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My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World Except For Me 168

A Little Kidnapping in the Class



You never knew when and how encounters with other people would take place.

And whether they would be good or bad. No one knew.


It had now been about two weeks since Yato had gone with Saya and the others, due to their misunderstanding. And now that Tenjouin and the others had returned from Earth, things had calmed down a lot.


“Alright, let’s do it.”


It was a wide space under the castle, quite dark, with a few torches and magic lights to illuminate it.

And in the center was a single human-like log.

It was in such a place that Tenjouin waited, holding a sword in both hands and with a look of strong resolve on his face.


A few seconds later, a light began to pour over Tenjouin’s feet. Eventually, the light became so strong that nothing near it was visible.

When Tenjouin saw that the light had gathered, he readied himself to jump, and then he disappeared in a flash.


The moment he vanished, a single slash appeared on the log. And then after that, there was a loud, dry thud that echoed in the room.

There was evidence that something had just hit the wall very hard, but Tenjouin was nowhere in sight.


While he was still invisible, another slash appeared on the log. And there was another crash near the wall.

This repeated itself several times, and after a few minutes, the walls of the room were crumbling.

The log was also changing its shape due to so many cuts. And then the sounds of crashing suddenly stopped.


When all was quiet, Tenjouin appeared. He was leaning against the wall with a pained expression.


“So, it’s no use after all…”


He said as if he had expected this. He was panting as he talked.


“What do I have to do to use it well…”

“Ah, I knew you would be here.”


A certain girl entered through the room’s entrance and rushed to Tenjouin as he muttered to himself.


“Miki? What is it?”

“I came looking for you. But more importantly, you’ve been training with that sword again? I could hear you from outside.”


Apparently, the sounds of him crashing against the wall could be heard from outside.

Miki looked at the sword that Tenjouin was holding as she talked.


“Yes. But it’s no use. I can’t control it.”


Like Miki, Tenjouin was also staring at the sword.

This sword had been given to him by Korola, who had betrayed Metron in order to defeat Yato.

Things had been so hectic and he had not been asked to return it, so he took it back with him.


And since he had not been asked to return it in the first place, he decided to consider it a gift. However, it was very difficult to use.

He had trained with it many times now, but Tenjouin did not feel like he was improving at all.


“Perhaps it means that I am not at the right level to be able to handle it.”


He felt that he would be able to get one step closer to Yato if he could use it.

But he had clearly underestimated the difficulty.

Tenjouin felt that he had no choice but to work at it slowly, but here, he changed the subject.


“By the way, Miki. Did you have a reason for coming here?”





They had gotten distracted, but Miki had originally come here because she had business with Tenjouin.

She must have forgotten it herself because Miki let out an ‘Oh, that’s right!’ before moving to the subject at hand.


“The thing is! Finally—”


It was just then.

Miki had opened her mouth and was in the middle of finishing her sentence. A magic circle appeared in the air in front of them.




And then it sounded. A voice that was neither of theirs.

It was only a few meters wide and a little taller. It was like a hole and something was falling out of it.

By the time Miki and Tenjouin realized this, the figure had shown itself.


“Really now. Something has to be done about this. I hate how annoying it is.”


The person muttered in irritation at the magic circle that had now fulfilled its purpose.

Tenjouin and Miki just stared at the figure in shock.


Messy red hair and bikini armor.

While she was a woman, there was something about her that came off as masculine.

She seemed like an Adventurer, but who was she?


They stared at her in stunned silence. Finally, the intruder noticed Tenjouin and Miki’s gaze.


“Oh, there.”


She said simply. Then she sauntered over to Tenjouin and stopped in front of him.



“Uh, ah. Yes?”

“That’s the sword you got from Korola, isn’t it?”


She said as she pointed down to the sword he was holding.

As for Korola, that was one of the gods who was with Metron.

As Korola was pretending to be Metron at that time, he had actually acquired it from Korola.


“That’s right… What’s that to you?”

“I came to retrieve it.”

“R-retrieve it?”

“Some other god made that and I wasn’t really thinking when giving it away. But I don’t want anyone to know that I helped Korola back then, and so I came to retrieve it.”


She said.

Perhaps she was annoyed, because she then muttered, ‘Damn it. If only I didn’t lose the wager with that bastard, Tesshin…’ and ‘Why do I have to do this…’, ‘I have more important work to do…’ But none of this made any sense to Tenjouin and Miki.


They had now seen each other, and he knew why she was here. But there was one thing Tenjouin had yet to ask.


“Before we decide whether or not I will return it, who are you?”

“If you know about it, are you a god as well?”


The woman looked very annoyed by these questions but answered anyway.


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