My Glasses

Chapter 119 – Glasses boy is quite unsure


“Eil!?” Cherry and Chace exclaimed.

“Meat guy!?” Florentine exclaimed.

Don’t call me meat guy.

They seemed to be preparing dinner, as those three were currently in front of the small dormitory.

For some reason, the blue-haired thug, Chace, was shirtless, exposing his toned body that was filled with blue bruises.

Cherry, the assassin trainee that used the same glasses that I did, was behaving with the dignity of a noble daughter.

And Florentine, the taboo child with grey hair and glaring red eyes. The girl who is a year younger than me and looks like the daughter of an underworld boss… She’s the one who called me ‘meat guy’.

It’s been a bit more than a month since I left the village.

Not much seems to have changed since then.

… No, that’s not true, actually.

All three of them are noticeably stronger than before.

Chace, in particular, has become unbelievably stronger. That’s quite-

“Meat guuuuuy!” Florentine exclaimed.

Don’t call me meat guy… Huh!?

For some reason, Florentine seemed to be quite excited, as she started running in a straight line.

… Running directly towards me.

This is bad… This is bad!

I sidestepped at the last second.

“Gyaaaah!” Florentine exclaimed.

Due to her speed and momentum, she suddenly fell to the ground as I dodged her ram.

She fell on her belly with a loud noise… That must have hurt.

“Why did you avoid it!? You should hae taken it! Uuh… I scratched my face…” Florentine muttered as she stood up.

Oh, she’s fine. As soon as she stood up, I could see that she had no noticeable injuries.

Her face is fine too. It’s just very dirty.

“Sorry, you were a little too fast, so I reflexively dodged it.” I told her.

Well, not reflexively… I really thought that it would be bad if I didn’t avoid her.

Because I was able to see, with my Glasses, that her Anomalous Ogre gift was active as she ran.

I was afraid that, if I stayed in place, she’d go right through my torso in a single swift motion. I didn’t want to die in a place like this, and I absolutely did not want to die by this kind of thing.

She probably activated it unconsciously though. It seems like she is still struggling with controlling her Gift.

… Which is why that cursed statue was born.

“Also, the beetle was about to be crushed.” I told Florentine.

The beetle that I caught earlier in the day was attached to my jacket.

This is not my village, so even if I catch this beetle, I cannot keep it.

It seems like this beetle is edible, but I don’t want to eat it, so it’s just a matter of letting it go after catching it.

I was excited to catch it, so I figured this much was enough.

I was just planning on letting it go naturally, so I kept it attached to my jacket. I figured it would be nice if this beetle could fly somewhere on its own.

But the beetle didn’t go anywhere. It just clung to my jacket.

It’s very cute. Cool and cute. Black, cool and cute. I especially like its black horns.

“Oh, it’s big.” Florentine commented as she saw the beetle.

Ah, got it.

“I’ll give you this. As an apology for avoiding you.” I told Florentine while holding the beetle in my hands.

“Oh? You’re giving it to me?” She asked.

Taking care of the younger ones is important. If the youngest of our group wants the beetle, then I can’t help giving it away, even if it breaks my heart…

“It’s so big… Oooooh!” Florentine exclaimed.

Ah! The beetle!

She took the beetle from my hand and threw it high in the air while shouting loudly.

That rhino beetle flew high up with unbelievable momentum.

That black beetle that was clinging to my clothes until just now, trying to not let go with all its might, was now flying away with incredible speed.

Just what is she doing…? It would be fine if she was just throwing it, but she also activated Anomalous Ogre when doing this!

After being thrown into the distant sky, the beetle opened its wings and disappeared into the forest somewhere.

The beetle that I didn’t give to master is now…

“Sorry, Eil, I’m on the stag faction.” Florentine told me.

What, the stag faction…!?

It’s certainly true that stag beetles are cool too. Their shape isn’t bad, and the scissors in their head are quite romantic. They’re certainly capable of earning a child’s admiration.

However, the stag faction is the faction that my sister, who was the stupidest person in my village, belonged to. She and the second-stupidest person both belonged to this faction.

Due to that, this faction will never be compatible with me.

“Do you play with your nose and the stag beetles too?” I asked Florentine.

“Huh? What’s that?” She asked back.

“Are you going to let the stag beetle pinch your nose with its scissors?” I clarified.

“Huh? Why would I…?” Florentine asked.

“My sister invented it. She said it was a test of courage. A game where you’d stick your nose in between the scissors of the stag beetle.

“She cried when doing it because it was more painful than she imagined, but it became a popular test of courage for some reason, so this hellish game became widespread for a while.” I explained.

“What the… I don’t think a sane person would do that. That’s definitely insane…” Florentine shivered violently as she muttered that.

She is right. That game was absolute madness. The stag faction is a cursed group.

You still have time, Florentine. Come to the rhino beetle faction soon.

“Uhn… Are you stupid?” Lisse asked.

