My Glasses

Chapter 59 – Glasses boy arrives at Haidiga


After clearing up the fire, I poured down the water from my water bottle into the soup, forcing it to quickly cool down, then started pouring it all into my mouth at once.

That was something master taught me how to do. At times, when you’re eating at hunting grounds, you’ll have to quickly finish eating and start moving.

So, I had cut the dried meat and the wild herbs into very small pieces, so that I could swallow them without chewing much, in case an emergency happened.

Seems like the incoming Demon Beast is big. There is an unusually strong presence approaching, and it’s not a presence I remember seeing before.

It is still out of my sight, but after using Night Vision, I could see a large red light beyond the obstacles.

The adventurers, who are running from the monster, are still not visible though. As if to show the difference between the strength of their life force and the one of the Demon Beast.

Mmmm… This seems to be too much for me.

I quickly packed my things, prepared my bow, then put the backpack on my back.

I still had a bit of the paralyzing poison that I used when hunting the Sky Lizard, but against such a large enemy, I don’t think this much poison will be enough.

How much can I do with a bow?

The problem with hunting big games with a bow, is that there are many situations where I won’t be able to hit a fatal wound no matter where I aim.

Though well, for now, I should just help those three adventurers escape. There is no need to hunt the Demon Beast.

All I need to do, is get the attention of the monster, then flee.

As I decided that, I started running.

It didn’t take long to see the three adventurers in question, so I shouted to them, “Keep running! I’ll distract the enemy!”

“W-who’s there!?” “Is help here!?” “We’re saved!” I heard the adventurers say.

They seemed to be able to hear my voice then.

Though they haven’t been saved yet, since I can’t hunt this monster.

Still, after I passed by the three adventurers, who seemed to be out of breath, I saw a large figure through the gaps in the trees.

“An Ironhead…?” I muttered.

Basically, it’s a huge man. About twice as tall as me, and its body is so muscular, that arrows can barely penetrate it.

Like a monkey, its whole body is covered with black short hair, but its silhouette is similar to that of a human.

However, the Ironhead does not have well-developed hands and cannot climb trees. It is closer to being a hairy person than a human.

And its most bizarre aspect, is its head. It is the head of a cow, with splendid horns in it.

I remember seeing its description on the book that the old man from the assassin’s village gave me. It was written that this monster closely resembles the ‘Minotaur’, that inhabits a faraway land.

And as expected of a monster from this mountain, it’s a big shot.

I realized it even before seeing the real deal, but I can’t win against this Demon Beast, there is no strategy that will lead to my victory.

Well, guess I’ll just distract it and run away, then?

I quickly set up a trap, then hid behind the shadows of the forest trees.

Due to its weight, this monster is kinda slow.

Its heavy footsteps passed right beside me, at a speed that was just barely enough to let the adventurers escape.

And then, it was caught.

As expected, the Ironhead’s body was thrown forward, and it fell down.

It tripped on a simple trap that was made by tying ropes to two trees at around shin height, and this trap splendidly caught the Ironhead.

Even if it has a humanoid form, this kind of primitive trap works on it.

Without missing this chance, I quickly ran to the front of the Ironhead, standing right in front of its head.

The cow head, which crashed onto the ground as it fell, met eyes with me.

It has truly clear eyes… They feel pure and they sparkle, just like what you’d expect of a cow. This is a Demon Beast that doesn’t seem to be wary of people at all, just like a ranch cow who is loved by its owner.

The monster roared.

Well, I’ll still shoot it.

I didn’t hold back and shot a few iron arrows at it.

The first stabbed it right in the eye.

The second grazed the cheek.

The third was… Blocked. The Ironhead put its arm in front of the arrow.

Well, this should be enough.

I hid myself in the shadows of the trees before the Ironhead stood up, then I started running… Towards the opposite direction of Haidiga.

Then, I shot one more arrow. A wooden arrow with a simple clapper attached to it, aimed far from me, Haidiga and the Ironhead.

The Ironhead let out an angry roar as it stood up. The air trembled, the trees themselves seemed to tremble, birds in the distance flew away, and the forest rustled.

And then, the Ironhead followed the sound of the clapper attacked to my wooden arrow. After falling to my rope trap, it fell to this trap too and, completely enraged, ran towards the bushes.

In the meantime, I quickly left the place without even letting out a breath.

Only after some distance was gained, I could sigh in relief. Seems like the emergency has passed.


I returned to the road from the place where I encountered the Ironhead. This time, I headed to the city of Haidiga without taking a break.

The three adventurers seemed to have safely escaped.

Their team consisted of two men and one woman.

As expected, neither of us had time to look at each other’s faces, so we might not even notice it if we meet again.

… No, not really.

“We were being chased by an Ironhead!” I heard a man shout.

The three adventurers from before now seemed to be talking to two gatekeepers of Haidiga.

I suppose it’s not surprising. We were all heading to the same place.

“You said you were being chased, but I see nothing chasing you.” The gatekeeper replied.

The speaking adventurer swordsman was quite panicked, but the guards had a fairly dull reaction to his words. They must be sleepy and tired right now.

“Someone interrupted it! He said, ‘Keep running! I’ll distract the enemy!’ That person must be fighting the Ironhead right now!” The adventurer said.

“You have to help him! He’s going to die!” Another adventurer said.

No, they don’t have to go. I’m right here.

… Well, I won’t say it though, that would be trouble.

So, I quietly moved past the adventurers without meeting their eyes, approached one of the soldiers and asked, “Excuse me, may I come in?” while presenting my Hunter Guild’s card, which is the only form of identification I have.

“Hey, you! You came from over there! Did you see the Ironhead!?” The adventurer asked me.

“No.” I instantly denied it.

I’m sorry, it’s a lie.

I looked at the adventurer in the eye, and unexpectedly, found some innocent looking eyes staring at me. I crushed his innocence with such a lie, I suppose.

“I heard some noise, but I was scared and ran away, so I don’t know where it is.” I lied a bit more.

“Hey! I heard your voice!” The adventurer shouted.

The guard sighed, “Alright, alright. We’ll send out a search party.

“You three report to the guild and ask for further instructions from them.

“And boy.” The guard turned towards me, “I’m busy right now, so just pay the entrance fee and get in.”

Oh, certainly. That’s easy enough.

I paid the fee, and moved past the gate.

Like this, I was able to safely enter the city of Haidiga, even if some unexpected things happened on the way.

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