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Magi Craft Meister 387

The Sacred Sight of Magical Engineering

“So, if that’s the case, how should we go about identifying everyone?”

“It would be best to pick something that’s they’re always holding.”

“That’s true…”

Jin nodded at the Laojun’s suggestion and thought about what would work best for everyone.

“Jin, how about a ring, bangle, or pendant?”

Elsa proposed. Jin was fine with these options, but still seemed reluctant.

“I want to pick something that suits what’s unique about each person. Something that would be unnatural for others to carry.  It would make it safer. ”

“I see”

“Kufu, Jin, in that case, my glasses would work well.”

Saki decided for herself first. Indeed, Saki’s glasses were only used by her, so it was unlikely others would wear them.

“Yeah, good idea. Saki will use her glasses then. ”

“Jin, I’ll use this”

Elsa said, holding up her arm with the bracelet Jin gave her to protected against access magic illness.

“Hmm, I see. So, Elsa will use her bracelet? ”

The bracelet was also a magic tool no one else could use, so it was perfect for identification.

“What should Reinhardt and the others use?”

They had time to deliberate, since there was no reason to rush.

“Well, Edgar is fine because he was born here, but we’ll need to register Aal, Neon, and Noir.

“No Master, Aal already has your magic pattern so he’s fine. Although you said Edgar would be okay because he was born here, Elsa is the one who made him, so he doesn’t have your pattern. ”

Laojun pointed out. Taking this into consideration, Jin thought about what to do with Neon, Edgar, and Noir.

“The easiest solution would be to embed a magic crystal in each of them for identification.”

If they had Jin’s magic pattern on them, their identity could be verified. Considering the options, installing a magic crystal was the quickest and most reliable.

“Alright, let’s try this.”

Jin muttered and asked Laojun to bring the magic crystals.

“Berthie, I want to exchange Neon’s control core, is that OK?”

Jin asked, while playing with the crystals in his hand.

“Her performance will probably increase through the process. …… Oh, but her personality and knowledge will stay the same. ”

Berthie considered this before answering,

“Yes, if that’s the case, then by all means. Neon, you’re fine with it? ”

“Yes, Mistress Berthie. Reiko’s master isn’t the type to make mistakes. ”

“Thank you. I’ll do my best to meet my expectations. ”

Jin moved everyone from the cafeteria to the workshop.

He had Neon lay down on a workbench before severing her magic in order to begin modifying her.

“Um, Elsa, can you do me a favor?”

Elsa appeared right away. He was hesitant to undress the automata when she looked exactly like Berthie.

“Okay, I understand”

Elsa briskly set about her task. Jin returned after Elsa had removed the external skin around Neon’s chest and other areas.

They swapped out her control core and some anti-overwriting magical countermeasures.

“While we’re at it, let’s harden and toughen the skeleton.”

Muttering such things to himself, Jin carried out his work.

“Oh, oh!?”

Reinhardt was amazed to see Jin proceeding at his usual speed without any hesitation.

Looking sideways, Reinhardt saw Elsa observing Jin at work. She looked serious but showed no surprise.

Reinhardt then realized Elsa always watched Jin like this. He understood how Elsa had developed so fast a magician.

While Reinhardt was thinking about this, Jin had almost finished the remodeling with help from Reiko.

It was Elsa who reapplied her skin and redressed Neon.

“Okay, with that she’s done.  Anti-overwriting magical countermeasures, an upgraded control core, and skeletal strengthening. That’s everything, right? ”

It had taken about 10 minutes. However, the shield case used in the anti-overwriting magical countermeasures was stocked as a standard part, making it a simple matter of installation.

“Neon, ‘start'”


Neon stood up.

“How does your body feel? Is it easy to move?”

Neon performed a self-check procedure and confirmed that there was no problem.

“Yes, Master Jin, I feel superb. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Mistress Berthie. ”

Thanks to improved processing speed and ability of her new control core, Neon spoke more fluently that before.

“Wow Neon, your pronunciation has improved. I’ll be relying on you again going forward. ”

“Yes, Mistress Berthie. Thank you for always taking care of me. ”

Since her essence hadn’t changed, Berthie would soon get used to the new Neon.

“Okay Elsa, install the anti-overwriting magical countermeasures in Edgar for me like I did in Neon.”

“Okay, understood”

Elsa asked Reiko to provide her with everything she would need to install the magical countermeasures, such as a shield case, and began remodeling Edgar.

Seeing Elsa carry out the same procedure Jin had with ease, Reinhard’s jaw looked about ready to fall off.

“Yeah, I thought I’d understood this already but, Elsa, you’ve really grown …”

Reinhardt praised Elsa, sounding happy yet slightly regretful.

“… Thank you, Rei.”

Elsa was happy to be praised by the cousin she respected.

Although it took her more time than Jin, Elsa still finished remodeling Edgar in about 40 minutes.

For the finishing touch, Jin embedded the magic crystal himself. It was ‘a magical recording stone’. It was key to identifying Edgar because it carried Jin’s magical pattern.

After confirming everything, Jin smiled at Elsa.

“You remembered well Elsa. I’ve got no complaints. ”

Praised by Jin, Elsa’s face flushed, and a smile spread across her face.

“Hey Elsa, you’ve grown to smile really nicely, that’s good.”

“Yeah, it’s true. I really like Elsa’s expression right now. ”

When Saki and Berthie saw her smile, they praised Elsa. Elsa’s face reddened in response.


Jin had implanted the magic stone in Noir’s chest while Elsa was remodeling Edgar.

When Reinhardt had remodeled Noir previously as a preventative measure against the Unification Party, he had only installed a shield structure, so a magical recording stone had yet to be implemented.

With this, the golems and automas could now use the transfer gates with no issues.

All that remained was Berthie and Reinhardt.

“I guess rings would suit the two of you best.”

Jin suggested.

“Yeah, I think so too”

Elsa agreed.

Jin and Elsa decided to make protective rings, or “guard rings” for the couple.

” ‘Transformation’ ”

Elsa was responsible for the rings design and their forging.

” ‘Saving’ ”

Jin copied his magic formula onto the rings.

The previous rings were round with a semi-circular cross section, but now they were different.

Their upper surface was decorated by a Leve (a lion-like animal), the crest of the Randle family, and on the inside of the ring’s Reinhard and Berthie’s names were engraved.

Upon seeing the rings, Reinhardt’s eyes widened in surprise once more.

“Um, I just said it a moment ago but, Elsa you’ve really become an amazing magician, huh. If you’re missing anything at all, it’s life experience. ”

“Thank you, Rei.”

Being complimented again, Elsa’s cheeks colored, and she gave thanks.

“To think that you were this talented. You should’ve told me. ”

Reinhardt shook his head, realizing their fates would all be different if that were the case.

“No, there’s no point thinking about what ifs. If you’re happy now and you can be happy going forward, then what’s come to pass is for the best. ”

Elsa handed the rings to Reinhard and Berthie. Reinhardt adjusted the fit himself.

“Thank you, Jin… Thank you, Elsa. We’ll take good care of them ”

Made high-quality magic crystals, the rings glowed a rainbow color.


“Now everyone can make it here through the transfer gate. Still, listen to what Laojun tells you this time. ”

“All right”


“Okay, I got it”

Reinhardt, Berthie and Saki nodded together.

“Now, Saki and Reinhardt, you can use this workshop for the time being.”

The first studio was about 8 by 15 meters wide, so it was spacious enough for three people to use.

“If you need a private room, there are many empty rooms on the third floor.”

With this finished, Jin’s thoughts turned to how his predecessor had set his sights on a research facility a bit closer to the sacred site of magical engineering.

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