Magi Craft Meister 374

Saki and Kaina Village



June 2nd. Jin and Saki take their leave from Randall Manor.

“Well then, Reinhart, see you later.”

“Berthie… No, Ms. Randall, I wish you all the best.”


Berthie’s face goes completely red. Jin is desperately trying to say “Last night was really fun!”.


Soon after that, Jin, Saki, Reiko, and Ehr are riding Jin’s carriage.

“Hey Jin, your riding is finally getting better. It’s no surprise, though.”

“Finally, huh?”

“Aw, don’t say that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Back when you gave me these glasses, they were such a novelty to me that I failed to pay attention to anything else. That’s your fault, you know?”

“Now you’re just arguing for the sake of it.”

“Hehe, that’s what you say.”

After a trip full of such idle conversations, we finally arrive at Saki’s house.

“Well then, what should I do now?”

“Ah, just your hand luggage is fine. If you need anything else, I’ll arrange for it to be picked up later.”

“A Warp Gate, was it? I can’t wait to experience an artifact first-hand.”

The high-spirited Saki disappears into the house with Ehr, and comes back out after a few minutes. Their speed is partly thanks to Ehr’s diligence.

Ehr is now wearing black butler clothes. Saki is wearing a shirt and slender trousers. They’re not only clean, but they also look rather normal.

Jin doesn’t really care about changing clothes, because he has everything he could need where they’re going.

“All right, shall we go?”

While Saki was getting ready inside the house, Jin had put the carriage in a barn. Since the barn’s entrance was too small for the carriage, he had secretly destroyed the entrance momentarily and then repaired it.

“Hmm, so you put the carriage into the barn, huh? This barn rarely sees any use since we don’t have anything to put inside it, so that’s fine.”

“Steward, I’ll be managing the carriage.”

“Yes, master.”

Saki looks at such a master-and-subordinate exchange with a sharp eye.

“This golem also seems to be very efficient, despite its appearance, huh?”


Jin answers lightly as he opens the door of the Warp Gate, which is installed inside the carriage.

“Well, Saki, take my hand. Reiko, take Ehr’s hand.”

“Yes, father.”

“I see, so you cannot use it unless you have the same pattern of magical power as Jin? But what is magical power, anyway?”

Jin murmurs “Something like alchemy” as a reply, and drags Saki by the hand as he enters the Warp Gate himself.

As an exception this time, the gate had been adjusted so it could go straight to Kaina Village without passing through the base midway. The exit point of the gate is a shelter.

“Ehh? Did I just move? I didn’t feel anything at all, but I’m definitely somewhere else! ”

After Saki’s excitement fades, she seems to pull herself together enough to have a look around.

“Where are we?”

Saki’s voice seems to be filled with great interest. The inside of the shelter is bright thanks to a magical lightbulb that turns itself on whenever it senses someone inside.

“This is a shelter just outside of Kaina Village… It’s an evacuation site prepared in case of a disaster.”

“Hmm, so it’s an underground living space. There seems to be a place for food storage too. There’s a lot of thought put in here.”

Saki analyzes the use of the shelter while looking around restlessly.

“Well then, shall we go outside?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

The two of them exit the shelter.


The first thing that draws her attention is Nidou Castle, which towers before her.

“Hey, Jin, what is that building?”

“Ah, that’s my castle. Nidou Castle.”

“A… a castle…?”

“Yeah. I’ll show you inside later, but for now, let’s go to the village.”

“O… okay.”

Jin walks towards Kaina Village while dragging Saki along, whose eyes are still fixed on Nidou Castle.


The time difference between Kaina Village and Vanne is approximately three hours. They left for Kaina Village at 11:30 AM, so it’s just after 3 PM now.

The villagers are gradually finishing their work for the day and returning home.


Saki, Ehr, and Reiko walk alongside Jin, and find Rock on his way back from work.

“Oh, Jin, welcome back! Who’s your friend?”

“Hello, Rock. This is Saki.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, I’m Rock. Nice to meet you too.”

After meeting several other people and having similar conversations with each of them, they finally arrive at Martha’s house.

