Magi Craft Meister 389


Towards the Expo


The fun-filled days passed in no time.


The afternoon of June 10, Reinhardt, Berthie and Saki returned home to the Shouro Empire.


“For the time being, I’ll put the warp gate in the barn at Saki’s house.”


Saki nodded enthusiastically at this.


“Yeah, I’d be happy if you did.”


“If it’s there, it’s near my house and few people come by so it’s safe.”


Reinhardt nodded.


“Kufu, should I really be happy about you saying people don’t come by often?”


Saki laughed at herself.


“Well, um, it’s a good thing for situations like this at least…”


Jin could only follow up as such.


“Well, anyway, I’m glad I can go to Horai Island anytime as long as I have these glasses.”


The lenses had been replaced with ones made from magic quartz.


Magic quartz had also been used to make Reiko’s eyes.  It has a weak light attribute, allowing its refractive index to be adjusted through magic.


“With these, I can see perfectly both near and far. I didn’t think this day would come at all.”


In other words, they were bifocal glasses.


Saki was myopic, so when she looked far away, her glasses needed higher power, and when she looked at her hand, lower power.


Saki was weak magically, but even she could manage to adjust the lenses, so she got used to them quickly and now couldn’t live without them.



*   *   *




Returning home, Reinhardt was surprised to hear that this year’s Technology Expo would take place in Koju, a town on the other side of Banne.


He had thought it would be held in the capital city of Roissart.


“I see.  So you didn’t know because you were out of the country?”


Reinhardt’s father, Wolfgang, said with a surprised look.


“To be honest, I thought you would’ve heard about it when you were traveling in Roissart……

Ah well.  You’re going to participate, of course?”


“Yes.  Jin and Saki will too.”


Wolfgang laughed and nodded.


“All right.  I’ll sign them up.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Jin will do.”


“Oh, and Jin is going to bring one assistant, so please register her too.”






Wolfgang did not inquire further and Reinhardt did not elaborate.


“So, he’ll secure spots for Jin, Elsa, and Saki.”


Jin heard the story in Reinhardt’s room.


“I see, thank you.”


“So, what are you going to do for the expo Jin?”


Reinhardt asked while drinking tea brewed by Berthie.


“I’m looking forward to seeing it.”


Jin laughed mischievously and responded.


“Reinhardt will be displaying his ship, right?”


“Yeah, I’m going to get out the paddle steamer.  Also, it’d be good if I made a special golem for it.”


Reinhardt seemed to have planned to exhibit the paddle steamer he built on Horai Island for a while now.


That’s why he had made it from commonly available materials.


The paddle steamer was too large, so Jin had promised to transport it stealthily later.


“Ten days left.  I’ll get to work on the golem as much as I can without upsetting Berthie.”


“Well then, if something happens, you can always rely on Horai Island.”


Finishing his tea, Jin stood up.


“Jin, are you going already?”


“Yeah.  I also want to make something for the exhibition, and I feel bad getting in the way of the newlyweds.”


“I, I see. So, when are you coming by next?”


Reinhardt asked, a little red in his face.


“I’m planning on the 18th.”


Jin promised to return eight days from now.


“All right.  I’m looking forward to it.”


Smiling farewell, Jin and Reinhardt went their separate ways.



*   *   *



Jin checked on the carriage at Saki’s house and the warp gate installed there.


“Oh, Jin, are you heading back already?”


Saki appeared and spotted Jin.


“Yeah.  I’ll be back again on the 18th.  Oh right, I asked Reinhardt, and he put in an application for the technology expo for both of us.”


“That’s great.  I’ll have to get to work completing my essay then.”


Saki planned to publish a paper on the natural magic on Horai Island she had been investigating the other day.


Because essays were considered a bit bland, there were few who took the time to publish, and so the lack of contemporary magical theory was said to be a problem.


“I’m titling it ‘About the Workings of Magic and Engineering Magic.’  If I don’t understand something, I may come and ask you for help.”


“Yeah, come anytime.  You’re a part of my family, Saki.”


“Kufu, I’m glad.  See you again, Jin.”


“Yeah, see you soon.”


Jin transferred to the shinkai.


The shinkai’s warp gate was actually quite special.


Normal warp gates could only send people from one location to another and back the other way, but the shinkai’s gate could warp to multiple gates and receive warps from multiple gates.


The secret to this was its link cores.


Link cores usually connected warp gates one-to-one, but the Shinkai’s warp gate had a plurality of cores.


By switching to the link core corresponding to each warp gate, transfers from multiple warp gates could be received and sent out.




“With this, everything is certain, so I’m ready to go.”


Jin once thought that he could switch the image of the corresponding warp gate by changing the frequency of the core using magic, but he made a mistake, and the really bad experience that followed was something Jin wanted to avoid repeating.


It was natural to focus on certainty.


Jin arrived at Horai Island to hear Anne’s calls.


“Yes, Master.”


After asking Ann several questions, Jin began synthesizing some complicated magic tools with Reiko and Anne assisting him.


“Yes, that pump there…”


“Make sure it’s airtight, ‘kay?”


“This part is essential.”


When the shape was completed to some extent, Jin prepared a large amount of ground spider thread and integrated it using the original engineering magic “melting dissolute” he created the other day.  After this, he shaped the thin sheet he had formed into a large bag.


Beside him, Elsa was deep in thought.


She was thinking about what Jin had asked her to make for the exhibit.


“Hmm, here, then like this …”


She seemed to be doing trial and error at this point, but Jin decided to let her keep going on her own until she asked for help.  The struggle she was experiencing was something he had dealt with in the past as well.



*   *   *



“Okay, it’s done!”


Meanwhile, Reinhardt completed his golem in his studio.


“Love, did you make two golems?”


Berthie, bringing some tea in for Reinhardt, saw the finished golems and asked.


“Oh, these two are twins.”


“They’re Twins?”


“Yeah.  Each is responsible for the right and left outer wheels of the paddle steamer.  We had a hard time synchronizing the movements, but it worked fine with the ‘Linkage’ that I learned on Horai Island.”


Reinhardt’s magic had advanced a fair bit.


“So what are their names?”


“Names … Would you mind naming them Berthie?”


Reinhardt smiled.  After thinking for a while, Berthie uttered two names.


“How about Mac and Mick?”


Reinhardt agreed with both of the names.


“Yeah, that’s good!  Let’s go with Mac and Mick!”



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