My Glasses Will Be Able to Conquer the Whole World, I Suppose.

  1. Megane-Kun, began to be Called a Meat Guy

“Heave, ho, heave, hooo…”

Except for fairy tales, old folk tales, and epic ballads, I didn’t know anything about magic.

Nevertheless, I envisioned it as the so-called miracle.

A fire that could be conjured from nowhere.

A magic that could heal someone in a matter of seconds.

No wonder that I, who couldn’t use magic, perceive them as “miracles.”

…As such, there was no way that something as unrefined, barbaric, and without a shred of grace like this was magic.

But this is the reality, isn’t it?

Leaning against the wall, was a large, thin, iron plate where a magic circle was drawn with a brush.


The magician, who was supposed to perform a miracle, was seemingly dead tired from a relatively unseen level of crippling exhaustion, that she even leaned against the nearby cat.

Look, the cat’s annoyed.

Not like it’s really a cat, though.

A miracle that existed in reality was, in fact, the result of such a desperately burnt-out figure.

Well, I guess it makes sense.

After all, magic could be considered an unnatural power.

“Magic sure is difficult.”

“It sure is.”

To sum it up in one word, it was a spectacle that reduced my admiration for magic.

Three days had passed since the bath-making plan was launched.

I had asked the old man at the blacksmith to make a bathtub, while Cherry drew a magic circle on a plate of iron to prevent degradation. By the way, the bathtub and the iron plate were negotiated in exchange for the meat of the Sky Lizard.

Meanwhile, while I was asking the villagers if there were any hunters or archers, I went to a different hunting ground other than the mountain to test the water. There, I hunted prey, picked wild grass, and ate the vegetables the villagers were growing, and so on.

The meat of the Sky Lizard itself seemed to be popular, and I received a lot of requests for it.

Well, I could say that I had been building a foundation for the past few days as a trader.

Because I’d often bring in meat, I was already known as the ‘Meat Guy’ to the children. While I wasn’t particularly happy about the title, it was true, so I wouldn’t deny it. For some reason, whenever I was referred to as such, Florentine would give me a look of respect, admiration, and excitement.

…And so, when Florentine was tired from carving wood and was taking a break, I taught her how to handle birds.

Then, I had an opportunity to take a look at Cherry, who had drawn a magic circle using her magical power.

All she needed to do to draw a magic circle was to “see.”

…I didn’t know, she appeared to have drawn a magic circle using the invisible power called magic. Since it didn’t actually use any paint, she could draw it within a few seconds.

It was a matter of personal taste, but in the case of Cherry, her method seemed to be forming the magic power according to the magic circle drawn in her head, and stamping it instead of drawing it. To make it easier to understand, it wasn’t a pen type but a stamp type.

However, Cherry was given instructions to use magic to the limit over and over again by a magic instructor she found somewhere.

As such, instead of pouring all her strength into the stamp-type magic circle like usual, she opted to transfer her magic little by little.

…Then, she went limp.

I saw it for the first time, but according to Florentine, Cherry had already been in this state several times in the past three days.

“Hey, don’t rest your hand. Don’t mind her, there’re plenty of people like that in town.”

“…That can’t be true.”

Indeed, I had never seen a human being so weak that even sleeping people were still more energetic than her. Or that people could shrivel like dried fish…

…But that’s that, this is this.

“Teach me how to handle birds.” Said Florentine, who didn’t seem to be very skillful.

However, because I knew the mysteriousness of her hands, I agreed.

Yeah, it’s worth teaching.

Not only was she good at controlling her strength, she was able to improve the dexterity of her hands.

That wood-carving might not be a bad thing after all.

In addition, it seemed that the cute Evil God (provisional) statue would be completed soon.

While I felt bad about her, once she did finish it, I’d like to orchestrate an accident. Like maybe, “accidentally” flinging it to the fire, saying that my hand slipped. Or shooting it during archery practice, claiming that my hand panicked.

…Again, before a truly evil presence resided in it.

“So, what’s going on over there?”

“Over there?”

“That thug?”

“Ah, Sash?”

Since that day, Sash had been brandishing a stick in the distance. I thought he was just going to train. Ever since then, I hadn’t talked to him, or forced a conversation.

Recently, he seemed to be training relentlessly from early in the morning until late at night. His physical strength, fighting spirit, and guts may be extraordinary.

“Who knows? Are you curious?”

“Not really… Is what I’d like to say, but I’m a bit concerned.”

Yes, as expected, I’m a little concerned.

In a different meaning than Florentine, I was interested.

“Recently, haven’t you been eating meat together with him? Does he eat well?”

“I wonder about that.”

“It’s amazing how indifferent you are.”

That’s just how I am.

But I didn’t think that I could be considered as indifferent just because I didn’t let it show.

“…Oh, hey, I just thought about it…”


“We’re friends now, aren’t we?”

“Ah, that’s a misconception.”

“Just now, we ate meat together didn’t we!? Say yes or no!”

“But you were the one who wanted to eat it, right?”

“Well, of course!”

She agreed so readily…

Besides, I didn’t remember saying that I’d eat together with her.

“More than that, do something about that thug.”

“What should I do? And how?”

“But the two of you are good friends. If you don’t do something about his twisted, cruel personality, he’ll just worsen. Shouldn’t that be obvious?”

“Eh? Me? Good friends with Sash?”

“Why, do you dislike that notion?”

“…Hmm, not that I dislike it. I just never thought about it.”

“But you’re on good terms, right?”

I don’t think so, thought?

I think that’s too far-fetched.

“He’s completely in the dumps, and will eventually ruin himself. It’s not like I dislike him, though. I just don’t know much about him. However, it’s true that we’ve traveled and shared a meal, so it’s not black and white. But I still think it’s impossible, our relationship isn’t like that.”


“I ended up overthinking.”

“…I’ll do it.”

“Do what?”

“I’ll keep an eye on that thug. I’m sure it’ll be pretty interesting.”


I spoke.

“It does bother me, but probably not because of the same reason as you.”

“Not the same? …Well, if you’re even a little worried about him, just go. We’ve shared a meal, so let’s not abandon him. I wouldn’t want to lose sleep over some thug breaking his arm or something. Please stop him while you can.”

“You’re surprisingly kind.” I said.

“Rather than kind, I was just concerned. If he died somewhere I couldn’t see, I probably wouldn’t care. So, hurry up and go.”


It wasn’t that I didn’t understand what Florentine was getting at. While it was true that I was curious, I didn’t hate the idea of stopping him before something happened.

Besides, I knew exactly why Sash became like that.

If someone had to go, I was sure that person was me.

Now that I was somewhat uplifted, I decided to go see him.



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