Magi Craft Meister 372

A Tiresome Party



The hall where the wedding banquet for Reinhart and Berthie is being held overflows with life and joy.

Reinhart’s brother, Leonhart, is the family’s representative on the groom’s side. The same role is being fulfilled on the bride’s side by Berthie’s brother, Matheus.

After they delivered their short but heartfelt speeches, the groom and bride begin serving all attendees.

Both Reinhart and Berthie are pouring wine into the glasses of all of the guests.

After almost thirty glasses were filled, a toast is called for.

“Let’s make a toast to the future of these two promising young ones!”

Reinhart’s father, Wolfgang, raises his glass and after saying such words, drinks it up in one gulp.


After that, the room turns into chatter. Even though there are chairs prepared for the guests, this is basically a standing buffet party.

Jin and Saki are standing next to a wall, since they’re not that good at dealing with that kind of noise anyway.

“Now Reinhart is a feudal lord, huh?”

Saki murmurs that as she takes off her glasses and absentmindedly looks around the room.

“Ah, that’s right. What will our diplomat do now?”

“Lady Berthie… No, his wife is a very reliable person, so even in his absence she’s more than fit for an official role.”

Saki says things like ‘Berthie has a good sense of economy’ and ‘She’ll take good care of him’ with a smile on her face.

“… I’m definitely no match for her, huh?”

After saying those words, a trickle of tears found their way out of the smiling Saki’s eyes.

“… Ah…?””

Saki hurriedly wipes herself off with the back of her hand.

“It’s weird, huh… And I had put my feelings in order…”

Her tears continue to spill over and over, no matter how much she wipes herself clean. Seeing that, Jin thinks to himself ‘I knew it’.

So, Jin takes Saki outside of the room from a side door while nobody is watching.

“… You still think of Reinhart, don’t you?”

“… Yeah… It looks like that. Jin… I’m sorry… that you have to see me like this.”

Saki’s voice breaks as she speaks, tears still rolling down her eyes.

“That doesn’t bother me at all. But don’t let Reinhart or Berthie see you like this.”

“Hmph, I know that. If they see me like this, I would have been putting up with this for nothing… Only you and Elsa are the ones who know about my feelings.”


Jin is surprised to hear Elsa’s name.

“A long time ago, I talked about my feelings with Elsa. I think she was 12 or 13 years old at the time.”

Saki’s eyes look distant, as if reminiscing the past.

“Back then, I only needed to take it out of my chest with someone. Elsa listened to me without saying a word. Well, maybe that was because she was still too young and probably didn’t know what to tell me, but still.”

Jin nods, agreeing with Saki that that is the most likely scenario.

“I’d like to see her again someday.”

Saki’s tears finally stop, and with her smile back on her face, the two of them go back to the main room.


“Ah, Saki, I’ve been looking for you!”

The woman in front of us is about as tall as Saki, maybe a little shorter. Platinum blonde hair with grey eyes, and a lean figure.

“Oh, Aunt Karen.”

“It’s rare to see you accompanied by a man other than Reinhart. And he looks like he’s from the Egrea Kingdom. Will you introduce us?”

Said the woman while eyeing Jin.

“Ah, this is Jin Nidou, he’s a close friend of Reinhart. As you can see, he’s the Honorary Magi Craftsman”

“I’m Jin Nidou.”

Jin nods lightly.

“Jin, this is my aunt…”

“Karen Theoderic Von Banarth. Nice to meet you.”

Saki’s aunt introduces herself in the middle of Saki’s introduction. Jin thinks that she might be a little impatient.

“And Saki, stop calling me ‘aunt’.”

“Ho ho! Got it, Karen.”

“See, that’s much better. And I see that you haven’t changed that weird way of laughing of yours. Even though Father, your grandfather, told you to take care of it…”

“Hmph! But this is like a bad habit of mine. It’s not something I can easily get rid of.”

“Good grief, you’re helpless.”

Karen sighs as she says that, and turns to Jin.

“Jin, you probably already know this, but I’m the youngest daughter, and Saki is the daughter of my eldest sister. That’s why even though I’m her aunt, I’m actually younger than her. ”

Karen begins to talk about it even though no one has asked her. Jin thinks that this may be yet another aspect of her personality that she cannot hide.


According to her, Saki’s mother – Shirley Theoderic Von Morley, who was but a child back when the marquis was 16 years old himself – left the marquis and ran off with Toa Eschenbach when she was 15 years old. One year later, she gave birth to Saki, then passed away two years after that, at the age of 18.

On the other hand, Karen’s mother is Emma, the marquis’ fourth wife. According to Karen, the marquis has been single ever since Emma too passed away back when Karen was 12.

Jin feels a little bored about being told so many unwanted details about the family’s affairs.

At that moment, Reinhart and Berthie appear.

“Hey, Jin, Saki. Thanks for being here today. Oh, you’re with Karen too?”

Reinhart seems to know Karen from before.

“Thank you, Reinhart, Berthie. You two look so happy.”

“You seem to be doing great too, Karen. How is the marquis doing these days?”

This is a standard greeting between the two of them, but Karen frowns a little.

“Hmm, I’ve been a little worried that he might not be doing so well, he’s been losing some weight… His mood is not as good either these days.”

“Did something happen?”

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