Having said that, Jin magically created two bottles out of crystal and filled them with the remaining maple syrup.

The bottles are quite expensive. The lid is also made of crystal. They are not the type of bottles that usually contain ingredients, but considering the rarity of their contents (for now), they seem to be appropriate.

Reinhart said nothing about it, and since it appears that Saki has also grown used to Jin’s outwardness, she also did not say a word.

“All right, let’s go to Reinhart’s house with one of these.”

“Oh, that’s right. I’ll need a sample when I speak to Father about this.”

And so, Jin, Reiko, Reinhart, and Saki rode on Jin’s carriage, heading to the Randall residence.


“Welcome back, Reinhart-sa… ma?”

At the house, Berthie had come out to meet them, but her face changed when she saw Saki.

“Hey, Berthie! Long time no see! Congratulations on your engagement with Reinhart!”

But Saki paid no mind to her sudden change of expression and greeted her like that anyway.



“That look you have! What are you doing, looking like that!?”

Berthie’s voice sounded as if completely shocked.

“That unkempt hair! That dry skin! Those dirty clothes! That posture! … Oh my… you even smell a little!”

Berthie judged Saki’s appearance from top to bottom.

“Reinhart-sama, you must be hungry. However, please wait for about one hour!”

Having said that, she left that place, dragging Saki along with her.

“Ha ha! Berthie and Saki have known each other for quite a while now. Saki may also look delicate to Berthie, too.”

Saying that, and looking at the two of them leaving, Reinhart laughed.


“Jin, it may be a while before Berthie and Saki return, so in the meantime, would you like to come to see my workshop?”

After such an invitation, there could be no doubt in Jin.

Reinhart’s workshop was in the middle of the courtyard. It was independent of the rest of the house. The pathway to the workshop was built with walls and a roof, so one can come and go without getting wet on rainy days.

“Oh, how big!”

The workshop was about twenty tatamis wide, which is considerably spacious.

“This is where I built the Schwartz Ritter.”

Said Reinhart with a large nod.

“Well, have a seat.”

Reinhart offered Jin a chair that was next to a table in a corner of the workshop.

“We can talk without hindrances here.”

It appeared as if they were going to talk about something important. However, Reiko’s presence was not a bother to them.

“I think I should talk to you about this, Jin.”

With that preface, Reinhart started talking.

“Saki’s mother is dead now, but she was the eldest daughter of the marquis.”


They’ve suddenly started talking about such a serious matter.

“Look, that’s the marquis Elsa was proposed as a bride to. Marquis Gehlen Theoderic Von Aizen. His territory is to the west of ours.”

That eldest daughter and Saki’s father fell in love, ran away together, and in the end, Saki was born.

“Let me tell you something about marquis Theoderic. … How should I put it? The Marquis… erm, he likes women who are on the small side.”


Although it was somewhat difficult for Reinhart, he managed to explain that the Marquis has a preference for young girls that are just becoming women.

“So, now he has three, no, four children counting Saki’s mother. However, they are all women. It seems that the lack of a male heir troubles him. For that reason, and because his own wife has passed away, he has had his eyes on Elsa for a while now.”

It seems that Reinhart has been gathering all sorts of information since his return to his home town.

“I see… so, what about Saki?”

“Ah, I’ve strayed from the point. Now, Saki’s father, Toa Eschenbach, has become one of the top expert alchemists in the country, so he doesn’t show any resentment in public. I can tell as much because he lives right across the next territory.”

“Oh, I see.”

“However, he seems to treat Saki as if she was but a cute granddaughter, and is often trying to have our household take her under our care. But Saki refuses him every time, and continues to live over there.”

Reinhart laughed, with a little hint of sadness.

“When it comes to the Marquis’ family, there’s only so much that the Earl’s family can do.”

That is the way of feudal society.

“A Marquis’ word is only overturned by the prince, and then by the Emperor. Although it does not necessarily mean that it is against the law, you cannot simply say no to a Marquis’ will. Be it marrying Elsa, or having Saki taken under our care.”

The Emperor is not a dictator. It is a matter of simply not being able to doing anything similar to disregarding the customs and laws of this land.

“Well, I hope I haven’t troubled you by talking about this with, Jin. But since there may be something up ahead, I thought about telling you so you could keep it in mind. … I’m sorry, though.”

Reinhart finished his speech with a nod.

There were so many troublesome things already, but even though they’ve just become acquainted, Jin was already fond of Saki. So Jin simply said ‘It’s nothing’ and laughed.


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