“Ah, welcome back, big brother!”

Hannah, who’s standing outside the house, quickly notices Jin. Her pronunciation is much better now that her teeth are growing back.

“Hello, Hanna.”

“Who’s your friend?”

This time, Saki introduces herself.

“Hello, I’m Saki. Nice to meet you. Can I call you Hannah-chan?”

“Umm… just Hannah is okay.”

“Ah, I see. She’s such a beautiful girl, Jin. Is she your little sister?”

Saki asks Jin with a smile on her face. Jin lets out a laugh and answers.

“Yes. We’re not related by blood, though. And there’s one more girl like her…”

“Hehe, is that so? I can’t wait for you to introduce me to her.”

After hearing their conversation from the garden, Elsa makes her appearance.

“Oh, Jin-nii, you’re back? … Eh? Saki… nee?”

“E… Elsa?”

Both Elsa and Saki are at a loss for words. Neither of them had expected to meet here, after all.

“After talking to Reinhart, we’ve agreed to hide Elsa here.”

Saki finally reacts after hearing Jin’s words.

“I… I see. Of course. Long time no see, Elsa. My, you’ve grown!”


Elsa runs towards Saki and hugs her. Saki returns the hug, gently stroking Elsa’s hair.

“I’m so sorry, Elsa… Because of that lecherous marquis, you have to live in hiding.”

“No, don’t worry. I’ve cast the Randall name aside. Now I’m just a girl called Elsa who lives in this village. Mama is here with me too, so I don’t feel lonely.”


“Yes. Mama Mine.”

Hearing that, Saki nods in consent.

“I see, so Mine is your mother, Elsa. For some reason, I thought that’d be the case…”

At that moment, Mine returns. She’s holding a basket of vegetables in one hand.

“Lady Saki?”

“Mine! Long time no see! You seem well!”

“Right! It must have been, what, two years since we met after going on that trip?”

“Ah, you’re probably right.”

“Ah, what are you doing stand here talking, come inside!”

Jin explains the situation to Martha, who had come to see what was the ruckus all about in the garden.

After that, they all go inside Martha’s house.

Martha pours some Percha tea as soon as the water breaks into a boil.

The biscuits served are dried Wileys. Wileys are sour as wild strawberries, but when dried, they become a sweet and delicious treat.

Jin begins to briefly explain what happened since his departure the day before yesterday.

“Saki-nee has helped me a lot back in my home country. She’s an alchemist who knows many things.”

Elsa is the one to introduce Saki to the rest.

“Hehe, I’m happy you say such things about me, Elsa. But ever since I’ve met Jin, I’m reminded every day just how inexperienced I really am.”

After saying that, she takes off her glasses and puts them on the table.

“These are called ‘glasses’. Jin made them for me. When I put them on, I can clearly see the world which has always been a blur in my eyes. I can’t thank him enough.”

“That’s how Jin-nii is afterall.”

“Yes. I’m very happy and relieved that you are his protegee, Elsa.”

As Saki continues to drink her tea, her attention shifts to Edgar, who is standing behind Elsa.

“By the way, Elsa… who’s that Automata?”

“Oh? Him? This is the first Automata I’ve ever made. His name is Edgar.”

“I am Edgar. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Saki seems to be taken by surprise after hearing that.

“What!? Did you make him yourself, Elsa? Did you become a Magi Engineer?”

“Yes. Jin-nii taught me.”

Saki nods in consent several times after hearing that answer.

“I see, I see. Well, with Jin as a teacher, you’re sure to make quick progress.”

“And who’s the Automata behind you, Saki?”

This time, Elsa is looking at Ehr.

“Ah, this is Ehr. Jin, Reinhart and I worked to build him, but Jin made most of the work.”

“I am Ehr. Nice to meet you, Lady Elsa, everyone.”

Sara stands behind Mine, and Reiko stands next to Jin. Saki has Ehr, and Elsa is followed by Edgar.

These automatas and golems are like brothers and sisters, or like cousins. They seem to be having a silent conversation, exchanging greetings only with their eyes

This all makes for a very relaxing space.



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