My Castle, My Castellan – Chapter 9 – Let’s Head To The Magic Cave!


“Give me a reason, Bruce.” McQueen asked with a smile and pleasantly. Although he really wanted to kick Bruce’s head at the moment, he had to control himself. He was a city owner, and he must show the bravest, most generous side of him.


“As our Lord has inherited the blood of the Arathi’s, if you release a slight hint of it, any monsters would refrain from you. The most dangerous creature inside the magic cave is the magic monster. Once we get rid of it, there’s not much threat left with the cave.” Bruce said with a lot of confidence.


“The hint in my blood, what on Earth is that?” McQueen was a little shocked. He didn’t expect to enjoy from such benefits from the transmigration.


“Does the city owner not know? The almighty Arathi is a legendary figure. His strength has reached the extent of the continuation of blood. Any blood that he has handed down, if triggered by special methods, can reveal the momentum of the great Arathi. Those magic monsters are nothing but inferior beasts, with the momentum of the great Arathi, they will flee instantly, even a dragon would do the same.” Garcia’s eyes flashed, and he gave extra information. This mid-level magician was quite knowledgeable.



The way that McQueen looked at him was just like a dead person. He was thinking, that maybe Bruce was just pretending, so that he could be impressed. Otherwise, how could he think of such a foolish idea? Also, Garcia, who was supposed to be loyal to the lord, agreed with Bruce. That’s just like sending him to a tiger’s mouth.


McQueen thought, “Garcia, your mind has changed. And now you dare to joke around with my life.”


“I don’t think it’s a good method. Let’s sit down and discuss more thoroughly.” McQueen turned down the idea without hesitation. It’s okay if the city is gone, they can rebuild one. But there’s nothing that can be done if he loses his life.


“My city owner, this is the only way, and it is the only way out of Toss City. Our Lord is so wise, and you must be able to see the key to the problem. Please agree to my proposal. Only someone like our lord can lead such a glorious yet arduous mission.” Bruce shouted and looked at McQueen with sharp eyes.


Well, there’s no use in flattering, as your lord is not a fan of such games. “Well, it’s not that your lord doesn’t agree. You must know how dangerous this plan sounds. Of course, I am willing to take this risk, as long as I can rescue the southern and northern camps. I don’t mind a little danger. However, I cannot let go of the women and children here. If I die, who can be there to give them a peaceful and stable life?”


“The city owner is such a kind person. I really admire you. But we must try when there is a little hope.” Cook Brown didn’t spare his compliments.


“I remember you, and you are the one with the arrow and bow. You just wait.” McQueen thought to himself, and his smile turned cold.


“I thought about it carefully. And what Bruce had suggested is worth trying.” Randolph Bryant also nodded his head.


“Ok, you’re the history official, you just wait as well.” McQueen’s smile was completely frozen.


“Oh, the master of the city, what you’ve done is beyond moving. For the sake of Toss City, this is really a risk that you can’t take.” Sith Ramaya said miserably, full of tears.


McQueen thought again, “Sith Ramaya, you’re a good one. This is a good citizen of Toss City. When this incident is over, I will buy lots of rice from you.”


“However, I still advise that our Lord gives it a try.” Sith wiped away his tears and said firmly.


Oh God, this is really irritating. McQueen felt as if a surge of blood was flowing in his throat, and he almost had to spit it out. Sith, you’re something, and you just wait!


“The old servant is begging our lord to give it a try!” Bruce suddenly dropped to his knees and said firmly.


“The old servant is begging our lord to give it a try!” Randolph followed. His waist was straight, and he said as firmly as Bruce.


“We beg you to try!” Everyone followed, and they were all extremely determined.


“You are all traitors” McQueen wanted to give a long sigh. When the magic cave was first mentioned, everyone had the most scared look on his face, as if they would be the one going. And now, since everyone had decided that it would be McQueen who’d go, they all changed his mind and were all up for it!


McQueen thought to himself, Bruce, Garcia and the others, just remember that, if your lord survives, none of you will be able to escape!


“Okay, since I am the leader of the city. Of course, I’ll be the one who takes the risk first. All of you, get up. I have also decided. Let’s head to the magic cave!” McQueen straightened up his chest and shouted. He tried his best to look heroic.


McQueen had planned all these great strategies for Toss City, yet he didn’t even have the chance to announce them. He felt a lot resentment.


