern in his gesture, Jin gained Reinhart’s father’s favor. No, it would be more appropriate to say it was the favor of the entire family.

Reflecting upon this, the thought of Elsa swept through Jin’s head.


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