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My Glasses

Chapter 76 – Glasses boy makes a mistake while being cautious


According to Zant, sight-based Gifts can be divided in three categories.

“This is just the way I learned it, and different people may have different theories that make more sense to you.

“So, if you don’t agree with my explanation, then come up with an easy-to-understand explanation of your own that you can feel satisfied with.” Zant told me.

So, essentially, this is just one possible interpretation of the sight-based Gifts? I’ll keep that in mind.

“So, boy, what do you think a human being is?” Zant asked me.


“… A creature?” When faced with such a vague question, I could only give this kind of vague response.

“Then what about that chair over there? Or that table?” Zant asked next.

“Material…?” I don’t think there’s anything else I could say to this kind of question.

“No. Everything is a collection of information.” Zant told me.

A collection of information…?

“Keep this in mind and listen.

“Sight-based Gifts can be divided in three basic categories.

“The first gets information from sight.

“The second gives visual information to others.

“The third rewrites information from sight.

“We call the first type as the Magic Eyes, the second one as Telekinetic Eyes, and the third one as Evil Eyes.

“As far as your Gift goes, you’d probably fit into the most common category, the Magic Eyes.” Zant explained.

Mmm… I see.

I’m quite curious about plenty of things from this rough explanation alone, but I’m sure Zant will explain it even if I don’t ask, so let’s just wait for him to continue without interrupting.

“The Magic Eyes obtain information from sight. I don’t think this need any explanation, as it’s fairly intuitive.” Zant said.

I nodded. There are plenty of ways this can work, but my Glasses definitely give me certain types of information.

“As for the Telekinetic Eyes, they’re something that give information to a third party. Like showing your memories to other people.” Zant told me.

I see, so that’s what he meant with giving visual information.

… Doesn’t that fit into what my glasses can do too though? Them being connected to one another definitely seems to fit into this kind of description.

After all, my glasses certainly reflected the scenery seen by Cherry when she got into that carriage accident.

That is… Well, let’s see… It certainly feels possible to create a communication between my glasses.

Or rather, I’m sure it’s possible, but I don’t know how to create it.

Still, if I feel like it, I can probably figure out a way to recreate that connection.

… Alright, I’m feeling motivated, so let’s try it out later.

“As for the Evil Eyes, that’s the power to rewrite information.” Zant started speaking.

This one is what was bothering me the most. I can’t even imagine what it means just from the words alone.

I can understand the term ‘Evil Eyes’, but what is this power to rewrite information?

“The kind of thing that can put the viewer in a temporary hypnosis. To get them to sleep, then start rewriting their information in an abnormal way.” Zant explained.

Oh, I see… This is actually something I did hear about before, “So, like the Devil’s Eyes?” I asked.

“That’s how fairy tales refer to this kind of power.” Zant nodded.

In old tales that I heard from the village’s elders, I heard about demons who could drive people crazy or seduce people from simply looking at them.

If you think about it carefully, this kind of phenomenon can be classified as ‘rewriting information’ like Zant said.

“Also, the famous Demon Beast that can turn people to stone if you look at its eyes? You heard of it, right? That too is a type of Evil Eye Gift.” Zant told me.

Yeah, I certainly heard of that one before.

“This Demon Beast does exist, though it’s quite rare.

“And well, this kind of Gift is why this country created the system of the Day of Determination.

“If someone has a Gift that is dangerous enough to shake the whole country, then out kingdom wants to know about it as soon as possible, so as to be able to take appropriate measure.

“Also, this is a bit too theoretical, but if you think about it, Gifts are also a form of magic. Both yours and Lisse’s Gifts feel quite magical, don’t you think so?

“Of course, if you don’t know your Gift, then you probably won’t be able to use it properly, but… Ah, I digress.” Zant suddenly stopped speaking.

I understand what he was getting at though. It makes sense.

After all, I would have never realized that I could create glasses if it wasn’t for the Day of Determination.

If I didn’t find out about my Gift at that day, then I would have never figured out how to use it.

