My Castle, My Castellan

Chapter 26 –  Cooperation Is The Law (Part 1)


The train slowly stopped in front of the plaza of the building, and after all the unloading, the train continued and welcome the next group of guests.


“This is the pole of totem of the Wrench Tribe. It is the crystallization of our machinery technology. It is also the place where we hold our tribal conferences. Lord McQueen, the banquet is ready, please come with me.” Lance smiled. He guided everyone to the pillar of the totem.


The entire pole was supported by metal, and the wooden structure was the surface layer. In many areas, gears and screws were used. There were dozens of thick metal on the totem pole, and there was a hand-like object at the front end. When McQueen didn’t know what the object was used for, a spectacular airship slowly approached and slowly grabbed by the object. Dozens of gnomes were holding a lot of things and walking toward the pole of the totem.


“It turns out to be just like what happens in the science fiction.” McQueen had to admire the technology of these gnomes, it’s actually competitive with the second industrial revolution on earth.


“How is such a big object built? It’s too incredible.” Bank pointed at the metal that was even thicker than a human leg, and he’s so surprised that he had his jaw dropped. There was no welding gap for the whole piece of metal. It seems that it was created just like that. In this era, there was no such thing as a machine tool. Metal objects were pressed out with abrasive tools, or forged by iron.


“Haha, this is the unique technique of the gnomes, we use the welding technology to make metal bit by bit. At that time, we spent three years to make the metal.” Lance pointed to the chief technician, then laughed, “this technology was developed by Franco’s metal forging laboratory.”


“Amazing, chief technician.” McQueen was beyond amazed by this technology, as this was the high-end technology from the past world, he’s amazed by the development of the gnomes’ technology.


“Hahaha, just call me Franco, McQueen.” Franco couldn’t hide the happiness on his face.


The hall in the pillar has already been filled with a table full of dishes, a variety of unknown fruits, all kinds of exquisite meat, fruit wine of various colors. The whole hall was not so big for humans, so there was a limited capacity. Except for a few leaders of the Toss City, everyone else had a table outside to eat.


“Sorry, you humans are too tall, our tableware is not suitable for you at all, and we can only make these out of what we already have. It’s a little rough, please bear with us.” Lance welcomed everyone warmly, and the rest of the big technicians also brought a few people and sat down on different tables. The tables were too small and they could only be seated that way.


Naturally, McQueen sat with Lance, and Bruce, Will, Percy, Bank, Lance and Franco were sitting on the same table.


Lance introduced the group with enthusiasm, “there are not many fruits produced in our underground city, there’re only 16 kinds of fruits, but each has its own unique taste. Like this red round fruit, it is called dripping, and it’s sweet and delicious. This green berry is called Gu Dong Dong, and it’s juicy and sweet. This string of fruit is called luminous light, and it can emit purple gleam at night. It tastes really well. You can see if it suits you.”


McQueen hadn’t expected to see so much fruit growing underground, and he really opened his eyes this time. He took one of them and bit it, “oh, it’s so delicious.”


Bruce and the others each picked up the fruit. After tasting them, they all praised how delicious they were. These days, they’ve been eating too much dried vegetables, and anything else was more than delicious.


The praises of McQueen and the others made Lance very happy. Franco on the side also kept laughing, “McQueen, my lord, Mr. Bruce, Will, Percy, Bank, please come with me. Please try our Harry series of fruit wines, they were brewed for more than a thousand years, and they were very welcomed by the gnomes.”


“The red fruit wine is called Harry Potter, the green fruit wine is called Hallelujah, the blue fruit wine is called Harry Bingo, and the purple fruit wine is called Harry Tulu, they’re all made with the freshest fruit. I can ensure you to have a taste that suits you.” Lance added.


After this meal, after the warm welcoming of the hosts, everyone finished their meal with satisfaction. And it’s time to talk about business. Although they mentioned about friendship, everyone knew that it’s for trading and business.


When he was sitting on the so-called “flying bucket” of the gnomes, which was the legendary elevator, McQueen couldn’t stop admiring, “what an enjoyable life of the gnomes. Didn’t they say that they were so poor and they had nothing to eat? How could they have such a happy life? I must build an elevator in my city one day, then it’ll be much easier to go upstairs and downstairs, and no one needs to use the staircase anymore.”


The flying bucket quickly rose to the upper level of the totem pole, almost on an open floor at the top of the cave. When sitting here, one can see the entire underground city, the scenery is unique, and it’s a good place for an after-dinner nap.


“McQueen, my city lord, this is such a rare opportunity to receive you as a guest. The rich life of human beings has long made me envious, and it’s such a pity that the wrench tribe has to endure the cold and hunger here underground.” When Lance stepped out from the bucket, he started complaining. Seeing his facial expression, it looked like things were indeed as bad as what he’d described.


