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Chapter 34


When a signal appeared on the radar’s screen, Squall, who was guarding the station, rejoiced, the imperial army finally came to their rescue… And his disappointment was just as big, when he saw the identification signal of a merchant ship.


“It’s hopeless, this rural station is done for.”

Over 100 WIND ships, or ‘filth clusters’ as Squall prefers calling them, have already been spotted. Although the station took minimal damage so far, it’s shield is being depleted, and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses.

“Damn it!! Just what kind of grudge do they have towards people!?” Squall shouted at a WIND while manipulating a 20 meter tall steel giant with his BISHOP, its hull was made with various mismatched parts, similarly to a WIND.

“This is the eighth ship already, one more is nothing!” The giant aimed its rifle at the enemy’s engine and shot 4 beams in quick succession.

“I won’t die in a place like this!” Squall retreated after confirming that the WIND stopped its activity once the engine was hit. With cold sweat dropping from his whole body, Squall moved back to the station.

“Congratulations on 8 ships squall, you can expect some rewards.” A female voice said through a communication device.

“I’m coming back, how many people are still there?” While Squall was scouting the area with a small range scan, a sudden ‘Locked’ warning appeared in red in front of his monitor. Immediately after, a beam passed right in front of his eyes.

“Damn, these guys are shooting everywhere!” Squall shouted at the communication device.


His companion’s replied calmly though. “Isn’t that obvious Squall? We’re almost done here, so keep them busy for a while longer.”


A red WIND ship got closer to the station, it was several times bigger than Squall’s steel giant, but he aimed his rifle at it regardless. “I won’t be defeated by that… Bella, how many are left?”

“Wait a bit… 57 people left, and 10 ships. Be proud of yourself, half of our members are gone.”

“Still a long way to go, I won’t be satisfied until there are 0 left. Wait, what was that ‘bibi’ sound just now?”

“Ah, that’s from the ship that arrived a while ago, they are trying to establish some communication, but they don’t seem to realize there is a jammer stopping it.”

Squall turned his face to the direction Bella signaled him to, and he could see a vague image of a ship. “Why is it coming here? Are they trying to rescue us?”

“Is there any fool on this whole galaxy that would come to the aid of a Mafia?” Bella retorted.

“Just let me have some hope!” Squall finished reloading his gun and jumped into open space again, then carefully aimed and shot his rifle at a WIND that was already wounded by Bella.

“Who gets the kill this time? We split it half for each?” He asked.

“Well, any way is fine for me… Did you notice though? That ship is coming in your direction.” She replied.


“What? Really? It might really be a rescue then, I should pray to God more from now on.” Squall once again turned his camera towards the ship, and started blinking his eyes at the sight.


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“They’re firing!? From that range? What kind of crazy reinforcements are those?” That ship shot 8 beams, hitting 2 of the WIND and piercing their hull easily.

“That’s a large cannon, isn’t it cruiser sized? I wonder if we’re on the same business then…” She commented.

“No way, I bet it’s a detachment from the army, they would need to be an idiot to be able to hit a beam from that distance and enter the military or a security company.” Squall replied.

“Security companies don’t do anything that doesn’t give them profit, as for the military… Is there any important person on this station?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I would like to make contact with them if possible, there is still a capsule left, right?” He answered.


“Whoa, are you mad!? You didn’t ask that!” She shouted, he didn’t reply though. Instead, he jumped into the docks, aimed the capsule launcher at the ship, put the necessary information on it and fired.

“Please reach… Damn it!” The capsule moved too close to a WIND and was destroyed, he readjusted its aim and tried again.

“Please come back, there are way too few capsules left!” Bella begged him, but he shot it with all his prayers, a WIND’s beam was fortunately diverted, so the capsule moved towards the ship.

“What information did you send? It wasn’t your profile, right?” She asked him.


“It would be better to die from an explosion than to send that. I sent a scan of the station’s surroundings, if they’re smart they’ll shoot at an enemy with a jammer.” While Squall talked to Bella, the capsule got closer to the ship, and when it reached a certain distance, it dismantled and started spreading the information to the surroundings.

“Did they get it? Damn it! I was careless!” As soon as the capsule finished opening, a WIND’s beam pierced through it. Squall immediately got ready to get the next capsule, but…


“Wait.” Bella’s voice stopped his movement. “Did you see that?” Differently from usual, her voice was shaking.


“I did.” He replied. “Even though I didn’t do anything, the enemy was blown off… We’d better be careful of whatever did that.” Squall carefully looked at the surroundings. The cruiser was still there, and shot a beam at a nearby WIND.

“What!? Just what did they do!?” In a completely different direction than the beam was shot at, a WIND had its hull easily pierced.

“Well, you saw it too, I wonder if it’s a new military weapon.” Bella said.


“I don’t care if it’s a new weapon, magic or even a miracle by God, I’m happy for as long as it breaks the WIND. Did you see how many of the ones with jammer got hit-

Keep trying to make contact!!” He immediately let go of the capsule launcher and held his rifle again.

“What? Is something coming? Debris?” Bella asked while Squall got into the open again. He stopped moving and paid attention to the strange reaction captured from the motion sensor.

“You surprised me Squall, going out in the open like that. But… Is that the thing that killed the WIND?” She asked.



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“A ballistic weapon? Don’t joke with me, WINDs would incinerate those with their beams.” He replied.

“I understand why you say that, you’re a pretty smart guy and knows how to use your head. But we’re talking about a monster that destroyed a WIND from that absurd distance, maybe they could actually pull it off?” She said.


Squall was about to reply, but then turned his attention to the sensor, it detected a high speed object flying from the ship’s direction. The object was really slow if compared to a beam, but still had a speed of 20 km/sec.

A human’s ship would probably incinerate it with debris destroyer beams, but the multiple thin beams of the WINDs would probably miss it.

“… Absurd.” A single bullet piercing through the hulls of a WIND? “Why don’t they avoid it? They dodge beams, but not this? This is ridiculous!!”

“Well, it’s the new weapon of the army, even if it’s a little strange, I’m sure there is some guiding mechanism on it. In any case, there is still quite a bit of work to be done!!” Bella’s voice raised at the same time an enemy signal near her disappeared, so she took down another WIND. He also decided to return to battle.

“Alright, let’s go all out!!” Bella’s voice resounded through the communication device. “Got it!” Squall replied and started shooting his rifle again, he didn’t intend to stop until there was no ammo left.

“I got the last of the jammers! The lines should connect now!!” Squall shouted.


“It’s connecting!” Bella confirmed.

“E-excuse me! Is professor Aldimof with you!?” A young man’s voice came from the communicator, Squall was puzzled by that bright voice, but replied, “Aah… A professor-” but was cut by Bella.

“If it’s about a professor, there is one, but we’re in a bitch of a pinch right now, so help us out a bit?” Her voice covered his, but he didn’t blame her because of the circumstances.

“Got it. By the way, that robot is so cool! There is someone inside it isn’t there? This is so awesome!” The young man’s voice was completely devoid of tension.


Squall tried containing his usual irritation and replied curtly. “I’ll let you look at it later.”




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