My Glasses

Chapter 104 – Glasses boy returns home


I left the cave and climbed up the mountain under a very uncomfortable atmosphere, as the tanned woman had suddenly become angry.

The work to dismantle the Obsidian Wolf was still ongoing.

Parts of it were already packed in bags and carried down the mountain though.

According to what I heard from the adventurers in the area, it was faster to carry the bags down the mountain and then put them on a carriage, than to call a carriage to climb all the way here.

… Yeah, that makes sense. This may be a road, but it’s usually way too dangerous. Not to mention that the road isn’t well-maintained. It looks more like an animal trail than a proper road.

Someone must have decided that it was better to let the horses wait in a place where they can move comfortably, than to have them walk through a road where their footing was far from stable.

Well, it was probably a decision made by the knights’ leader. He is the one leading this hunt, after all, so he is probably organizing the return trip too.

“Lord Luheintz.” The tanned woman said as we approached him.

“You’re back. How was it? Did you find it?” He asked.

Luheintz seemed to be numbering the bags and writing down their contents, but he stopped doing that now that we returned.

The tanned woman said nothing at first. She just opened her bag and showed the Magic Core inside it to the old man.

Then, after closing the bag, she spoke, “The prey was already dead. The cause of the dead was probably excessive bleeding.”

“I see. I see…” The old man closed his eyes tightly enough that his eyebrows even wrinkled, “We haven’t finished everything yet, but… The biggest burden has been lifted off our shoulders.”

“It has.” The tanned woman nodded.

The knights have spent many days chasing the Obsidian Wolf all the way from the neighboring country. It must have surely been a pretty tough journey.

And perhaps, it was much more taxing on them mentally than it was physically.

… Well, I’m glad it’s over at least.

“Then, this is it for me.” I turned around and started leaving.

I don’t think I have any more errands to do, so I casually started distancing myself from the knights who were visibly emotional… Or rather, I really wanted to leave already.

“Wait. Thanking you isn’t enough. By all means-” The knight leader started saying.

“No, as I said earlier, I’m here just as a luggage carrier, so please bring all your thanks and complaints to Roda. Especially the complaints, make sure to take them all to him.” And as I said that, I started running away at full speed.

I’ve worked enough for the day. I don’t like being in crowded places like this, and I don’t want to risk getting spotted by my older sister.

I’ve also gotten scolded and had my butt stroked. I’ve had enough. I want to go home.

Or rather, I am going home.


The old man had no time to chase after me.

Instead, he announced to the adventurers that the second Obsidian Wolf was found, and the adventurers cheered as they heard those news.

From their point of view, this simply meant that they’ll be getting extra rewards from this trip, so they’re surely excited… Well, it also increases the amount of work they need to do though, as there is a whole another Obsidian Wolf to dismantle.

However, there aren’t many Demon Beasts in the surroundings, so it shouldn’t be hard for them to do it.


“Roda. Can I go home now?” I asked him.

He was currently standing around doing nothing, right next to Lisse, who was observing the dismantling work.

“Sure.” Roda immediately replied.

As for Lisse, her complexion was quite pale, as she was looking at something pretty gross… Well, it’s understandable. It’s hard to handle the blood and internal organs when you’re not used to it.

Also, I prefer to work alone rather than in a group. Especially when hunting. I really prefer hunting alone.

And something like this? Dismantling together with a group of twenty or so people? It is… Unsettling. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable with it.

“Eh? You’re going home?” Lisse asked me with her pale face.

I nodded, “My job here is done.”

All that is left is to carry luggage, but it should be fine if I simply carry a bag stuffed with parts of the Obsidian Wolf with me and bring it to the carriage.

“I don’t mind if you leave early, but I think we’ll be returning pretty soon either way.” Roda told me.

Oh, is that so?

They were working on dismantling a Demon Beast as big as the Obsidian Wolf, and they’re almost done with it already? As expected of professional Demon Beasts exterminators. They’re really skillful and work fast.

