451 To Toka Village

“….And that’s how it is.”

“I personally would like to cultivate the village’s production industry, not like a foreign currency. Either way, there should be a way to earn money.”

The time was  half past two in the afternoon.

After cooling off a bit at the river, Jin, Lithia, Elsa, Berthie, and Saki had assembled in the Nidou castle’s meeting room to discuss.

Elsa was attending as Jin’s assistant. Berthie was taking part to learn something useful for Kartze village’s administration. And Saki was just there to accompany them.

Mayor Giebeck was absent as he had come down with a summer cold. Sally was nursing him. Jin thought he would just heal him with magic but they had this happy look on their faces and so he decided not to interrupt.

“Other than that, hygiene, I guess?”

“I see, that would be appropriate.”

Lithia probably felt it firsthand how much hygiene can affect one’s health as she was in the relief squad.

“….Kaina Village’s ‘toilet’, I want that.”

At present, Kaina Village’s toilets had, at the very least, the deodorization feature, decomposition feature, purifying feature and sterilizing feature installed.

In other words, it clears out the bad smell after use, decomposes the waste material to the molecular level and self sterilizes after use. Decomposing the waste to the molecular level is basically getting carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and such from it.

If the carbon is properly decomposed, it results in a black lump resembling carbon fuel. This can then be used as cooking fuel.

Hydrogen and oxygen are not completely decomposed during this process and left as water molecules to avoid the risk of explosions. They used this water for fertilizers.

This too was an application of magic, because he knew the chemical formulas.


“Right, considering the maintenance, I can give you the mobile on–”

“You can sell them.”

Berthie cut in when Jin said he was going to give it to them.

Reinhardt had also come to Jin regarding the toilets for Kartze village and the price for it was being considered.

Jin said he would give it for free at first but Reinhardt argued that would make their relation unhealthy as landlords and said he would buy it for the right price.

As for Jin, he was not really looking for money. Instead, he was considering getting some produce as price.

Berthie, who knew about this, casually warned him about it. It seems Jin had also realized as he gave a short glance towards Berthie and nodded.

“Putting aside the price and payment method for later…”

They talked about the necessary things for now.

First, the pump’s position, and secondly plans on changing the toilets as soon as possible. Lithia also added,

“I’d also like to make a hot spring facility if possible there…”

As expected, she also wanted to have a hot spring.

“Ah, right. Alright, I’ll go to Toka village. I’ll look for the hot spring area there and if I find one, I’ll make you one.”

“Thank you very much!”

Lithia stood up in joy as she said that.

“O-of course, I’ll pay the installment fee…!”

She didn’t forget to add that as well.

“It’s alright, I won’t be pestering you about it. More importantly, let’s think about the Toka village produce as I mentioned at the beginning.”

If Toka village is able to produce a specialty exclusive to them, it would bring money anyway and he could have that as the payment method.

“Ores are the first thing that comes to mind.”

As Inado mine is in the area, it is possible that there are more useful mineral around here. This can also be easily discovered if they used ‘Grand Search’.

When Jin asked Lithia if there was anything other than that, Lithia answered that although she doesn’t understand agriculture that well, she thinks that their farm products are more or less the same as Kaina village. She was also not sure if any of the villagers are able to use engineering magic.

Well, it may be a bit far fetched to expect that much from her considering it has also been half a month since she was appointed there.

“Well then, let’s go to Toka village tomorrow.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Master Jin, please let us accompany you as well.”

“Jin, I’d also like to come along for future reference.”

Lithia also agreed to Berthie and Saki’s request.

And as such, the next day, Jin, Elsa, Saki, Berthie and Lithia would go to Toka village together.


“I’ve brought some refreshments.”

Just as their discussion had ended, Belle arrived with juice.


The juice she distributed to everyone had bubbles on its surface. The glass was made out of crystal and so it was easy to spot.

“M-Mr. Jin, this is…”

Lithia gave a doubtful look at the juice as it was her first time seeing it.

“Ah, it’s a carbonated drink.”

As their time as officials had ended, Jin shifted to his usual tone.

“Eh? Carbonated?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty good.”

Jin drank all of his juice at once in front of Lithia.

Jin, who had created a magic tool to suck out the helium from the air, was also easily able to take out the carbon dioxide from the air. Due to this, lowly carbonated drinks had been going around at Kaina Village for about a week now.

He had it made low carbonated such that the villagers don’t choke on it as they are not used to carbonated drinks. There were two flavors, citran and lemon.

It was being sold at the Nidou castle and at the hot springs. It was reasonably cheap at only 3 toll per cup (30 yen).

Currently, the butlers were making and selling it. However, once everyone’s used to it, he plans on hiring a few villagers to do it for him.


Putting that aside, as Elsa, Saki and Berthie also drank it with pleasure, Lithia finally timidly took a sip.


She felt a popping sensation in her mouth. Citran’s acidity and sweetness mixed to make the drink very nice and pleasant to drink.


And before she realized it, she had emptied her glass.

“Mr. Jin, this is delicious!”

“Glad to hear that.”

“These are what one would call specialty, huh…?”

She muttered heartily.


The next day, 17th of July.

Jin and the others departed for Toka village as planned.

Jin and Reiko, Elsa and Edgar, Saki and Ehr, Berthie and Neon, and Lithia. All of them were on golem horses.

The distance between Kaina village and Toka village is about 80 kilometres. Although the road is a bit rough, 3-4 hours is enough to reach there for a golem horse.

As such, the group was able to reach Toka village before noon.

“Mr. Jin, welcome!”

Gloria came to welcome them. She had stayed in Toka village for most of July and was to assist Lithia with her work.

“A-about the sword… is it done?!”

Before Lithia could even call out to her, Gloria asked Jin about the sword and even fumbled on her own words.

“Yes, it’s done. More importantly, Ms. Gloria, is it alright for you to not attend to Lithia?”


She rushed over to Lithia’s horse and held the grips. Lithia gave a bitter smile and got off, leaving the horse to Gloria.

“Well then, let’s all have lunch first.”

Lithia invited the group over to the temporary landlord’s mansion which was beside the barracks. The villagers were looking at them from a distance.

“Ah, from that time…” some of the villagers seemed to recall Jin as they were having such a conversation amongst them. However, nobody there realized that Jin was Kaina Village’s landlord.

“U-um, I’m sorry.”

They could hear that conversation, making Lithia alone feel extremely embarrassed.


They all entered the landlord’s mansion and Lithia was finally relieved. After taking the horses to the stable, Gloria returned and received the sword from Jin and paid 25 gold coins for it. After which, she excitedly went outside.

“She’ll probably be vice commander forever if that isn’t fixed” — Lithia and Jin both thought.

“Well then, I’ll prepare lunch.”

She signaled to one of the servants and 3 villagers came in with the food.

Among the food, there was something Jin hadn’t seen for a while.

“….this is….”

The food on the plate was, no matter how you looked at it, pasta.

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