Chapter 34 Rafael, Oncoming Storm!



Moños Chagowski was in a great mood. The plan he’d designed and received approval of from the queen had been set out for a few days now. These few days he’d been so excited he could barely fall asleep. Walking around, he’d suddenly break out into laughter. Thinking about the moment that was to come, he felt incredible strength fill his body. He wanted to let it out, wanted to shout.


But he stifled the urge. It was an extremely important plan, so much so that the queen would supervise it herself. Because of this, he would also rise above the clouds. Even things he barely dared dream of in the past might be possible now. When he thought about this, his eight long legs almost felt like they were floating with each step. He was confident that once this plan succeeded, he’d jump in front of the queen and present her with the beautiful wildflowers he’d kept in his stomach pouch for the past three days.


“I like Queen Azjol, yes, I like Queen Azjol. Her beauty drives me insane. Her slender, hairy legs, her round, patterned stomach, her plump mouth coated in spikes. Oh dear, everything about her is so perfect, so intoxicating. No, I’m about to go insane. I have to stay calm. Moños, you have to calm down. At least before this plan concludes, you have to stay calm. Whether it’s going to be love or death will depend on this plan.”


He forced himself to calm down. He kept walking along the cave. There was a giant bug in each tunnel, and he was here to supervise them.


“Keep your spirits up and keep working, or I’ll eat the head right off your bodies,” The human face on top of Moños’ spider body’s lips pressed together, a murderous light glinting in his eyes while he glared at the ant before him that was a little smaller than a small cow.


The giant ant either didn’t know how to speak or didn’t know what to say. Instead it kept nodding, its antennae smacking against its mouth.


“Remember, stay in position. When the plan begins, you’re not allowed to mess up.” Moños said in a low, conspiratory voice.


The giant ant nodded again, its antennae clapping against its mouth.


His massive abdomen quivering, Moños walked around and knocked on the tunnels, finally leaving only when he was satisfied for the next segment of supervision.


The whole way walking and disciplining, he encountered not just massive ants but also huge cockroaches, huge wasps, huge caterpillars, huge crickets, and even a huge maggot. These giant insects all had something in common: a round risen area on their foreheads. This was just like Moños’ human face.


Eventually, he arrived at a branching pathway. Above the branch there was a big hole where bright light spilled in. Looking at the piercing light, Moños felt his heart leap, his mouth murmuring subconsciously. He remembered this hole well, because he just happened to be there when it was formed.


“They’re just some weakling humans. Plus, they went to the magical caves, which means they’re all dead now. Either way, they won’t affect my plan. There’s no way. I’m overthinking things. ” Moños kept muttering until he relaxed, finally stretching his legs out to go again.


Promeholmes de Creux flew through the sky easily. His massive dark wings spread open. With each beat, they propelled him to keep gliding for a long time.


Yes, Promeholmes de Creux was a dragon. A massive black dragon, something he was always proud of. Dark scales coated his entire body, his back legs curled up behind his body. Those long claws shimmered with a cold light that no one would mistake for decoration. Although his front legs were comparatively thin, they were still thicker than the average human’s legs, the claws also shimmering and sharp.


His favorite part about himself, of course, was his shape, with a streamlined elegance, especially where his neck and back connected. It was beautiful, a gift from Creation. There was another part of his head he was quite proud of, namely his two shining black horns protruding from his forehead. Plenty of other black dragon beauties were in awe of his horns, to the point where they were willing to marry him in admiration of these horns.


But of course Promeholmes de Creux wouldn’t say yes to their proposals. He had just turned 500 years old this year. According to the lifespan of a black dragon, he had just come of age. He was black dragon prince Promeholmes de Creux, and he wasn’t about to abandon the forest for a single tree.


Speaking of forest, his nose twitched ferociously like he was already smelling the scent of chum salmon larvae. This time every year was when the chum salmon in the Azure River laid their eggs. Those brainless fish swam their hardest to the Magic Cave, while countless delicious fish larvae clogged up the whole river.


It was nature’s feast, and something Promeholmes de Creux discovered a hundred years ago while traveling around. Each time this year he’d fly thousands of miles to the Magic Cave just for the feast. This year he could barely wait to start eating.


He flapped his wings hard, increasing his flight speed. He could already see the empty town before him. He flew past it every single year. A few decades ago there were many little people living there who would cry out when they saw him, ducking into their little stone cabins. But now that kind of entertainment had disappeared.


“What a nostalgic time. To have entertainment before a great meal. Each time I saw those little people scared out of their wits, it put me in an incredible mood for a feast. I can’t believe those shrimp even dreamt of riding us noble dragons! What’s going through their minds? Do they imagine we’d enjoy being ridden by those little creatures? What an embarrassment! My father is right, dragons should ride atop humans. But they’re too small for me to ride on top. What a headache.”


“I won’t think about that, I’m still young. I can worry about stuff like that once I’m married. Right now, delicious fish larvae await me. Haha, I’m coming for those chum salmon. Rejoice in the honor of having a great dragon devour your babies.”



The wind wafted delicately, the wild grass stretching out in a yawn. Between the magic cave and the town of Rafael, a group of humans were underground. Each of them wore respirators and were digging tunnels energetically. There was one specific guy with slanted eyes, huge ears who kept moving through the tunnels, a steam-powered lamp in his hand while he pointed it left and right, lively as ever.


Rafael Town, here comes McQueen!






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