407 Part 1

407 Magi Craft Meister

12-57 Gonkurrenz


When Jin arrived at the plaza, a lot of people had already gathered in the arena even though it was only 8 o’clock.

The word about the Gonkurrenz had already spread like wildfire.


“Hmm, so you decided to not run away.”

Jin, as well as Viscount Georg Randol had already arrived.

“Since this is the long-awaited Gonkurrenz, it seemed that a few more people are interested in participating. You don’t mind, do you?”


“No, I don’t mind.”


“Hmm, you’ve got courage, I give you that.”


Jin asked Georg, who was about to turn around and leave.

“How is Elsa doing?”


“Hmm? Are you curious? She’s fine, … see.”

Georg jerked his chin and pointed away. Jin looked in the direction he pointed. There were the Viscount’s soldiers … no, Elsa was sitting in between two Automatas at the front row of the arena.

“I happen to be the military adviser to the Imperial Army,  which means I have my hands on the latest Automatas and golems. If you want to forfeit, this is the time.”


However, Jin only slightly frowned without saying a word. Instead, Reinhardt that was by Jin’s side retorted.

“Uncle, you’re going to be humiliated in public. All the Automatas in our kingdom don’t stand a chance against Jin’s, even if we bundled all of them together.”

However, Georg turned a deaf ear to Reinhardt’s admonition. He walked away without looking over his shoulder.


“Jin, I heard!”

When Jin went to the seat designated for participants, her Majesty the Empress approached.

“It appears some indiscretions had occurred.”


Jin turned toward the Empress with a bitter expression.

“Yes, that’s right. My schedule went crazy.”


“I apologize for the Viscount’s attitude.”


Jin panicked when her Majesty the Empress bowed to apologize.

“Oh, no, please raise your head. I’m not too concerned … with that, but anyway, it’s not your Majesty’s fault. It was my blunder for not being able to clearly explain it to the Viscount.”


“I’m quite relieved to hear that. Please don’t hate our kingdom. I intend to take appropriate measures against the Viscount in accordance with the law.”

Jin did not request the Empress to show mercy for the Viscount.

“Insulting the kingdom’s guest of honor is a serious crime punishable by law. However, I did not receive any reports regarding the incident on the day it happened ….”


Jin did not have any intension for the Viscount to be punished, so he did not report it. It was similar to the incident where Marcus ridiculed Prince Ernest.


“Honestly, I embrace the idea of having Gonkurrenz. This way, your true ability will be widely known.”


“Even if it results in the defeat of golems and Automatas of this country?”


The Empress kept smiling gently.

“Defeat is completely acceptable. It only proves that there is still room for growth,  which dictates us to aim higher next time.”


“Oh, you’re so positive.”


The Empress’ gentle smile rubbed off on Jin, turning his frown into a smile.

“He-he, that’s right. The women of Shouro Empire are positive.”

Hearing her remark, Jin suddenly remembered Elsa’s positive attitude, too.


“Then, do your best. I’m concerned about Elsa as well.”

Having said that, Empress Gelhart Hilde Von Rubies Shouro left.


Finally, it was time for Gonkurrenz to start.


*     *     *


“Good morning, everyone! On this 3rd day of Technology Expo, as a special event, we formally present the Gonkurrenz!”

The moderator’s voice echoed throughout the arena.

“The promoter is Viscount Georg Randol. The challenger is Jin Nidou!”

The cheers of the audience roared in the arena.

“Furthermore, three people, namely Engar Gerdus, Theolord Governors, and Kelly Galvani, will participate in the competition as last-minute entrants! All three are up-and-coming Magi Engineers!”


The audience applauded to the announcement.


“As everyone is familiar with, this competition will consist of 5 types of events: footrace, heavy throw, long-distance swimming, exploration diving, and simulated combat. We have also devised a special simulated battle with the giant golem, Goliath!”

Marcus’ golem, Goliath, entered the competition as a participant as well. He must have been quite confident to suggest such an event.

“Without further ado, participating Automatas and golems, please step forward!”

The referee Christoph Valde Von Tarnat, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Magical Technology, called upon all participants to come forward. The Automatas and golems stepped forward one after another, leaving their creators in their respective seats.


There were a total of six golems, two from each participant: Engar Gerdus, Theolord Governors, and Kelly Galvani. They seemed to have arranged the pair for land and underwater competitions.


Viscount Georg Randol, or rather Marcus, had prepared two Automatas and two golems to participate. It was apparent from first glance that they were each prepared for land, underwater, and combat competition.

One Automata had a light and slim build for land competition, while another had fins on the limbs with a perfectly fitting swimsuit for underwater competition. There were two golems for the combat event. One of them was wearing an armor, while the other looked burly but without an armor.


“Hmm, victory is on Marcus’ side, after all.”

With a smug expression, Viscount Georg Randol marveled at Marcus’ arsenal, while making light of the last-minute participants. He deemed them no match for Marcus’ opponents.


Suddenly, the audience cheered hysterically.




They were reacting to the Automata that came forward from Jin’s team.

A girl-type Automata wearing a one-piece black dress with a white apron that looked absolutely out of place. Needless to say, it was Reiko.

Jin only registered her as the sole participant from his team.


Astnohisment, admiration, bafflement, anticipation … were the cocktail of emotions that intermingled in complete harmony to create the audience’s thundering applause.


“Hmph, are you underestimating the other participants with that style, or are you way too confident? We shall see which it is, sooner than later.”

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