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Magi Craft Meister 376

Girls’ Talk


This time, Saki and Elsa stayed over in the guest rooms on the 2nd floor. It is a Japanese styled room as requested by Elsa.


“Oh, this is an interesting room”


In the center was a Zataku and with it came the Zabuton and Zaisu.


Zataku – low table

Zabuton – floor cushion

Zaisu – legless chair or tatami chair


It seemed like Saki liked the feeling of stepping into the room barefooted.


“This is called a Tatami. I like to lie down on here.”


Elsa flopped down onto the floor and Saki, copying her actions, lied down too.


“It’s cool and not damp at all. We can’t get this feeling with carpets”


Saki also came to like lying down.


“Yup! And then, this futon.”


On the other side of the sliding door, there were futons spread out in the next room.


“This is really comfortable to sleep on.”


The futons that the Golem Maids dried were nice and fluffy.


Incidentally, the futons used in Martha’s estate have all been exchanged for the same type.


And for the villagers in Kaina Village, they plan on setting the price of the futon as the price of a normal one as a special value. The manufacturer being Elsa.


“The futon that Jin-nii sent Rai-nii was one like this”


Saki followed Elsa’s actions, lying down beside her and was once again surprised.


“This is wonderful! I want one in my house now too”


That is the impression that everyone will have after sleeping on this futon.


“Then, I will make one for you next time”


“Thank you, Elsa!”


Saki happily hugged Elsa on top of the futon. This was a dangerous scene to look at.




Because it was still early and Saki was from Shouro Empire with a time difference, it was too early to sleep.


The two of them headed back to the previous room and sat at the zataku.


Saki was wearing the pajamas for guests so it was comfortable. There was nothing left to explore so Saki returned to her lax position.


In other words, she was lying down and holding her head with her hand. Somewhat like an old man.


“You never change huh, Saki-nee”


“Kufu, yeah, I am me after all. You’re well mannered as usual too, Elsa.”


When she was young, Saki had been strictly taught manners which had backlashed and now she sometimes ends up showing herself in this manner. On the other hand, Elsa was so well mannered that it seemed like a lie that she was a tomboy in her earlier years.


“Yes, I have also been told that by mother”


“Aah, I see. As I thought, you told me Mine…no, Mine-san was your mother.”


Just like Reinhart, Saki too speculated that Mine was Elsa’s mother.


“But, how should I put it, Mine-san back then was so fierce but when I met her today, she seems really gentle and nice.”


“Mm, Mother is really kind.”


Elsa showed Saki a happy smile, affirming her statement.


“Elsa, you’ve got a nice smile now. Before you left on your journey, you seemed like you lack emotions. And, how’s our meeting after all this time? Is it thanks to Jin?”


“Yes. I owe Jin-nii a lot.”


“…I didn’t mean it that way but…  I guess it’s fine. Elsa, if it’s alright with you, will you let me hear the continuation of the story you were telling me in the bath? Since this is the first time I left my country, I am really interested.”




Answering Saki’s request, Elsa continued her story, stammering. Saki also sat up to listen.


She had told Saki from the day she departed with Reinhardt to the part where Reinhardt’s Schwarzlitter destroyed the Amadas Warrior in Serroa Kingdom.


“Um. After that, we headed to Elias Kingdom…”


She talked about the Golem Boat tournament she participated in the Elias Kingdom, which is also where she met Jin.


About how she started her journey with Jin. All the memories of Flathead Village, Moft Village, Hanbalf Pass.


The time when they were attacked by bandits and golems.


The time when she became friends with Hina in the Egeria Kingdom.


The Golem Party and the riot.


The time she ran away because she didn’t want to be engaged with the marquis.


The stories continued and before they knew it, it was already midnight, but thanks to the auto light-emitting AL, the two continued their story.


“I see, I understand that feeling. Elsa and that marquis don’t fit well with each other at all. That pervert.”


When it came to the story of Elsa running, Saki was angered by the desire of that old man. She exclaimed that it’s because of him Elsa was put in danger.


“Yes….but father probably wished for it.”


“Well, that might be a possibility too. But, that wouldn’t have happened if that old man didn’t fall for you in the first place.”


Saki urged Elsa to continue her story which Elsa once again, started.


The time when she was saved by Jin. The time when she was introduced as Jin’s younger sister.


The time they moved to Kaina Village. For the time being, she didn’t say anything about the fact that Jin was from another world, nor about the Hourai Island 9 or Konron Island.


The time she went to Kurain Kingdom’s capital, Alban.


The time where she met the queen of Rischen.


And at last, how she is currently learning about Magi Craft.


“I see, you have gathered a lot of good experiences haven’t you, Elsa? I am a bit jealous.”


Saki, smiled and laughed.


“No wonder you grew up as a person too.”


Elsa turned red from Saki’s words.


“I am still inexperienced. I am not even close to Jin-nii’s level in Magi Craft.”


“No, even setting a goal to reaching Jin is a big deal already. Even though it hasn’t been a month since I met him, I know his level. Without a doubt, his skills are second to none in this world.”


“Yes, I already know that.”


“Fufu, ‘already know,’ huh? You know that fact and made him your goal, I see. Elsa, you are suited to be Jin’s younger sister.”


“Thank you?”


Even as the night passed, the conversation between the two didn’t end.








“…I’m sleepy.”


“Fwaa~, we stayed up a bit too late.”


It was 6 in the morning. Yesterday, they requested Al and Edgar to wake them up at this time so the two of them somehow got out of bed, rubbing their eyes.


The reason for waking up at this time was for their morning bath… to enter the hot spring.


Holding their bath towel and change of clothes, they headed outside.


The early summer morning had already brightened, and the morning light shined upon the Nido Castle


”But, this is one unique castle.”


“The view from this roof…no, the top floor is exceptional.”


“Hou, that sounds nice. Let’s ask Jin later then.”


As they continued their conversation, they headed into the center of the Kaina Village.


“This is the hot spring.”


The two of them headed into the female bath. Al and Edgar were outside waiting.


They changed their clothes in the changing room and headed inside.


Today, there were no customers and the spring was reserved. They could immerse themselves without worries and stretch themselves out.


“This feels amazing/so nice.”


“Hmmm, so this is a hot spring. The feeling of the hot water is certainly different. It feels like something is mixed with the water.”


Like an alchemist, Saki started to examine the properties of the spring water.


Elsa didn’t bother her and enjoyed the bath. It seems they were fully awake now.


Sitting beside Elsa, Saki stretched out and looked over.


Elsa’s hair had grown a bit. Though Mine has been cutting it, it was still longer than before.


At that moment, another guest entered the bath.


“Ah, Elsa-san, good morning.”


“Barbara-san, good morning.”


There, another chest had appeared which made Saki lose even more confidence in her chest. She was the Mayor’s niece, Barbara.


“A guest?”


Elsa answered Barbara, who was looking at Saki.


“Yes, this is Jin-nii’s guest, Saki-san. …Saki-nee, this is the Mayor’s niece, Barbara. We are of the same age.”


“Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I am Barbara.”


“I am Saki. Nice to meet you.”


Saki, seeing the set of bouncy hills on Barbara’s chest which swayed as she entered the bath, felt that the world is truly unfair.


“…I’m glad I am not wearing my glasses.”


Saki, sitting in the spring, told herself that if she can see them more clearly, she will be even more heartbroken.

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