Chapter 35


“E35 and E52 shot down, E17 silenced. The jamming has reduced in power, so the information we received seems to be correct.” Koume said.

I made a guts pose and exclaimed in a small voice, “Alright!” then raised my voice to ask a question. “How much longer until we reach the enemies?”

“We-well… About one more minute. That said… What was that?” Maar answered while pointing at several WINDs that were just destroyed.

I laughed a bit before proudly replying. “Just as you saw, a ballistic weapon is still usable, the shields don’t deflect it so the bullets deal damage directly to the armor.”

Maar however, shook her head. “Not that, the bullet is a guided weapon, it’s making some complicated movements to dodge the beams, but what kind of sensor does that? Just how many things did you cram on it?”

“No, I can’t put much on it because of the size… Rather, it’s just a torpedo, you don’t need to be this stingy.” I answered.


“Is that so… Then how much does each bullet cost?” She asked, which made me give a dry laugh in reply. Maar didn’t give up and put more pressure on me though. “So…? What kind of mechanism did you put on the railgun?”

“Uhn… It’s not something very complex, I just put a small shield and a device that allows me to control the bullet directly through the BISHOP.” I answered, which made Maar give me a dumbfounded and unladylike ‘Haa?’.

“Wa-wait a bit, are you controlling all those bullets in real time!?” Maar answered after recovering herself, which I replied with a smug ‘Roger!’.


At that point even Koume seemed astonished. “Mr. Teirow, you’re right now, E44 shot down, right now not only controlling 17 bullets, but also the ship’s movement, all in high speed and at real time, you do understand this much, right?”

“One just fell though, so there should only be 16 left.” I replied.

“That’s plain rude, Mr Teirow. Don’t you have anything else to say?” To Koume’s incomprehensible words, I could only reply with a ‘What?’, she then continued. “Not ‘what’ mister Teirow, a normal person’s brain would’ve fried from trying to do all this, just what is wrong with your processing capabilities?”

“But even if you say that… Isn’t this normal? Ah, the conversation is distracting me though,” I answered.

“… Amazing. Though I think I now know what your gift is.” Maar replied.


This took me by surprise, I could only reply with a “Seriously!?” before turning my attention back to the torpedoes as I got 4 more ships down.


“Perhaps.” She said as she used the beam turrets to open some space for our ship. “Judging from the current situation, your parallel processing capabilities are in such an absurd level that it’s almost a joke, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen for myself.” Maar said, which made me gaze at her with a triumphant look.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat it a bit louder? I didn’t hear it because your tone was too small.” I asked.

“… I just said that for a long time I thought you would be better off dead.” She replied.

“What do you mean with for a long time!? You didn’t really think of me like that, right!?” I hurriedly said.


“Was that not clear enough, Mr. Teirow? Should I explain in detail then?” Koume added.

“Please stop! Say no more!” The shock from what those two were saying was too great, so I focused on the BISHOP to run away from them. The collision countdown of one of the torpedoes was dangerously approaching 0, so I switched it’s path a bit to the right.


Immediately after, a WIND’s beam was shot at the place it was previously in, and then I turned it to the left to fix the trajectory, though more beams kept on being released one after the other.

I started the ‘Purupuru Avoidance Program’ and started the bullet’s shield to block a few beams while dodging most of them manually, it felt similar to one of those games in which I needed to avoid barrages of projectiles, though I was doing it with 6 bullets at the same time.

Focusing fully on the BISHOP and only feeling half-conscious of my surroundings, I started the ‘Problem Solving Program’. Beams getting closer. Lock On Deactivated. Bullet Approaching Target. No abnormalities transmitted to the ship, Problem Solving Program terminated.


As the programs terminated, I breathed a sigh of relief. Controlling the bullets was quite taxing and the forceful end of the program meant that it destroyed one of the jammers, so now I’m going to take a conservative approach. I don’t know how long this battle will last, and those torpedoes are outdated weapons with limited ammunition, so it’s better to rely on the beams instead.

“Koume, do you think we will be able to communicate soon?” I asked, Koume told me to wait a little while she checked, so I decided to play around with the monitor on the meantime, zooming in on the weapon that is fighting at the station.

“Wow, what’s that!? A robot? Or even a Mobile Suit? It’s a bit sluggish though… Allan, do you know what is that thing at the station?” I wondered.


“That’s Stardust, a Humanoid Assault Drone, or just HAD for short, you don’t know of it?” He replied.

“HAD, huh? It’s so cool… Is it expensive?” I asked.

“Depends on what you base your comparison on? It’s expensive if you compare it to drones, but not that much if compared to a spaceship. It needs to be piloted from within though, so it’s not adopted by the military and ended up as an exclusively private weapon.” His answer made sense, and explained why I didn’t know the weapon, the knowledge overridden in my brain is exclusively military, so it’s natural that I don’t know about a civilian weapon.

“Is there any particular talent necessary to pilot it?” I said.


“You don’t need any particular gift, but there is the necessity of projecting your consciousness on the whole weapon’s body with the BISHOP, and this definitely needs some talent.” Was his reply.

“So it’s like moving the robot as if it was your whole body… Seems pretty cool and does have some advantages, but isn’t it dangerous?” I asked.

“Indeed, the biggest disadvantage is that people need to be in it. The military’s unmanned drones excel in everything except reaction speed, so there is no need for someone that specializes in controlling this kind of weapon with the BISHOP, it’s better to have versatile troops instead.” He answered.

“I see, the imperial army already has carriers that can hold hundreds of ships, so it doesn’t need this kind of thing in the first place, using drones that can carry jamming devices or other similar things makes more sense.” I nodded to myself.

“You got it boss, the empire’s basic tactic is to crush enemies with overwhelming numbers after all. By the way, it’s a bad idea to carry one of those in our ship, it needs eight people for maintenance and there is also the fuel consumption to worry about.” He replied, however…


“Hehe, it would be nice to have that cool robot in our ship, wouldn’t it?” Allan’s voice barely reached my mind as I already had my mind filled with thoughts of the HAD.


At that moment, Koume’s voice resounded through the control room. “Mr. Teirow, the WINDs that had jammers were wiped out, we should be able to establish communication with the locals now.”

I silently nodded as the monitor zoomed in on the humanoid weapon, it seems to have a thick armor with complex mechanisms. I wondered if I could pilot it, though I don’t think it would be easy to handle sudden fast movements, I’d probably be out in 5 minutes.

The Emergency line DRN – 001 became available and I opened it after confirming the location it came from through the BISHOP, I breathed a sigh of relief once the voice of the HAD’s pilot reached my ear and I naturally became more cheerful.

I’m not sure why, but I’m sure he is great.


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