By touching the special crystal that they provided me, the Determination Ritual let me understand my Gift. If that hadn’t happened, then I would have most likely spent my entire life without ever figuring out what my Gift is.

Even if I had the idea of wanting to wear glasses, I would have never tried to actually create them out of nowhere, that much is certain.

“In any case, your Gift doesn’t seem to be an Evil Eye type of Gift, so there is nothing to worry about.” Zant told me.

Yeah, I can understand this much intuitively. My glasses can’t do that.

However, there is one thing bothering me… “Strictly speaking, my Glasses don’t quite fit into the Magic Eyes category, do they?” I asked.

“You’re right.” Zant nodded with a serious expression, “Your Glasses aren’t a Magic Eye, for they are a physical substance.

“You don’t have the ability to obtain information through matter, but the ability of giving power to matter itself.

“Thinking about what are the exact limits of this kind of Gift is the work you’ll have to do yourself, boy.”

Seems like Zant has finished the rough explanation about the Sight-related Gifts, then.

“From now on, it will depend on your own intuition, so I can’t really give you a detailed explanation.

“Essentially, try ‘seeing’ as many things as you can. If you do that, your understanding of your own Gift will surely grow.

“I’ll teach you more about the different types of Magic Eye gifts though, so you can try them out and see what works and doesn’t work for you.” Zant said.

This seems good enough.

… Wait, before that. After listening to all this explanation from Zant, something came to my mind, and now I really want to try it.

Humans are a collection of information, he said… And my glasses can see this information.

So, for example, if I tried to see the information hidden within this dirty old man, then I should be able to obtain something, right? Just like how I can see the numbers that show my chance of defeating someone.

It might be possible to obtain more information than just that… Like this old man’s Gift.

“Ah…” I muttered.

It worked.

I tried it out on a whim, but it worked.

“Oh? What’s wrong-?

“Did you see something about me, perchance? What a bad boy you are.” Zant said with a wry smile.

… Is it better to say it or not say it?

… Well, it might be quicker to say it. He is an instructor after all, and I will learn more if I explain things properly to him.

However, as a precaution, let’s hide part of it.

“I’ve just seen your Gift, Zant.” I told him.

While saying that, I also stared at Lisse, who was glancing our way and… Yeah, I can see her Gift too.

Or rather, I can see her Gift clearly.

“You saw it!?” Zant’s composed wry smile instantly disappeared as he said that.

Right… This really isn’t something one should do. I’ll definitely get strangled if other people find out about this, so I’m definitely not telling anybody else.

But well, this much is fine.

“Not exactly. I can see it, but I don’t understand it.” That was both true and false.

I’ll keep a part of it hidden, but I’d like to convey that I’m able to see the invisible.

“I know there’s something written on it, but I can’t read it because it’s hazy.” I explained.

It’s not that I can’t read it because of something like not knowing how to read, but because the text itself is foggy.

If I could see it properly, even if I couldn’t read it, I would be able to write it down and ask someone to read it for me, after all, so this wouldn’t solve the problem.

“… I see. You can see, but can’t comprehend it. I feel both relieved and disappointed at that.” Zant seemed to relax as he said that.

Alright, that was a nice start… The real problem starts now though.

“Zant, do you have two Gifts, perchance? There are two lines of text that I can’t read.” I told him.

I hid it from Zant, but I was actually able to read one of the lines.

His Gift is one that any hunter would like to have. It’s the Hit Correction gift, which helps you aim better.

If I recall correctly, my master had a Gift that was similar to this one. I had asked him once about it, and he told me that his Gift was something akin to Hit Correction.

However, my master did not make a clear statement about his Gift, and I did not pursue it any further.

At that time, my master told me that I was too quick to give up, and that he would tell me if I tried pressing him a bit more, but I refused. Even as he told me to not give up and be more interested in my master, I decided to not press any further, as I wasn’t particularly interested in my master’s Gift.

And now, I feel glad that I didn’t press any further, but for a different reason than what I felt back then.

But in any case, after a while of silence, Zant, with a serious expression, told me, “I only knew of one of my Gifts. But you’re telling me that I actually have two?”


After all, it might have been better to not say this much.

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