Though there is also the second Obsidian Wolf at the bottom of the cliff, so they won’t be done with it this soon.

“Do you still dare to go home first?” Roda asked me.

… I’m a little confused about why he phrased it like that, but yes, I am.

“It’s been a while since I had the time to do it, so I was planning on going home while hunting a bit.” I replied.

Somehow, it really has been a while since I last hunted.

I’ve been training, so my skills with the bow haven’t deteriorated, but I want to go back to the basics and hunt some small animals. And I want to eat meat too.

Ever since I’ve noticed the special functions of the Glasses, my training has been fully focused on those.

Right now, I just want to act like a normal hunter though. That’s how I feel at this moment.

“I see… Then Lisse, you should go home with him.” Roda said.

“Eh? Okay, I guess?” Lisse replied.

“Eh? Together?” I replied.

Lisse seems happy that she doesn’t need to look at this gross sight anymore, but I…

Well, I won’t say anything. I’ll definitely be punched if I say something.

That’s just how women work. They get unreasonably angry after you say what you’re thinking. They’re beings that are beyond my understanding.

“Huh? What’s wrong with your face, Eil? Why are you showing disgust so visibly? Do you dislike being with me this much?” Lisse asked.

How bothersome… Even if I said nothing, it seemed to still show on my face.

“I can’t help it. I can’t be together with someone who behaves badly on daily basis.” I told her.

“I see, then I should not be a problem. Let’s go home together.” She replied.

Ah, is that how it is? How nice. To be someone who can talk like that about yourself. This surely sounds like a fun way to live. How nice, I envy you… Well, I won’t say any of that. She’ll definitely hit me if I do.

“After this, we’ll be having a drinking party and discuss the distribution of the rewards. If you fail to get out in time, you might get stuck there all night.

“So well, it’s better if you kids go home early. From now on you’ll only be seeing the bad sides of adults, and it’s a bit too early for you to get disillusioned with us.” Roda told us.

… Are you a useless adult? I feel like I have seen plenty of those and I have become completely disillusioned with this kind of adult… Roda included.

… Well, I guess Lisse is better than strangers, so let’s just go home.


We went down the mountain while carrying bags that were stuffed with parts of the body of the Obsidian Wolf.

The carriage we arrived at was the same one that brought us here this morning.

Among the three carriages, one was already fully loaded, but it seemed like you could cramp in a few more Obsidian Wolf parts if you really tried.

Good luck, horses. You’re gonna need to work hard.

Neither us nor adventurers could enter the carriages though, because there was no space inside them anymore. We all had to go back home on foot.

In any case, the Obsidian Wolf will be first delivered to the adventurers’ guild, then a detailed appraisal of the parts will be done, followed by a distribution of rewards.

The drinking party that Roda was talking about will probably happen in the middle of the distribution discussion. They’ll probably start making decisions while drunk, which will surely make the environment only become worse and worse.

Well, it doesn’t really matter to me, since Roda will reward me directly.

Though I shouldn’t expect much from him.

On the way home, Lisse and I did some hunting along the way. After killing two pheasants we returned home.

And in the afternoon, we returned to our normal training routine.


By the time we left the underground training room, it was already evening, and the whole town was in uproar, as if a festival was going on.

An Obsidian Wolf was killed. A gigantic Demon Beast that everybody knows about.

Moreover, there were two of them.

Even in Haidiga, a city filled with adventurers, only a few people have ever been involved with the hunt of an Obsidian Wolf.

In other words, this incident is large enough to raise a huge fuss.

Useless adults who just wanted to drink alcohol, useless adults who just wanted to make a fuss, and adults who weren’t necessarily always useless were also shouting all over the city, screaming with strange voices.

And as the night progressed, things just became noisier and noisier.

However, we woke up really early in the morning, and I was tired from training, so I was able to easily fall asleep while completely disregarding the noise outside.

I fell asleep, while remembering the delicious taste of the Ironhead tongue that filled my stomach.

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