425 Magi Craft Meister

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-13 Tea and Rice Balls



It seemed that Sally could not hide her astonishment in her remark.

“Yes. I don’t have much time right now, so I’ll explain it later.”

While giving a brief reply, Jin landed Pegasus 1 and disabled the invisibility.


Sally was surprised because Pegasus 1 suddenly appeared in front of her. Jin rushed Sally to climb aboard and guided her to the Warp Gate inside.

Jin pulled Sally’s hand through the gate. Both of them transported without any problems. Reiko followed them while carrying a large piece of luggage.

After they successfully transported, Pegasus 1 rearmed its invisibility and soared to the sky. The golem-controlled autopilot was engaged, and it returned to Horai Island.


Jin, Sally, and Reiko headed to the basement of Jin’s workshop.

“Right here.”

When Jin dashed out of the basement, he sprinted toward Linus’s house. Sally followed him. Her ponytail was wiggling.

Even though she was close to fifty, she ran faster than Jin.

“Come on, Jin, hurry up!”

Sally was fired up and rushed Jin as well. When he finally arrived at Linus’s house, Jin was out of breath.

“Is this the place? Excuse me, please let me through!”

Sally weaved through the gathered crowd of men and rushed into Linus’s house. Reiko followed closely with her luggage. However, Reiko came back out as soon as she left the luggage inside. Jin showed his appreciation when she regrouped with him.

“Father, are you okay?”

“… Yeah, … I’m okay.”

Jin was still violently gasping for breath. He considered the idea of him working harder on physical strengthening magic while gasping.

“Jin, who is that person?”

“Is she a Healer?”

Locke started to ask a question out of curiosity, and the other men who gathered outside the house asked follow-up questions.

“Yes, she’s an excellent Healer. She came as soon as I explained the situation here.”

Currently, Sally, Martha, Mine, and Elsa are inside, including the neighbors’ wives. They should be able to handle the situation.

Besides, there were Edgar and Elsa, as well as SP Marron and Plum.

“Brother ….”

Before he could realize it, Hanna was approaching him, with a worried expression. Jin stroke Hanna’s head.

“It’s okay, that doctor will surely save them.”

“… Yeah.”

Nightfall was approaching Kaina village. Jin took Hannah’s hand and said,

“There’s nothing we can do to help even if we stay here. Let’s go home for a moment.”

Hanna was hesitant at first, but nodded in agreement nonetheless.

“All right. Let’s come back here after dinner.”

Jin and Hanna returned to Martha’s house. Sarah was house-sitting there.

“Welcome back.”

“Sarah, would you please get dinner ready?”

“Yes, dinner is already prepared.”

Sarah showed them to the kitchen. She already had bread, soup, and salad prepared. She only needed to warm the soup up.

“Shall we have a quick dinner and return to check on Sera again?”


Hanna nodded eagerly to Jin’s invitation.


Jin quickly finished his dinner. Meanwhile, Barrow came from Nidou Castle to check on the situation.

“Oh, Lord Jin! You’re back.”

“Barrow? Linus’s wife, Sera, is suffering from dystocia.”

“Yes, that’s what I heard. Is there anything we can do?”

Jin thought for a moment and replied,

“Is there rice in the warehouse?”

“Eh, rice? Yes, a fair amount was brought in the other day.”

Knowing Jin liked rice, Laojun had it arranged.

“All right. Then, when you get home, cook rice and make a lot of rice balls … well, make enough for about 10 people and have them delivered to Linus’s house. If you don’t have toppings, just use salt and seaweed. Do you know how to make them?”

It’s a gift to Sally and the others at Linus’s house.

“Yes, leave it to me!”

“I’m counting on you. Then tell Butler and ask for disinfectants and recovery medicines.”


After seeing off Barrow to return to Nidou Castle at once, Jin hurriedly boiled water, brewed tea, and packed it in a thermos bottle.

Jin brought the thermos flasks from his house. He was preparing a picnic basket for Hanna and the other kids. Hanna joined in to help.

After preparing 8 servings of tea, Jin carried 3 servings, Reiko 4 servings, and the last serving was carried by Hanna.

“OK, Hanna, let’s go.”

It was pitch black outside. Jin, Hannah, and Reiko walked quickly back to Linus’s house. Locke and Linus were the only people that remained by the front door. The others seemed to have gone home.

“You’re staying, Locke?”

“Yeah, I thought I should stay in case they need help.”

“Thank you. This is for you.”

Jin gave the two men the thermoses filled with tea.

“Oh, thanks. I’m thirsty.”

Jin gave all the thermos flasks to Hanna except one. While holding open the door, he said,

“Hanna, please give them to everyone inside.”

Hanna nodded and went inside.

“Thank you, Hanna”!

“I was parched. Thanks a lot.”

Voices could be heard from inside the house. From the sound of it, everything was in a stable condition. Jin felt relieved.

Speaking of which, they have been at it for about 6 hours already. Since Jin did not know anything about childbirth, he had no idea if it was long or not.

Next to Jin, Linus was even more fidgety.

“Jin, Linus, stop fidgeting. Men can do nothing else but wait.”

Locke commented while sitting on the ground.

“I know they said it’s a breech birth, but that doctor looks like an expert. So I’m sure they’ll be fine. Plus, Martha is in there, too.”

Jin sat down next to Locke and had a sip of tea. Hanna did not come back out. She must be helping out inside.

But Linus looks up at the sky and looks at the ground.

Hey, did you say calm down?

It doesn’t seem to have any effect even if the lock is so good.

“Because when delivering Patty, it was way faster than this.”

“But she’s having a breech birth this time, right? That’s why it’s taking longer.”

“Why … why does it have to be a breech delivery …?!”

Linus appeared to be anxious.

Meanwhile …

A baby’s cry could be heard from outside.

“Uncle Linus! The baby was born! It’s a boy!”

Hanna rushed out and reported. Linus literally jumped up and was delighted to hear it.

“Great job! Sera!”

Then, Martha appeared.

“Jin, thank you for the tea. It was a great help because I was so busy preparing hot water for the birth and didn’t have enough hands to care for ourselves.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s the least I could do.”

“What are you talking about? You brought that expert doctor! I’ve helped many people in delivery, but this is my first case of breech delivery, and I didn’t know what to do. If that doctor didn’t come ….”

Barrow and Belle came bringing rice balls.

“Lord Jin, thank you for your patience!”

“Oh, good timing. Belle, please take them inside for everyone. If you give the disinfectant and recovery medicine to Elsa, she’ll know what to do.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Barrow, give us some. … Locke, Linus, you guys must be hungry. Here you go.”

When Jin gave them the rice balls, they were confused at first with the black appearance of them. But when they took a bite, they were impressed by the aroma of the seaweed and the taste of the salted rice. Locke and Linus finished 5 servings.

“Oh, that was delicious. Jin, what’s it called?”

Jin could not help but laughed at Locke who asked him about the rice balls after he finished eating them.

“It’s rice. It’s a crop that can be harvested in Elsa’s homeland.”

“Yeah, they were delicious. Thank you.”

Both Locke and Linus appeared to like the taste of rice.

The cry of the baby was echoing into the night. It was also the voice of a new hope in Kaina Village.



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