McQueen pretended to laugh, and he sighed half-heartedly, “Lance, the greatest craftsman, there is something that you don’t know about. Although there’re still some reserves in the Toss City, the Kingdom of Soladin has been in chaos and we must be extra careful with the way we spend them. We had to collect money from different parties for our gifts to the tribe. Our life isn’t easier.”


Lance bitterly said, “I’ve heard that human beings can get whatever they want when they’re on the ground. Aside from these technologies, the wrench tribe is in shortage of all the other daily necessities.”


McQueen also bitterly said, “the Toss City is not rich either. Aside from the daily necessities, we’re in shortage of everything else. We don’t have weapons, equipment, machinery tools, etc…”


Lance replied, “this is a good coincidence. We lack daily stuff, but you don’t. I didn’t expect our lives to be so different.”


McQueen said thoughtfully, “right, what a coincidence. We’re lacking equipment, but that’s what you’re surrounded with.”


“About that, Lord McQueen, Lance the craftsman, shouldn’t you mutually benefit from each other?” The chief technician thought that the two had pretended enough, and it’s time to do something concrete.


“Yeah, we can provide living supplies for the wrench tribe. The wrench tribe can also provide technologies and equipment for us. Isn’t this an ideal way to suit everyone’s needs?” Bruce said the same.


Lance immediately revealed a surprised expression, “oh, I didn’t expect the Toss City to be this generous. You are willing to provide daily necessities to the wrench tribe. That’s too awesome.”


“Haha, of course, because we are friends.” McQueen laughed and said, “since the wrench tribe is willing to provide us with equipment, of course we’re willing to try our best to provide you with daily necessities!”


There must be something to trade with!


“Well, to say the truth, lord McQueen, it’s been only a few decades since we have moved to the underground, and there’s not much that we can provide to the Toss City.” There’s a sudden change on the facial expression of Lance, and he seemed very embarrassed. He seemed to be ashamed of not being able to give away much equipment.


However, McQueen would not fall into this trap. He thought, who do you think I am? You think that I’m so easily deceived? Unfortunately, you’re wrong. I’ve been on the Internet for over a decade, and I’ve known how the mind works for a long time. He laughed, “Lance, you’re too humble. Although you cannot take out much equipment, I can see how well your business is running. See how well you’ve welcomed us, I don’t think you need that many daily necessities. We were just too worried.”


Well, if there’s no equipment, there’re no daily necessities. Simple, no?


“Haha, McQueen is joking, how can we not lack any daily necessities? So, let me go through the list of the inventory equipment of the wrench tribe. McQueen, my lord, please see if there’s anything you need. I will assist you as best as I can.” Seeing how McQueen responded, Lance knew that the discussion couldn’t continue if he didn’t act more proactively. He’d made up his mind to trade with the Toss City, instead of flattering each other for nothing.


“That would be great. Thank you, Lance the greatest craftsman. Okay, let’s do it like this. The chief technician will have to give us a list of daily necessities required, and we’ll try our best to solve your problem. I’ll call upon the bosses of the commercial team, and we’ll discuss thoroughly.” Since Lance was willing to talk openly, so did McQueen. At least, McQueen had no intention to cheat them just yet, it’d be best to establish a stable relationship between the two parties now.


Moreover, regardless how the business would become, McQueen had earned something. The gnome products would be gold on the Pifa Continent. After Lance left, Percy and Bank also called their staff. Suddenly, McQueen thought of something, and he asked Franco, “Franco , our chief technician, we have a magician who is recovering from your tribe. Not sure how he’s doing now?”


McQueen was asking about the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Toss City, the top wind magician, Abraham, he’s the magician who had got his arm bitten off by a snake. Abraham was receiving treatment in the wrench tribe.


McQueen had actually wanted to ask a long time ago. It’s rare to have a top magician, but there’s also something more important, it’s that after McQueen being transformed by the wind field, he also had the magical attributes of the wind system. McQueen now had the idea of being an apprentice. It’s always a nice idea to learn to be a top magician. Once he thought of himself becoming a strong magician, and he could create a tornado just by waving his hand, McQueen couldn’t help but feel his blood boiling.


Of course, it’d be even better if he could learn magic without being an apprentice.


“Oh, it’s Abraham. Don’t worry, he’s out of danger now, but he still needs some time to recover.” As the chief technician, Franco had a high reputation and of course he got news pretty easily.


“Then I can be at ease.” McQueen smiled.


Bruce and Will also smiled, but they sighed at the same time. All in all, the lord understood about human relationships, how come they never thought about Abraham?


McQueen started admiring himself about his personality…


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