Entire Class Got Summoned


Chapter 169 – It seems the same in a broad sense, they feel the same


What exactly are humans?


There are probably countless answers to that question.


Beings filled with greed, guile–there are many ways to go about it.




Among them, there are those who are fun to be with, those who are bad, those who are good, those who support one another–the answer differs from person to person.


However, when you ask youkais, most will probably say the same.






—-That they are “cowards”.





They fear the unknown, hide in the shadows, rely on the stronger ones to maintain the peace in their heart.


Without trying to get close just because they are obscure, because they possess more strength than them, because their appearance is nothing alike–humans distance themselves from youkai more than necessary.




As a result, the atrocities continued and the youkais were even driven to the underworld and their existence itself has become fictitious.


What else would you call them except “cowards”?




However, just as I had mentioned above, as well, that’s only what “most” of them would say.


The answer is completely different for a certain group of youkais, who serve the humans.




Humans are beings who are “not too different from youkais”.











“Everyone, don’t get too excited.”




A shrine inside a forest.


The greenery there is rich and since it was an underworld land with no roads leading to it, Ouka spent relaxing time there.








In response to Ouka’s call, the fox cubs gave an energetic reply and dispersed.


The season was changing to fall and the trees surrounding the shrine were slowly turning red.


Since the temperature also decreased, it became the perfect time of the year to go out, and so the children were very excited.




The same was true for Ouka, as well. She sat down on the stone steps of the shrine and relaxed, while keeping a watch on the kids.





The weather sure is nice today~.


She thought, as a refreshing wind blew by.


The sky was clear. When the weather is this good, you would tend to feel a bit sleepy.




“It sure is peaceful.”





Ouka felt happy looking around today.


In summer, the sealed-away ghosts were almost released so it wasn’t exactly peaceful then.


Even still, she was now surrounded by abundant nature and the kids were enjoying playing.





How long has it been since it was this peaceful?


Feeling really happy, Ouka couldn’t help but give a smile but… there’s something that must never be forgotten.


The fact that all of these are from the Yato.


That person saved them from a predicament after meeting them by chance. He treated them normally, like humans, despite not knowing their identity.





That was what made Ouka most happy.

There are many who do not think well of the humans.

Since the past proved it time and time over, it can’t be helped.



However, even still, she wants to say this.

That there are different humans in the world too.

We, the youkais, are just too ignorant about the human race.

The humans we had seen up till now were the ones who rejected us.

Assuming that that is all there is to them, we were trapped in a narrow field of view and have lived isolated from the humans too long.



And so, if I were to say something to them, I would say that “I am very happy since I met humans”.

As she was thinking that, Ouka slowly felt more drowsy.

As she let out a sigh and was dozing off, one fox cub came running close.



“Ouka-sama! Let’s play together!”



It was Nayame.



“Yes, let’s go.”



Invited by Nayame, just when Ouka was about to stand up, suddenly, she could hear a bell.

It reverberated throughout the whole shrine but it was not loud at all. Not only Ouka and Nayame, but all the other fox cubs also stopped what they were doing and tried searching for the source.



Just then, the air around the trees in front of the shrine started becoming misty.

This is a sign which indicates that someone has arrived.

Everyone present there focused their attention towards the mist. A person with black wings came out slowly.


They were wearing straw sandals and black, old-fashioned garments.

Although their face couldn’t be seen properly due to the sedge-woven bamboo hat they were wearing, the black-winged person advanced forward without hesitation.



Those black wings…

Ouka stared at those wings, as if she had seen them somewhere before.

As the fox cubs’ eyes were glued to the person, they walked up to Ouka and suddenly fell to their knees.



“I’m sorry for my abruptness but… are you perhaps Ouka-sama?”


“Yes, but… what do you need? Also, it startles the children so please refrain from making that bell sound.”


“I’m extremely sorry. I had deemed it impolite to enter the land suddenly so I thought it would be better to give some form of alert.”




Saying that, the man, as could be assumed from their voice, took out a small bell from their pocket and showed it to Ouka.

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