Magi Craft Meister 396 Part 2

“She was very adamant in that we used that carriage to come here.”

“O… Of course! It’s only natural that a man and a woman that are to meet and spend an entire day in a carriage together would try to make it as comfy as possible…!”


Lieschen hid her blushing face behind her hands as she said that. She remembered when she shared a ride on that carriage together with Jin and thought about saying something to that effect… but then thought it would be better not to.

A princess is entitled to have princess-like thoughts. She may be just naturally shy, too.


“But am I glad to see you again! Your skills are as good as ever. But why have you taken up our name of Honorary Magi Craftsman after being commissioned to the Shouro Empire?”



Jin was at a loss for words. The truth was that he was still independent. Back in Egelia Kingdom, Jin saw that he was going to be commissioned to the Shouro Empire, so he thought about not making any pointless solicitations.

But what would happen if they realize that he was still unaffiliated?


“Your Highness, Jin is still our honored guest. After taking a good look at our country, if it pleases him, he shall be commissioned in our government’s service.”


Reinhardt’s words came from the side like a lifeline.


“Ah, Reinhardt. So that’s what it was.”

“Who is this, Lord Ernest?”


Princess Lieschen asked Prince Ernest while pinching gently on his sleeve.


“Ah, that’s right, I’m sorry. This is Reinhardt, a Magi Craftsman from the Shouro Empire.”

“My name is Reinhardt Randall, Your Highness. Pleased to meet you.”


Reinhardt bowed down graciously at the princess.


“Is that so? I’m Lieschen Fusis Klein, third princess of the Klein Kingdom. Glad to make your acquaintance.”



Prince Ernest and Princess Lieschen, being important people of such high standing, could not stand in the same spot for too long, so they decided to move on to see other exhibits.


“If possible, I’d like some of those mini golems of yours…”


With those words, they headed towards another booth.


Jin returned to his booth as well, and looked at the stage from there. Reinhardt was with him, too.


“I didn’t know you were making those little golems, Jin.”

“Haha, next time I’ll teach you how to make them yourself.”

“Ah, that’ll be great!”


Some people arrived at Jin’s booth while they were having that conversation.

They were the Minister of Magical Technology, Degauss Furt Von Manishlas, and the top Magi Engineer of the Shouro Empire –in other words, the Magi Engineer Maestro– Gebalt Ackerman, along with the Empress of Shouro herself, Gelhart Hilde Von Rubis Shouro.


“That was truly splendid, Jin. And you said you have even more to show to us tomorrow? I’m looking forward to it.”


Since this was an event venue, the empress’ choice of words made her seem like she was someone in between her usual public and private selves. She picked her words thoroughly.


“Thank you very much. I hope to see you there tomorrow.”

“Hmm, hmm, it’s really exciting. I wonder what you have in store for us. By the way, what’s that hanging from your face?”


Jin was now wearing protective glasses made out of muscovite. Reinhardt, who was standing right next to him, had the same kind of glasses as well.


“Right, these are called ‘protective glasses’, we use them to protect our eyes from dust entering our eyes and to prevent injuries to our eyes while working.”


Jin took out three samples. The empress picked up one of them.


“They feel rather light. So they go here…? Oh, I see, they don’t obscure your vision or anything like that. What do you think, Gebalt?”


The Magi Engineer Maestro, Gebalt Ackerman, picked up another one of the protective glasses samples and shared his impressions after putting them on.


“Let’s see here, they seem quite easy to use. They may not be so necessary when working via magic, but I can see how they can help when working manually.”

“Ah, but you can use them to keep dust from entering your eyes as well.”


The Minister of Magic Technology, Degauss, shared his opinion after he too tried the protective glasses on.


“I see. They may be useful for soldiers as well. Jin, could I have your permission to produce these ‘protective glasses’?


He hadn’t thought of them being used like that, but Jin had no intention to refuse.


“Yes, of course. They will be useful in many scenarios where it’s necessary to protect one’s eyes.”

“Thank you very much for approving so quickly. …And what is that?”


Degauss expressed his gratitude on behalf of the three of them. At the same time, he seemed to have noticed Edgar, who was standing right next to them.


“Ah, yes, This is my… This is an automata made by my apprentice. His name is Edgar.”

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Edgar.”


Edgar elegantly bowed to them. He had done it in such a way that it looked a bit like how they do it in the Shouro Empire, so the empress and the others were rather surprised by it.


“Huh? That bow… could it be that your apprentice is from our country?”

“… That is correct.”

“Your Majesty, we don’t have much time, so please take a look at our work first.”


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