Well, done is done, and what is said has been said. McQueen could just accept what must come. Well, let’s treat it as an adventure then!


Unlike McQueen, Bruce and others were busy getting ready. They needed to pack so much stuff for the magic cave. Bruce decided to send 100 veterans along with McQueen, and Garcia was also busy preparing the medicine that could help to release the blood of Arathi inside McQueen’s body. Other people were getting the necessities ready.


McQueen was hanging around without anything to do. He was staring at the old men, one after another, as if he was going to remember them one by one.

“When I come back, none of you can escape. I am going to remember you all.” McQueen was calculating with bad intentions in his mind.


“My lord, you should first get some sleep. When you get up first thing tomorrow, we will head to the magic cave. We’ll get everything ready tonight.” Bruce didn’t like it when McQueen was just walking around, doing nothing. He wanted to send McQueen away. He was thinking, how come the city owner’s way of looking at them was so weird?

McQueen, who was grumpy at this moment, returned to his bedroom. He thought for a long while, and finally fell asleep after Garcia sent him dinner.




The next morning, the bright sunshine shone through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, waking up McQueen. He rubbed his eyes and looked around, still the same broken furniture. He sighed, it’s been the second day after his transmigration.


“My lord, please have breakfast first.” Garcia was wearing a cloak, holding a plate with a cup of milk on it. His dark, wrinkled face couldn’t tell that he’s a magician. He looked more like a guardian. McQueen was disgusted, how is it possible to not brush your teeth before breakfast? He notified Garcia to give him some water to at least wash his face. Then, he walked beside the window and looked at the sunrise. Then, he began to feel depressed. Everyone has to die one day, and he just didn’t expect to have to die this way. Maybe God wanted him to be extraordinary.


After washing and having breakfast, McQueen hurried down and accepted the cruel fact.


“The master of the city, Bruce is leading a hundred veterans, and we’re here to report to you!” On the small square in front of the city’s main house, Bruce and a hundred carefully selected veterans were neatly arranged in a team. If it weren’t for their grey hair, they did look a mighty team.


McQueen bowed deeply to Arathi’s statue and faced the veterans for a long time. He was thinking – what should he say? He couldn’t utter a word. Since the 100 veterans were not scared of death, then why should he be afraid? He was the lord of the city, and that’s what he’s supposed to do!


He was holding a dark blue bottle of medicine, and he looked up at the clouds in the sky, then put the bottle back to his pocket. With big steps, he walked outside the front door.


McQueen didn’t care how far he had to go, and he just had to proceed forward!


“Let’s go!” Bruce ordered, a hundred veterans followed McQueen, with their armor and weapons, they jingled all the way through.

“Grandpa, McGrady salutes to you!” The little boy called McGrady clenched his fist and placed it on his left chest, shouting loudly with a childish voice, his face was full of pride and determination!


Bruce didn’t look back, didn’t answer, and continued to march forward. He proposed this plan, and the old man had already set the agenda long ago. Perhaps, when the news about the southern and northern camps spread through, he had already made up his mind to do this. The back of Bruce seemed so heroic. Since he was once the head of Knights of Toss City, he naturally wouldn’t be scared of sacrificing.


“Grandpa, Rondo salutes to you!” Another little boy clenched his fist and placed it on his left chest, shouting loudly.


In the team, a tall and thin veteran continued to hurry.


“The city owner, the head of Knights, fellow officers, Bynum salute to you!” An old man who lacked a leg, clenched his fist and gently tapped on his left chest, shouting.


Whether they were children or the elderly, they all saluted to the team of veterans. The team didn’t stop, and none of them responded. They just seemed more and more determined with the support of its people. For Toss City, for their teammates, for their families, they had no regret in heading toward the magic cave enough though they knew what was waiting.


This was their home, and they had to protect it. Long live Toss City! The veterans were holding their tears, as if they would cry the next moment.


McQueen was also determined. In his previous life, he was a stay-at-home guy, and he never did anything significant for himself and the others. At this moment, he was emotional, even more so than the veterans. When a person has gone through so much, this is exactly how he’d feel. McQueen smiled, if he could choose again, he would still pick the same!


“It’s not a problem whether I’ll be dead!”


McQueen is not a mighty person, and he is only a sentimental person. And only sentimental people can do powerful things!


The magic cave – here they come!



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