My Glasses

Chapter 72 – Glasses boy really wants firepower


I let my guard down.

… No, that wasn’t it.

This is the result of encountering a creature that defies all my experience and common sense.

A Demon Beast with so much physical prowess, that it could instantly crush the distance that existed between us.

Even if the Chalk Chicken’s aim is poor, it’s still impossible to avoid the ramming of such a large body when it’s coming directly my way.

This enemy’s leg strength is truly outstanding.

Despite being such a heavy-looking giant, this Demon Beast was able to cross through the distance and height between us with just a single jump.

Its legs are undeniably a deadly weapon. A single kick would surely be fatal.

And so, the pure white feathers of the Chalk Chicken loomed in front of me.

I had only an instant to make my decision.

I decided to grab the enemy’s feathers and stick as closely to them as possible, even if it meant taking a direct hit from the ramming.

The impact was tremendous, but the damage I took was not big, as the feathers mostly cushioned the impact.

I was on top of a tree branch until just now.

My footing was poor, so I wasn’t able to avoid the attack.

Usually speaking, one should always prepare their escape route before they start a battle, but I simply had no opportunity to escape when faced with such a fast attack, so I gave up on trying to avoid it and took it head on.

After all, if I wasn’t able to dodge it properly, then the impact would throw me on the ground. And if the fall didn’t kill me, then the second attack of this Demon Beast surely would.

So, I instead clung to it as my evasive maneuver. It was dangerous, but it worked out.

And its feathers were as soft as I expected.

I had seen this Demon Beast chasing adventurers while lounging forward and colliding with trees, and yet it didn’t seem to take any damage. I figured that the Chalk Chicken probably had thick and soft feathers that cushioned those impacts, so as to let it ram into hard objects without worries.

But I couldn’t have imagined how soft and comfortable this Demon Beast really was. It was strange to be thinking about it after I just avoided a deadly blow, but those feathers would surely sell wonderfully well.

The Chalk Chicken could cut through the forest with large leaps, snapping leaves and branches in its way… It’s definitely a bird that can’t fly, but it quite frankly doesn’t need to, not when its jumps are this powerful.

And once this Demon Beast fell on the ground from its latest leap, I, who was buried in the feathers of this enemy, managed to land on the ground unscathed.

These feathers surely feel nice… I want them for my bed. I want to wrap myself around them and sleep in the comfiest bed in the world.

… I almost forgot about my current situation for a second. The comfortableness of this Demon Beast made me get assaulted by sleepiness.

The only thing that kept me awake, was the smell of wild animals that was clinging to me… Which is a bit troublesome, but I can always wash it down later.

Still, if it wasn’t for this smell, I might have ended up accidentally fallen asleep.

… To think that the cause of my death would have been sleepiness… That would have been a stupid death, its tales would be handed down to future generations… This was dangerous.

But with my mind back on track, I quickly let go of the Chalk Chicken and hid behind a nearby tree.

The Demon Beast instantly started searching for me when this happened. It seemed to be fully aware that I had clung to its feathers during its last attack, so it knows that I am nearby, but it doesn’t know where exactly I am.

This was way too dangerous. I’m sure I would be dead by now if the Chalk Chicken tried kicking me instead of ramming me.

Also, the arrow on its neck is gone already.

It must have fallen out when this Demon Beast’s ram collided with some tree branches… And most importantly, I can’t see any bleeding come out from where the arrow hit.

Considering how white the feathers of the Chalk Chicken are, there’s no way I wouldn’t be able to see bleeding.

Therefore, my arrow must have not even made a wound. Never mind a fatal wound, I couldn’t even pierce its skin. I dealt no damage at all.

In the end, my bow is unable to hunt this Demon Beast.

… So how is Lisse going to kill it? No matter how I look at it, it seems impossible.

My arrows don’t pierce it at all, so there should be no way a half-baked sword slash will do any better. The blade won’t be able to cut this enemy.

And unlike bows, a sword must be swung from close quarters. Regardless of how dangerous it feels, one has to enter the Chalk Chicken’s attack range if one wishes to cut it.

It’s insane to even consider getting close to a Demon Beast of this size, weight and speed. Especially when its feathers are so thick, that normal attacks can’t wound it at all.

Like how it happened to the adventurers I saw earlier, I can’t imagine this going well.

… It’s too late though, isn’t it?

I’m in the middle of hunting, so I have to forcibly swallow down my anxiety, even if I don’t like what this implies.

I don’t know what will happen next, but I just have to leave everything to Lisse. This is what I promised her.

… I still have a bit of paralyzing poison left from my Sky Lizard hunt, so I guess I can prepare it a bit for the sake of helping out, but… I’m not sure if that will even work. I’ll just have to do what I can.

Well, my part on this is easy. I don’t have to fight. I just need to lure the Chalk Chicken back to the highway. This is a fairly simple job.

Okay… Let’s get started.

I started running, letting the angry Chalk Chicken see me, and start chasing me. It seems to be quite easy to angry, and its hostility doesn’t fade easily. As expected of a Demon Beast.

However, due to its large size, it’s too hard for the Chalk Chicken to properly run through this dense forest.

It keeps on hitting trees and slowing down because of that, yet it keeps chasing me… Just as I thought, these thick feathers serve as an armor to protect it against the clashes against trees. I suppose this is a form of evolution.

If we were in an environment where the Chalk Chicken could chase me in a straight line, with nothing blocking its way, it would surely be able to quickly cross the distance and ram me, but that’s not the case in this forest.

And so, with some leeway, I was able to successfully lure this Demon Beast to the highway.

“Lisse!” I shouted.

“Over here!” She shouted in response.

She had one of her swords drawn out, and stood out in combat stance, holding her sword with both hands.

I’ll bring the prey there, and that will be it.

Though Lisse is only using one of her two swords… I thought she would be wielding both swords together, but that doesn’t seem to be the case?

This is strange… Her swords are normal long swords, they aren’t made for two-handed wielding.

Well, let’s leave the questions for later.

There is nothing to block the Chalk Chicken’s path in the highway. It’s a place where this Demon Beast can fully demonstrate its menacing size and physical prowess. I shouldn’t stay here for long.

I passed by Lisse and handed over the prey.

It’s possible that the Chalk Chicken will ignore her entirely due to how angry it is, but no matter what, for as long as this enemy keeps chasing me in a straight line, it will have to pass by Lisse to reach me.

And Lisse won’t let her prey pass by her easily, so this should end my role.

Therefore, I decided to run to the forest on the other side of the road and hide behind a tree to watch the situation.

However, the match was over in an instant. I had no time to even show how anxious I was.

The Chalk Chicken ran at a maddeningly fast speed, dashing through the highway, trying to enter the other side of the forest to keep pursuing me.

It did not pay any attention to Lisse, who was standing in its way. Perhaps it didn’t even realize that Lisse was there.

And then, as soon as the Chalk Chicken came into contact with Lisse, its momentum broke down and it started rolling down the road with great momentum.

… What was that just now?

I’m sure I saw what happened there… Did my eyes fool me?

No, that definitely happened. There’s no doubt I saw it.

When the Demon Beast was about to make contact with Lisse, she swung her sword… And the sword was shining.

The shining blade easily cut off the right leg of the Chalk Chicken, making the Demon Beast lose balance and roll on the highway, while blood started gushing out of the lost limb.

Lisse then ran in pursuit, and quickly stabbed the neck of the writhing Chalk Chicken with her shining sword.

As I watched it happen, I really thought from the bottom of my heart… I want firepower.

Lisse already had it, but I don’t have it.

I want to have more firepower. Firepower that will let me hunt even the strong Demon Beasts.

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