My Glasses

Chapter 106 – Glasses boy is surprised by the unexpected reunion, by the unexpected proposal, and by the unexpected words


For now, I took a bath.

After a long slow soak, I left the bath together with Glock, who is still drinking.

During our time there, he told me that the friends he was drinking with were strangers that he had just met in the bath.

… To be able to get excited like that while dealing with people that he doesn’t know… It’s impossible. I cannot comprehend how someone can do that.

“There’s a nice place where we can drink good sake. Let’s go there.” Glock told me.

“I’m not drinking.” I replied.

“That’s okay. The food there is great too.” He said.

… Is it really?

If it wasn’t for the remark related to my Glasses, I would definitely be running away already, but… I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ll hang out with him for a while longer.


It was dark outside, but it was still too early to say it was night. It was some time in-between evening and night.

Glock, with his hair still down, led me down the main street to a tavern… A tavern that looks quite expensive.

And it’s a tavern, not a cafeteria.

The sign also shows a bottle and a glass, which further reinforces the expensive impression. I’ve seen taverns with mug signs before, but with a bottle and a glass? This looks like the kind of place that would serve expensive wine…

Also, the building is very large. It’s about three or four stories high, and the upper floors seem to also function as an inn.

It’s a big store on the main streets that has bright lights illuminating it.

… This place is way too big for me.

I’ve only ever been to restaurants aimed at commoners. This kind of place is something that I wouldn’t ever approach. Its price alone is more than enough to scare me away from it.

“I’m telling you now. I don’t have any money.” I told Glock.

Yesterday I bought the tongue of an Ironhead, so I don’t have much money left with me.

It was something that both me and Lisse had to pool our money together to purchase, and we only purchased half a tongue instead of a full tongue.

It was the result of making adjustments, so as to let even Lisse, who has very little money, be able to pay for it.

Of course, I still despised her for it, but after thinking about it carefully, I came to the conclusion that the other party was Lisse, so it couldn’t be helped. She wasn’t worth despising, so this much was fine.

Sorichika also ate it with us, so we were sharing half of an Ironhead’s tongue between three people. And even then, all of us could still eat plenty, and it was truly delicious.

“Don’t worry about the money. You’re younger than me, so I’ll treat you. Eat whatever you want.” Glock told me.

I’m not gonna believe those words in their entirety, but I’ll let him treat me.

If I ask for too many expensive items and make Glock’s reserves take a considerable blow, this will become something that will eventually come back to bite me. I would have borrowed too much money from him, so I’d need to give it back later.

So, let’s eat sparingly and leave early.


“Ah.” I heard a familiar voice.


It happened as soon as I entered the tavern. I immediately noticed them.

Even if they’re unarmed and in casual clothes, they still pull way too much attention.

The two female knights were here.

Since it was dinner time, they seemed to just be eating at their table normally.

Their good looks are still very present today, and I could see a few somewhat-well-dressed men from the other tables staring at the two knights.

And then, one of those attractive women, the tanned knight, stood up with an incredibly offended expression on her face, and immediately started walking towards me.

“You refused my invitations, but came here together with this ugly old man.” She stated.

“Hey…” Glock said, but I ignored his protest.

“I’m sorry, but I have a previous appointment with Glock.” I told her honestly.

“Really? You’re lying to refuse my invitations again? You’re truly prioritizing this old man who can keep on drinking alcohol non-stop without feeling any semblance of guilt? This ugly old man with this terrible beard stubble that makes him look absolutely pathetic?” The tanned woman asked me next.

“Hey…” Glock complained, but was once again ignored.

And I never lied to her. I did not need to lie to refuse her invitations.

… Though there was an underlying reason behind me being reluctant.

“I can assure you that I am not lying. I would much rather have dinner with a woman than with an old man who smells like alcohol and who has a stubble that never feels clean.” I told her.

“Hey…” And once again, Glock’s complaint was ignored.

This too, that I just told her, was not a lie either.

… But if I were to say my ideal preferences for eating dinner, the number one would be me eating slowly and by myself.

It’s just that eating with her is preferrable to eating with Glock.

“We’ll go talk to you later, so you can return to your table for now.” Glock said.


We had been ignoring him so far, but suddenly, Glock said some things that I could no longer ignore.

“Eil, this woman has been wanting to thank you since yesterday, to the point that she got angry at you for rejecting her invitations, you know?

“Regardless of the reason behind it, you did save her life.

“If you were in the opposite position, you wouldn’t stay quiet either, would you? You would like to properly thank your savior, right? I’m sure that this is what this woman is thinking.

“So, she can’t sit still and do nothing.” Glock told me.

… Damn it.

I understand what he is saying, but this is just making it harder for me to refuse her…!

“But it’s also true that we do have a prior appointment.

“There is something I want to talk about with this boy, so please wait until we’re done with our meal.” Glock tapped the tanned woman’s shoulder.

She quickly brushed his hand aside, stared firmly at my eyes, for some reason, and said, “You will come talk to me.”

Then, she returned to her table.

“… This didn’t look like the face of someone who wanted to say thank you.” I commented.

“How unusual. To me, that was the face of a serious person, of one who is willing to bet their entire fortune on a gamble.” Glock replied.

… An indescribable anxiety started weighting on my mind, but I somehow managed to recover my composure and move to a table on the corner of the tavern.

… Still, even after sitting down, I could still feel the strong gaze of that tanned woman being locked on me.


This was a large tavern, so it had plenty of tables.

A few of the seats are currently vacant, but as this is a tavern, it’s probably because we aren’t at the peak hours yet.

In terms of time, it is still a bit too early to drink.

But well. As someone who would never come here to eat anything due to how expensive this tavern is, I can only say that the dishes look great. And that there is plenty of variety to choose from too.

A single dish costs way too much money though, and I didn’t even look at the part of the menu that showed appetizers.

Instead, I just ordered the simplest Dinner Set that they had available. Which was what I decided that I would eat since the beginning.

As for Glock, he ordered more alcohol.

He really does drink a lot, doesn’t he? Where does all this liquid even go to?

… But well, I think this is enough waiting, right?

“I’ve got plans for later, so I’d like it if you could get to the main topic already.” I told Glock.

I wonder if it was truly a coincidence that we met the two female knights here… That Glock just one-sidedly decided that we would go talk to them later.

Nonetheless, I’m still stuck here until the important matters are taken care of.

I can’t go home yet, so… I guess I’ll have to hang out with Glock for a while longer.

Therefore, I’ve decided to put aside my worries about what will happen once our conversation is done. At least for now, that is.

After all, there is something important that we need to talk about first. Anything related to my Gift is a topic that is important enough to let me leave my worries about those women for later.

So, we should talk about it now. We won’t have the chance to do so if the women are sitting together with us.

“Oh, alright. It would be troublesome if other people heard about it anyways, so it’s better to if we get to the main topic quickly.” Glock’s eyes shone with a rational light. He was finally giving off that same serious impression that I had seen at the hunting grounds yesterday, “I don’t think I would have told you anything about it if I hadn’t met you perchance, but now that we did meet, there are two things I want to tell you.

“The first, is that you might have a bounty on you.”

… Eh!? A bounty!? Eh!?

“Truly… Just like what I expected. You stayed calm without even moving an eyebrow, huh?

“Hunters are truly capable of always maintaining their calm, I suppose. You’re still a kid, yet you’re a hunter through and through.” Glock said.

No, no, not at all! I’m extremely surprised!

… Well, I’m not the type of person that shows my surprise on my face though. Still, I am thoroughly surprised.

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