My Glasses

Chapter 95 – Glasses boy prepares for battle while thinking it’s fishy


“Attention!” The knight with a scar on his face shouted.

After seeing Ainliese off, who had gone out to look after Horun, I returned to Lisse’s side, who was waiting alone.

“We’ll now start searching, and then defeat the Obsidian Wolf!” The knight exclaimed.

Seems like they finished deciding on the plan.

“We will split into three groups and head to the mountain’s summit through different routes while searching for the prey!

“Move quickly and raise the smoke signal as soon as you spot the target! And make sure to help the adventurers guiding you evacuate!” The knight told us.

So that’s the plan… I suppose it’s more efficient to move like this than to have everyone work together. We have over thirty people, after all.

“Isn’t it safer if everyone sticks together? Once the battle started, our forces would be concentrated.” Lisse whispered to me.

She really is inexperienced. She thinks it would be better to move together in such a large group…

Well, there are times where moving together is the right decision, but it depends on the situation.

“If that’s what you think, then go ahead and suggest it. Maybe you can convince them.” I told her.

“What’s up with this expression? Isn’t it too early to start despising me? Even if I still don’t think your logic makes sense, this isn’t the time to be thinking about the Ironhead tongue.” She replied.

Oh, right. I don’t have to despise Lisse just yet…

I guess I brought out my contempt too early. Even if it was not time to despise her yet, I could still despise her way too easily.

“It’s important to cover ground quickly this time, and big groups inevitably end up progressing at a slower pace than a smaller one.

“Also, it’s not a good idea to fight in a large group either.

“If too many people are crowded together when they encounter the Obsidian Wolf, one person may interfere with the movements of the other.

“You’ll be attacking while trying to avoid your allies’ blows, and you may also accidentally hit them with your own attack.

“In this kind of situation, we could end up killing one another.” I explained.

The more people there are in the group, the more confusion will occur, and the higher the chances of total collapse will be.

Moreover, the people who are farther away might not even be able to properly grasp the state of the battle.

This kind of confusion, with the situation unclear, can easily create fear.

On top of that, the Obsidian Wolf is famous for its incredible size and speed. If the fighters are staying together in a tight group, then the Obsidian Wolf might be able to crush them all with a single blow.

The knights though… They’ll probably be fine. They are people who are highly proficient at fighting in groups. Their skillset is much different than the Adventurers’, who primarily hone their own individual skills.

Master has always told me to be careful when hunting with others. Especially in a large group battle, as archers will have a hard time finding a safe place to shoot from, and we need to make sure that we don’t accidentally hit our comrades’ back.

“So basically, doubling numbers doesn’t necessarily mean doubling powers, so one big group isn’t ideal?” Lisse commented.

“Basically that, though that applies only to hunting grounds.” I replied.

“I’m not sure if it’s limited to just that.” Lisse said.

“Well, it can also be applied to beautiful women.” I commented.

“Huh? Eh? What? I’m limited? You limiting me from participating?” Lisse asked.

I stayed silent.

“Silence is your answer, then? Then I can hit you the next time you say anything about it, right?” Lisse stated.

I don’t want to get hit, so I decided to remain silent.

Lisse’s hits are extremely fast though, so maybe I should keep some distance?

… For some reason, every time I took a step away from her, she stepped closer to me right after.


“Alright. Let’s depart then.” Roda told us.

Once the knight finished giving his instructions, each group started moving.

Roda rejoined with me and Lisse, as well as five adventurers of the scouting team. The eight of us started moving towards the summit, while taking a detour towards the east side of the mountain.

The Black Swan of Dawn team will be heading to the summit while taking a detour to the west, and the knights will take the shortest path to the area I pointed Roda towards.

Essentially, the knights are taking the route that will lead to them encountering the Obsidian Wolf first, and then they might or might not raise the signal before engaging the enemy.

… When considering that they came all the way here to hunt this Demon Beast, I have a hard time imagining that they’ll give up their prey to adventurers. They probably value their honor too much for that.

“I don’t like this.” One adventurer commented.

“Why should we give our prey away to a stranger?” Another adventurer grumbled.

Roda then started soothing them with lighthearted talk, “Come on, it’s the guild master’s request, don’t mind it too much.”

“I’ll buy you a drink when we get back home, alright?” Roda said after an adventurer grumbled a bit more.

“Ah? Women? Okay, I can help setting you up with someone.” Roda said after another complaint from an adventurer.

Roda is still fairly young, but the adventurers seem to respect him quite a bit… Well, he is pretty strong, so it’s understandable.

That said, the blatant nature at which the knights are acting bothers me… Just like what Lisse said in the carriage, it really feels like they’re stealing our prey.

… I wonder if that’s really the case though?

“Oh, me? I’m carrying Roda’s luggage.” Lisse replied to an adventurer.

“Oh, I see! You’re a rookie then? Nice meeting you!” The adventurer happily replied and started having a friendly chit-chat with Lisse.

This woman had a really suspicious smile on her, and I never saw her before… Fishy.

I naturally positioned myself at the back of the group while staring at their friendly chat… Who is this refreshing and cheerful person?

Well… I guess it’s fine, even if she’s fishy.

In any case, we kept on walking, with me serving as the rear guard, through this mountain that was mostly deserted of Demon Beasts.


From now on, a battle may start at any time.

I’m not counted as part of the fighting force, but in an emergency, I might need to take action before it’s too late.

Of course, I don’t think I’m a force to be reckoned with, but it’s still important to act at the right moment. It will be too late if I decide to act after someone has already been killed.

If no one can move in a deadly situation, I’ll have no choice but to act. I’ll have to stop the Obsidian Wolf’s attack.

I may not be able to kill the Obsidian Wolf, but I should be able to create a momentary gap to help the main fighters.

If I can’t do even that much, then there would be no point to all the training I have done so far. I have been accumulating power exactly for this kind of emergency.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’re still training or are inexperienced. Once you’re at the hunting grounds, you have no excuses to hide behind.

As a single hunter, I’ll do what I can.

So, I need to rely on the powers of my Glasses.

For now, I willed my Glasses into showing the list of registered Gifts.

Physical Reinforcement; Speed Reinforcement; Hit Correction; Enhanced Hearing; Sight Enhancement; Olfactory Enhancement.

Those are the Gifts I have that are related to direct enhancements. The people who had those Gifts had them always active, so it was easy to register them.

I have other types of Gifts available though.

Flower Bolt; Life Absorption; Blue Map; Spirit Possession; Shadow Hunter Sword; One Point; Red Hot; Funny Fake; Sound Bomb; Dark Bellows; Medical Vision; Appraisal Eye; Hawk’s Farsight.

There are all sort of strange names there, but… Well, all those Gifts are powerful and useful in their own ways.

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