Magi Craft Meister 434

13 Stronghold Enhancement Arc

13-22 Preparations



“By everyone, you mean Stearleana will be coming here as well?”


Reinhardt was the one who asked that question. Stearleana was the only one who met the requirements to go to Hourai Island, yet still wasn’t there. This had already been explained to both Elsa and Mine, so neither of them had any particular doubts about it.


“Huh? Stearleana?”


Saki seemed surprised.


“Ah, that’s right, I haven’t told you about it, Saki!”


Jin explained the details about how Stearleana was going to join them as their partner.


“… I see.”


“The marquis told me that the idea of a supranational school was unreasonable. So I thought about people who shared my point of view. I’m not trying to say that countries don’t matter. But people that could use and share knowledge and technology across countries… It occurred to me I wanted to have such people as partners.”


There was silence for a while. Saki was the first to open her mouth.


“That’s great, Jin! You have my full support!”


Then, Elsa and Mine.


“Brother Jin, that’s a great idea.”


“That sounds like a good plan, Master Jin.”


“Thank you. I used Transinfo on Stearleana. It’s a shame we can’t choose our partners without using that first.”


Mine affirmed those measures.


“No, Master Jin. The way I see it, Hourai Island is full of advanced technology. We have to use that, otherwise, in the worst-case scenario, we risk allowing ambitious people to have access to that technology.”


Elsa also showed her support.


“I think so too. It would be irresponsible of us to allow just about anyone in.”


“That’s right.”


“Hmm, it may be a little late for that, but since you’re allowing me to come and go as I see fit, I wouldn’t mind having Transinfo used on me!”


Berthie and Saki also seemed to agree with everyone else.


“Everyone agrees with you here, Jin. It was wise of you to do that.”


Lastly, Reinhardt consolidated their unanimity.


“Alright. That settles it, then. I’ll call Stearleana tomorrow, and then I’ll have something to show you guys. Wait until you see it.”


Jin made that sound like he was being a bit silly about it, and Reinhardt seemed to have realized that right away.


“Ummm, w-well, if it has to be in front of everyone… Oh well. We’ll look forward to it.”


Standing next to him, Berthie smiled bitterly at Reinhardt.



“Well then, let’s make a few things that Reinhardt and Berche might need for their new home.”


Jin felt relieved after the serious conversation was over.


“What should I do?”


“… A toilet, a bathtub, a futon.”


Elsa said that in whispers. Jin had to concede on those three points.


Since toilets played an important role in hygiene, all of the toilets in Kaina Village were “real-time decomposing type” rather than “underground filtration type”.


Jin smiled and nodded. Berthie and Saki also nodded silently.


“Guess it can’t be helped. Okay, Elsa, you take care of the futon. I’ll make the parts for the toilet.”


Then, Reinhardt asked,


“Jin, I’d like to change our regular horses for golems, can you teach me how to do it?”


Rather than trying to get Jin to make them for him, he wanted to make them for himself. That was just how Reinhardt was.


“Since there aren’t as many people in this village, it would be rather pointless to keep breeding horses, because they won’t be used very much. That’s why I’ve thought about making golem horses.”


“Got it. No need to explain any further.”


Jin pleasantly agreed to help him.


“Okay, then, considering the time difference, we have another 5 hours. Let’s eat dinner here and go back to Kartze Village.”



Thus began the preparation of materials for the maintenance of Reinhardt’s house.


“Well, is this how you do it?”


Elsa made a futon out of Magi Silk while Berthie watched.


“Hmm, it’s a bit different from the usual Magi Lamp… This was an aether light, right? I’ve never heard of it…”


Saki was very interested in the aether light used in the lamps built by the Smiths.


“I see, so that is the skeleton? The muscles too… Looking at it closely, they do have something in common with humanoid golems.”


Reinhardt was making a golem horse with Jin.


“Ok, I’ll give it a shot. … Transinfo.”


Reinhardt used Transinfo on the control core to apply the template prepared by Jin to it, in order to make the Control Core for the golem horse.


Unfortunately, his talent in that regard was slightly inferior to Elsa. Even so, after practicing a few times, he was barely able to reach level 3.


“You did it, Reinhardt!”


“Ah, it’s all thanks to you, Jin!”


At level 3, you can transfer all the way up to technical knowledge. Taking a short break from the production of golem horses, Jin prepared a Magi Crystal for Reinhardt and transferred some of his scientific knowledge to it.


Although the range is slightly narrower than Elsa, it was packed with scientific and mathematical knowledge at the elementary to junior high school level.


“Reinhardt, once you transfer its contents to another Magi Crystal, then use Transinfo on yourself.”


Reinhardt cheerfully received Jin’s Magi Crystal.


“Thank you, Jin. … Transinfo.”


The Magi Formula appeared on the Magi Crystal and was absorbed by another Magi Crystal.


“Alright, now you can read the knowledge that was stored in this Magi Crystal, Reinhardt.”


“Got it. Transinfo.”


With this, Reinhardt finally gained knowledge of science, even though it was at an elementary-school, rudimentary level.



“This knowledge is amazing! Jin, I can’t thank you enough!”


Reinhardt was truly excited. Jin stared at him with warm eyes, because he could understand the feeling of gaining “knowledge” in the true sense of the word. But Berthie, on the other hand…


“Dear? Don’t be doing anything silly, you hear me?”



*   *   *



After having dinner on Hourai Island, they all decided to go back to Reinhardt’s house.


Considering the time difference, it was likely that their activities would take one more day.


10 futons, and 10 beds. 4 toilets, and 2 golem horses. And various household goods.


Taking those with them, they went back to Kartze Village.


“So this is Brother Rei’s new house.”


“My, what a lovely place.”


Elsa and Mine praised the house after seeing it for the first time.


They set the beds and futons they needed in the bedrooms and guest rooms, and installed the aether lights.


“These are really bright! Normal Magi Lamps are nothing compared to these.”


Saki was installing the lights all over the place.


Though she must have seen them all over Hourai Island, setting those lights up in a place where they have never been before made Saki all the more surprised at their brightness.


“There are four toilets in total. Two go on the first floor, and two on the second floor.”


Elsa and Mine were setting up the toilets. They were nothing more than simple “vases”.


“Father, I’ve finished setting up the beds, is this okay?”


“Yes, thank you.”


Reiko had been in charge of installing the beds.


Since it was impossible to use the Warp Gate in Jin’s carriage to bring them whole, the plan was to take them apart, transport them, and then reassemble them.


Reinhardt and Berthie took care of the small household goods. Kitchen utensils, tableware, and so on. They also set up a fridge.


By the time they were finished, it was almost 9 o’clock in the evening. The moon –the clock of the night– was visibly overlapping with the treetops.


“Good job everyone! Thanks for all your help.”


Everyone was relaxing in the drawing room.


Berthie and Neon were serving glasses of citran juice.


They all breathed a sigh of relief after enjoying a cold glass of juice.


“Everyone, thank you for today. You’ve been a great help.”


“Next up is the servants. Any ideas?”


After asking, Saki continued.


“If that’s okay with you, I was thinking about asking my grandfather about that.”


“Actually, I’d like to avoid asking the marquis at all if possible. Let’s figure something out on our own.”


Reinhardt’s face seemed like something was wrong.

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