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My Entire Class Was Summoned 172  Part 1


A leader’s entry on stage is pretty standard regardless of the organization



It looked like a huge japanese sliding door.

After following Ouka up some stairs, we ended up in front of a somewhat imposing door.

There was a drawing of a crow on the sliding door, which added to make it all feel like I was in front of the door of some game’s last boss’ room.

At last, huh?


“Please be very careful around here. Black Princess’ companions are known to take excessive care of her, but I don’t know exactly how overprotective they will be towards a human.”

“She was the one to summon me here. At least I know that much.”


Keeping Ouka’s advice at heart, I stared at the sliding door.

As I did that, the door started opening by itself, as if it had noticed we were there.


Back at the castle gates, Ouka hadn’t been quite clear about what kind of person this Black Princess was.

I had seen so many different youkai on my way here, so I honestly had no way to tell.

As that question bounced on the back of my head, the door opened completely.


The first thing I see were some people dressed just like the gatekeepers we met when we first arrived at this castle, and then there was someone who was sitting elegantly behind them.


“I’ve been waiting for you two.”


She had a clear tone of voice. It sounded inviting, so Ouka and I walked into the room and met the youkai.


“Long time no see, Lady Black Princess.”

“It’s been a while, Ouka.”


Ouka knelt in front of the sovereign of her kind, and Black Princess smiled delightfully.

So this was Black Princess, huh?

A black-haired woman wearing a beautiful black kimono, with crow wings on her back.

Without those wings, she could have passed for a regular woman.


However, the whole deal with her being “big” as Ouka mentioned earlier didn’t seem to apply.

Or that’s what I had thought. The moment I took a good look at Black Princess, everything became clear.


Those are… certainly big.

I may find it hard to say this, but I… I found myself unintentionally staring at those two big things on Black Princess’ chest.

Was this what Ouka was trying to say? I mean, what does she think about her sovereign’s breasts?



This goes without saying, but it was kind of rude to be staring so much.

Black Princess looked at me, who was then staring at her face behind my mask as I stood next to Ouka.


“You’re a typical person, aren’t you?”


After looking at me, Black Princess turned her attention to the sliding door.


“Thank you. You can go now.”


“Yes, Ma’am!”


The soldiers who had been standing by the sliding door for some time were excused, and they left the room.

After that, it was just Black Princess, Ouka and I left inthe room. Black Princess quickly turned her eyes to me with intense curiosity.


“No one should bother us now. Can you take off that mask?”


She seemed rather interested in seeing my face for some reason.

I looked at Ouka as if asking her what she thought about Black Princess’ request, and she nodded.

Well, it should be okay, then.


With Ouka’s green light, I took off my fox mask.

Upon seeing my revealed face, Black Princess let out a ‘Ohh’, and with great curiosity left her chair and got closer to me.


“A real human, huh? It’s been a while since I’ve seen one this close…”


She seemed nostalgic as she looked at my face.

Black Princess then placed her hand on my face and drew her own face close to mine with the innocence of a child that sees something for the first time.

She was somewhat different than what I had expected.


As she touched my face, I humbly kept standing upright as I started to think.

I had imagined she would be a bit more hostile than this, but I couldn’t sense a single bit of hostility from her.

Black Princess may be just like Ouka, in that she bears no ill will at all towards humans.


As I was thinking about that, I started to notice that something was hitting my upper body.

Thinking it strange I turned my eyes down for a moment and there I found those two huge things I had been trying so hard not to look at for some time.

I tried to divert my eyes right away, but even amongst youkais, women seem to have a sixth sense for telling when you’re looking at them, so she quickly noticed and took a step back.


“It’s embarrassing, please don’t stare so much.”


Black Princess’ cheeks turned red and she shyly crossed her arms, covering her chest.

Just as I hurriedly tried to deny what Black Princess said, I felt a sudden pain in one of my legs.


“Lord Yato?”


I had received a warning shot from a squinting Ouka’s elbow, and I ended up holding the upper part of my leg in pain.

It hurted a lot, quite a lot…


“I’m sorry…”

“Haha, come on, don’t fight, you two.”


Black Princess smiled gently after seeing Ouka and I arguing.

She seemed to have interrupted us on purpose so that it would stop right there.


“It seems Ouka isn’t being manipulated by you, huh?”

Black Princess seemed relieved.


“Can you tell?”

“I’m very good at noticing these things. I can tell if someone is being manipulated just by looking at them.”

“Your magical powers are truly impressive, Lady Black Princess.”


By ‘magical powers’ did she mean that she was very good with mental spells, like curses or something like that?


“And while I was touching your face, I checked you up a little. You have a considerably strong power lying within you, don’t you? You may be trying to hide it, but your spiritual power is truly unusual.”


So when you came to touch my face, it was so you could do that?

For someone with such a shy and calm tone of voice, she was unexpectedly cunning.

This spiritual power she was talking about was what in other worlds is known as “magic”.

After feeling my magical power, far from fearing it, Black Princess calmly went back to her chair.


“Pleased to meet you. My name is Black Princess, and I’m the leader of this city. Welcome to the capital. Though even if I say that, you may not feel very welcome here, Mr. Human.”

“Well, you’re right.”


I knew that only too well.

After finishing her greeting, Black Princess moved onto the main subject.


“The reason I had called you here today was about Ouka herself. I now know that she wasn’t manipulated by you, but while that may be true I still can’t be at ease just yet.”

“Why is that?”

“He may still be deceiving you, Ouka.”

“Ah!? Please wait a moment!”



Ouka, who had been kneeling down all this time, suddenly stood up as if unable to overlook what Black Princess had just said.

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