Magi Craft Meister 432

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-20 Two Beginnings



Clara Milleshan was an excellent healer.


She was able to use the superior recovery spells, “Genesung” and “Völlig Genesen”. They said that even the dead could be brought back to life if they were under her care.


But that was, of course, an exaggeration. The dead wouldn’t come back to life, and there were sick and injured people that not even she could cure.


Still, she was still regarded as the best healer, and she was especially popular with the common folk because she treated everyone the same way, whether they were noblemen or common people.


She had saved a baby as well. A premature baby that was born after 8 months of pregnancy.


The baby had had no physical abnormalities, but she was small and did not drink milk easily, which made her mother worry. Back then, being infected with measles was quite common, and the baby had contracted the disease as well.


However, thanks to Clara, the baby survived and was able to have a normal life after that.



“That baby would have been my mother, or so I’m told.”


Of course, she wasn’t completely sure about it. It was something her grandmother had told her, after all.


“Is that so…? It’s the first time I hear that story.”


“Uhehe, it’s not a story I’m particularly proud of either way.”


“Thank you, Berthie.”


The two of them were creating a sweet atmosphere, but Jin’s words put an end to that.


“… I’m sorry, but… And then? What happened to Clara?”


“Ah, sorry.”



She was certainly very skilled, and made no distinction between her patients. It was no wonder she quickly became popular with the common folk… But that’s of course the common folk’s side of the story.


The first thing aristocrats had trouble with was that they had the same medical treatment as ordinary people.


Some would say,


“Don’t touch those peasants with your hands.”


And others would go as far as to say,


“I won’t have the same treatment those common folk have.”


That trend was very common among old-fashioned aristocrats, who also happened to have a high rank in society.


It was a matter of time before an incident would occur.



“… It seems she failed to cure the illness of a certain duke’s second wife, who ended up passing away.”


Of course, she was blamed for it. But it wasn’t just blame. The “malicious” accusations of the Duke’s family created a situation in which every single old-fashioned aristocrat denounced Clara.


As a result, she was unable to stay in the Shouro Empire and disappeared with her daughter.


“I think that daughter could be Sally.”


“… I see.”


“I also know that Clara had become a healer because she had lost her husband to illness.”




Jin could only wonder how hard it must have been for Sally to be part of a two-generation struggle against illness and injury.


Someone like her would be able to do great advancements in research for the entire world as part of their “family”.


Just like so, Jin realized that she would be a great asset for his team.


An indomitable will, an endless curiosity, an unfulfilled dream, and unyielding emotions.


A passion that doesn’t wither, an endless resolve, and an aspiration for supremacy.


Kindred souls that had such qualities… They all belonged to Jin’s family.


After mentioning that to Reinhardt and Berthie, both of his partners that were there with him…


“I see, that makes sense.”


“That’s great, Jin!”


They showed him their approval.


Jin felt that the thoughts that had been troubling him since the Marquis denied his idea for Hourai Island disappeared.



*   *   *



Earlier that same day, on the noon of the  29th of June, in Kaina Village…


“You really are something else, Dr. Sally. Thank you very much for coming.”


Sally, Mine and Elsa were talking at the village mayor Giebeck’s house.


Sally had just finished doing her usual rounds around the village.


“Doctor, you’ve taken great care of my mother. I’m indebted to you.”


Elsa thanked Sally once again.


“Oh no, a healer’s job is to treat their patients. I’m glad you’re grateful for my job, but you don’t owe me anything.”


Sally evaded her with a laugh.


“But I was really surprised when Jin came back with a doctor.”


“Ah, me too. But it seems I’m completely recovered now.”


“Yeah, thanks to Jin and the lifestyle here…”


Sally took a sip of the tea that she had in front of her, and seemed to be enjoying herself as she spoke.


“Ehehe, this is a nice village. And that Jin… He’s quite the mysterious man.”


“Yeah, really.”


Sally and Mine seemed to be getting along very well. It felt as if they were close sisters.


“But Elsa, was it? You’re using the finest healing magic there is at such a young age! It’s almost frightening. With experience, you’ll be a much better healer than I am.”


“Well, that’s also thanks to Brother Jin.”


“Ehehe, so Jin has a hand on that as well, huh? By the way, where did he go?”


She then added “I haven’t seen him all morning.”


“I’m sure Brother Jin must have run off somewhere.”


“Hmm, I see. He did have some Artifacts with him. So that’s why he’s left… He seems pretty busy.”


Sally laughed as she said that.


At that moment…



“Chief, Mr. Eric from the Raglan Firm seems to have arrived.”


Butler-A announced the arrival of the person they were expecting.


“Ah, I see. Right on time. Please guide him to the shophouse Jin has prepared.”


“Right away, sir.”


Butler-A then left the room, but after hearing that, Sally seemed curious.


“Did someone arrive?”


“They said someone called Eric just arrived.”


“Could that be Barbara’s boyfriend?”


Both Sally and Mine had their questions, and Elsa soon answered them.


“Ah, I’ve heard about that. Seems he’s coming to open a shop in this village and is going to live here together with Barbara.”


“Hmm? Barbara is… Ah, she’s that young lady… The village chief’s niece, right? Well, it’s certainly nice to have more people living here in the village.”



A few moments later, Barbara rushed in, puffing and blowing.


“Uncle, Eric’s here! Why didn’t you tell me!?”


“Ah, I should have told you, shouldn’t I? But you’ve already found out by yourself, right?”


“Ugh… That’s not the point!”



“Hoho, looks like it’s getting lively in here.”


“… Barbara sounds so happy.”


“Youth is such a wonderful thing…”



A few minutes walk from the village chief’s house, there was a building that would become the Raglan Firm’s Kaina Village branch.


“Huuh, can we really use this place?”


“Yeah. Jin has already prepared it for us!”


“I-I see. Who on earth is this Jin guy, with that castle of his…”


“Jin is, well, Jin. You won’t be able to get around this village if you let yourself be surprised by everything he does!”


“Haha, you’re right.”


Barbara and Eric’s laughter echoed in the clear summer blue sky.

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