Magi Craft Meister 369




Jin teleported to a carriage that was hidden in a forest outside of Vanne, in the Shouro Empire.

“Steward, I hope that nothing has changed?”

“Yes, Master,:

Steward and the carriage were in the same exact spot that Jin had left them last time.

“Now, let’s go.”

Reiko and Steward worked together to remove the disguise from the carriage, and so it was able to leave within one minute. Today, they would return down the path they had traveled two days ago.

When they arrived at Saki’s house, Saki herself was waiting there.

“Welcome back, Jin. You’re right on time.”

Saki said as she looked at the sundial in the garden. It was early summer, and so it was still bright even though the sun had started to go down.

“I just got back.”

“Really, it is so nice to be able to see well. I am so grateful to you, Jin.”

Saki said as she adjusted her glasses.

“Ah, I am glad you are finding them useful.”

Jin said as he unloaded his things from the carriage.

Reiko got out after him. She was holding the mascot doll that Elsa had entrusted to her.

As it was wrapped up really well, it took up a lot of space.

“Oh, is that your gift, Jin?”

Saki asked as she looked at what Reiko was holding with interest. Jin shook his head.

“No, this was made by El…a friend asked me to give this to them.”

“El? Who is El? Jin, do you mean…”

“Uh, yeah.”

Jin was thinking about inviting Saki to Kaina village.

It had only been a few days since they met, but Jin found her straightforward and very likable.

Besides, she had no interest in politics and wanted to create some distance between herself and Marquis Theoderic’s house, which is where she was from. So her position was similar to Elsa’s.

She was so passionate in her research, that Jin thought that it would be good to take her to Hourai Island.

Jin made this decision in his heart.

“Hehe, very well, Jin. I already heard all about her anyway. ….that weird old man, damn it.”

Even though the Marquis was Saki’s grandfather, she called him ‘old man’.

Jin entered Saki’s house and saw that it had been cleaned up nicely.

“Thank you. It was all Ehr’s doing.”

Ehr was an Automata that had the same features as the five color golem maids. So it was no surprise that so much had been done in a short amount of time.

“That’s good. I’m glad that I made it.”

And then Ehr came into the room.

“Welcome back, Master Jin. Miss Saki, the food has been prepared.”

“It is so nice having your meals prepared for you three times a day. Reinhart prepares the ingredients for us so we will not have to starve for quite some time.”

“Uh, I don’t think that would happen if you planned properly…”

Jin said with exasperation as they walked towards the dining hall.

“Well, everything will be done by Ehr from now on.”

Saki said boldly. Jin sighed as if he had given up.

“Oh, Saki. About this gift, could we keep it here until tomorrow?”

“Hmm? I see. Then it can be placed in the guest room that was prepared for you to use tonight.”

And so Jin and Reiko placed it in that room. It was also cleaned up.


Dinner was very much similar to what Jin ate at Hourai Island.

Barley porridge, vegetables and meat soup, river fish grilled with salt, and a fruit salad.

Saki laughed as she ate her dinner and then asked Jin,

“Haha. The food that Ehr makes really is delicious. Jin, is this because you educated Ehr?”

“Yes, it is. This kind of knowledge can be stored.”

“Hmm. I watched you create Ehr. Is it because of…yes, I think you called it the ‘Control Core,’ is that the key?”

It seemed that Saki had understood the concept of Automata after witnessing it just once.

After dinner, Jin and Saki continued to talk about the concept of Automata until they went to bed.


“Father. What time will you wake up tomorrow?”

Reiko asked before they went to bed.

“Ahh. Wake me up at 6 o’clock.”

Jin said to Reiko as he lay down on the bed.

He closed his eyes and thought back on what Saki had said.

“I don’t mean…like a small child, alright? Yes, couldn’t you make a small Automata that could fit in the palm of your hand?”

Jin regretted that he had so many preconceived notions regarding those words.

(It was really just a moving doll. That sounded interesting.)

He thought as he drifted off to sleep.


*   *   *


The next morning, Jin went outside after being awakened by Reiko.

As planned, a wrapped up bed and bedding were loaded onto the carriage.

It would cause quite a stir if it were suddenly sent to Renhart’s mansion, and so it would be carried like this.

Jin hadn’t even said anything. It was all Laojun’s doing.

“Father. Falcon 3 did it all late last night.”

Reiko reported.

“Hmm, I see. Then we are all ready.”

Jin looked up at the sky. It looked like the weather would be nice today as well.


They planned to head for Reinhart’s mansion at 9 ‘clock. Saki was awakened by Ehr at seven thirty and got up as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

Her hair was a mess. It was a far cry from what it had been when Berthie fixed it.

“Good morning, Jin.”

“Good morning.”

Saki washed her face in the water that Ehr had brought. This seemed to wake her up, but her hair was still awful.

“Saki. It’s Reinhart’s wedding today. I hope you will dress appropriately?”

Jin could not help himself from saying this.

“Yes, I know.”

Jin ate breakfast that Ehr had prepared and then got dressed.

He intended on making an appearance as an Honorary Craftsman of the kingdom of Egelia.

His pants were made of grand spider thread that was dyed black. As the material was thin, it would be cool during these early days of summer.

It was eight thirty when he was finished with his preparations. He went to see how Saki was doing, and found that she was still busy with her door opened.

Of course, this didn’t mean that she was in her underwear, but Jin still hesitated to enter. And so he asked Reiko to go inside to see how she was doing.

“Oh, Reiko. What is it?”

“Father sent me. He was wondering if you needed any help with your preparations.”

“Oh, how nice. Yes, what clothes do you think I should wear?”

Saki said as she opened her closet and pointed towards all of the dresses. It was no surprise that Ehr had no advice to give.

“Yes. Your hair is an auburn color, so I believe a relaxed lavender color would suit you.”

This line was the result of Jin’s attempt to equip Reiko with some femininity. But it wasn’t Jin who struggled the most. It was the Quinta who had to get the information.


As this word was from Jin, Saki did not understand it. Which was not very useful.

“Uhh, it is a bright, bluish-purple.”

“Hmmm. …Like this then…”

There was something like it in the closet, but Saki hesitated to take it out.

“Is there a problem?”

“…No. But there is something about this dress. Well, it was a gift from my grandfather.”

Saki did not have a very good opinion of her grandfather, Marquis Theoderic.

“But that is not the dress’s fault. It is just a matter of how you feel, isn’t it?”

“…I see. How I feel. Thank you, Reiko. Then I shall wear this.”

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