I decided to not pay any attention to her voice.


“Oh, you’re back. How was your family?” Cherry asked.

Chace, still shirtless, and Cherry came to welcome me. Walking normally.

… Why did Florentine welcome me in such an exaggerated way?

… No, I understand why. It’s meat. She is looking for meat.

And right. The excuse to why I left the village was because I was called by my family. Apparently this misunderstanding is still around.

Well, it would be too troublesome to explain it, so I’ll leave it be.

“I didn’t expect you to come back with a girl. What did you do?” Chace asked me while grinning.

I did nothing.

“They’re both assassins.” I said plainly.

“Both? There’s only one person though?” Chace asked.


Ah, Sorichika isn’t here… She was right by our side until a small while ago, but at some point she disappeared, even if I’m sure she was with us when we entered the village.

And Lisse, who was the only person by my side… Was staring at Cherry.

“… I never thought we’d meet here.” Lisse stated.

“… Same here.” Cherry replied.

The two of them seemed to know each other.

And as far as I can see, their relationship isn’t a very friendly one.

Well, maybe they’re from the same hometown? Perhaps they used to train as assassins together in the past?


For now, let’s introduce Lisse and eat dinner.

Since the time I left, many new things have been placed in front of the dormitory.

Most notably, a small hut with a kitchen and a dining space with a table inside it. This area was originally smaller before, but they seemed to have expanded it.

With this, even if it rains, we should be able to eat and cook without any issues.

There were five people at the table, including me and Lisse.

“Oh, the Tower of Bryne, I heard about it.” Chace told me.

When I told them why I came back, I found out that the three of them had already heard about the Tower of Bryne.

Chace, who was beaten by the spear master daily, was sitting at the table while still being half-naked.

I decided to not ask why he was shirtless, because it would be too troublesome to do that.

“But we were told that it’s still going to take a while before we can go.

“It’s still summer, but we’ll only be around to go to the Tower of Bryne in autumn.” Cherry said.

Yeah, we heard that too.

“What we were told, was that by autumn, we’ll be good enough to go to the Tower of Bryne, but we’ll have to go through a final exam to reach it.” I replied.

“Yeah, that’s we heard too.

“By the way, I’m going.” Chace stated.

Chace is going?

Well, I can see that he is still growing, and he still has a lot of room to grow. It makes sense that he wants to go to an environment that will let him grow even more.

“I’m still unsure, but I was told to accumulate life experience.

“Not just in training, but also in socializing.” Florentine told me.

I see… So that’s how it is?

Florentine dislikes strangers. Probably because of her being a taboo child, so she is worried about how they’ll treat her.

“And I was told to not make a statue like the one I gave you. Even though it’s so cute…” Florentine grumbled.

Oh, really?

“I think you should get some life experience.” I told her.

Don’t call that statue cute.

I don’t know who said she needs life experience, but I’m sure that person is right.

“So meat guy thinks so too…” Florentine muttered.

Don’t call me meat guy.

“Of course, I’m going too.” Cherry stated.

I knew without even asking. Her goal had always been to become an assassin, after all.

… Huh? So they’re all going, after all?

“You’re going too, aren’t you?” Chace asked me as if it was something obvious.

But I couldn’t answer it.

“He’s still unsure.” Lisse answered in my stead.

Yes. I’m still unsure.


At that time, when Roda asked me, I told him that I had yet to make a decision.

My mind tells me that I want to just relax and train at the village.

But my instincts tell me that I should go to the Tower of Bryne.

It’s just as Roda said. I will grow further if I go to the Tower of Bryne. Somehow, I’m sure of it.

But is it really necessary for me to learn and grow in the Tower of Bryne? Do I really want the skills of an assassin?

The current goal of solving my insufficient firepower problem with goal is within reach.

If I train at this village, I’ll probably learn how to solve it eventually.

My goal can be fulfilled here.

But I’m unsure.

No matter what path I choose, I’m sure I’ll still be able to grow a lot and have an irreplaceable year.

Logically speaking, the best choice is to train in this village.

But my instincts, that I have always trusted in, tell me that the best hunting grounds are in the Tower of Bryne.

I’ve never been so unsure about a decision in my life.

What is the best path for me?


Roda told me that I still had time. That it will be troublesome if I can’t come to any conclusion at all, but that I have until autumn to make my decision.

And then, I was told that I could spend the remaining time however I wanted. Whether it was in Haidiga or in the assassins’ village, both places would be fine.

I don’t like cities with many people in them, so I returned to the village.

I didn’t know anyone in that city, so I didn’t have any regrets.

… Well, losing Goertz’s bath was regrettable.

But in any case, Lisse also decided to come train at the village before going to the Tower of Bryne, because she heard there were rivals around her age in the village too. That’s why she came with me.

So well, for now… I guess I’ll be thinking about this for a while.

I’m sure this time of uncertainty will also be an irreplaceable time to me.

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