“The source of Pifa mainland is the place where history is born, our thinking can’t touch it, and both light and darkness can’t escape from it. What has broken the silence? What has created these roaring noises, creating the wind and the heat? What has opened the river of time, giving birth to so many different living things?” Percy shook his head and raised the first question in his mind.


Bruce thought for a moment, then frowned and asked, “what does it mean here? The source of Pifa continent…does it even have a source? Breaking through the silence…is it possible that this source was sealed?”


“I’m really not sure, master Bruce. I don’t know even how human beings came from, let alone the source of the Continent.” Will scratched his head and replied apologetically.


Percy looked bitter and said helplessly, “I’ve been doing researches here for a few days and I’ve got absolutely no idea what this means. What is with the Pifa Continent that we don’t know about? Although we aren’t powerful enough, who can help us imagine and think then?”


McQueen was also thinking about these sorts of poetic questions, “the source of the Continent? Could it mean the times before there were human beings? Wait, no…here it says, even light and darkness can’t escape, so this has nothing to do with the birth of human beings actually? Silence, dormant, explosion, creation? Could it be…”


An idea flashed in McQueen’s head, he suddenly guessed boldly, “could this be the big bang of the universe? I guess so…the source of Pifa Continent must be the birthplace of Pifa, and when it mentions something not yet created in history, it means there was no concept of time. I guess it means the point of the big bang of the universe, right?”


The more he thought, the more McQueen’s convinced of his theory. In his past life, he was an astrology lover, and he was a big fan of Hawking. Although he knew nothing about Hawking’s theories, he still learned something about astrophysics like the big bang of the universe, singularities, the black hole, and the stars. He knew the basics.


The singularity is a magical existence. In the origin of the universe, there was no time, no light, no form, until one day, the singularity exploded, exploding infinite materials and energy, forming a universe.


The first question on this stone gate implied exactly the big bang of the universe.


“It’s just that, why did you even set this as the first question? Why did you ask us the reason behind the explosion of the universe? In my past life, those geniuses on earth have done researches for hundreds of years, and even then, they hadn’t figured it out. How do you expect me to answer?” After McQueen realized what the question implied, he was so speechless that he wanted to cry. It’s the big bang of the universe, come on, those damn dwarves have nothing better to do than to study about this?!


He urged his need to break into the stone gate to beat these dwarves up, then he asked, “well, okay, I know what this question means. Percy, tell me what the second one is.”


Initially, Percy and his mates didn’t have high expectations to McQueen and Bruce, and he didn’t care much when seeing that none of them could respond. After all, one would be surprised if they actually could.


After drinking a bit of water that Will handed over, Percy’s face finally showed some color of blood. Then, he started to mumble, “the galaxy of the river, the endless time and space, our flesh…the burden of our bodies hold the truth, the moon rises at night, the sun does in the morning. Every circle is a witness of this miracle, the only thing that bounds us is the eternity that’s far away. Why do we hold these hopes then?”


Everyone in the scenario, including Percy, Bruce, Will, and the Deputy battalion commander were all speechless. This question has become very intriguing, just like a poem. It’s all about all sorts of whatnot, and it doesn’t mean anything at all.


Only McQueen seemed to be thinking about something. Since they’ve figured out the first question, then the second one would be something like, every planet in the universe was a circle, then why the Pifa Continent was a square.


“Everyone, is the Pifa Continent square-shaped?” McQueen asked, and he felt so damn strange about this world…could there be a square-shaped planet?


“Square-shaped? Well, the Pifa Continent is a piece of land, and is surrounded by the ocean. I’ve never heard of it as square-shaped. My city lord, why did you ask this question? Is it something related to the square in the question?” Bruce said.


The Pifa Continent is not square-shaped, then could it be spherical? McQueen frowned. Well, it shouldn’t be. According to the question, it should be square-shaped. “Right, Bruce, if we step into the sea from the east of the continent, can we travel across the sea and arrive on the west side of it?”


“Of course not, these are two different directions, how is it possible for us to arrive there? Also, it’s dangerous deep down the sea, no one dares to sail there.” Bruce dared not look at McQueen now, as he thought to himself, was the city lord acting intelligent or has he discovered something? Why did he sound as strange as the questions on the stone gate?


“What I mean is, I wonder if the Pifa Continent is a sphere, if we can go back to the starting point if we travel across it by sea.” McQueen shook his head and sighed in his mind. It’s so difficult to communicate with these stupid people, since they knew nothing about astrology.


“I think I know what you mean, my city lord.” Will seemed to have understood something, and he said, “I don’t think the Pifa Continent is spherical, and so it can’t be a circle. In fact, the Pifa Continent is a place surrounded by the sea and floating in space. So, I guess that makes it ‘square-shaped’.”


“Yes, that’s what I mean.” McQueen nodded with admiration. Although he was amazed at the strangeness of Pifa, he did not say anything. and turned his head to Percy, “I think I’ve understood the second question as well. Now, let’s read the third question.”


Well, he’d understood it. But it’s also McQueen’s first time to know that the Pifa Continent is square-shaped. As to why it’s square-shaped…well, it’s none of your damn business. What sort of questions are these? Even Hawking might not be able to answer this question.


“The great square supplies us with glory, surrounded by an almighty god, burning devils, white bones, wild beasts, and the Titans who never stop. What guides our way forward, in the middle of the continent, through a splendid passage that brings our humble soul here?”


What the hell, this one is even more complicated. McQueen didn’t understand one bit of it.


“Percy, go to the next one. I’ve understood this one.”


“Alright, my city lord.” Percy took another sip of water, he had been starving for so many days, and he’s running out of strength, “steam, coal, the connection between the power of machinery, running like a winding gear, leverage calmly beating. The birds of the earth carry our bodies, but the thoughts never stop. Our God of creation, can you feel the attention from the feathers?”


What the hell, how come he’s talking about steam, coal, wheels, and leverage? Why is it about physics now? As for the fourth question on the stone gate, McQueen once again felt speechless. Dwarves, I’ve already heard that you’re all underground innovators, but you don’t need to show off like this.


“Percy, hurry up, to the next question. After reading these questions, I’ve become more and more eager to meet these dwarves.” McQueen bit his teeth and asked. Come on, let’s carry on.

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