My Senior Is Always Salivating After Me!

Chapter 56


Before Lin Suci and Yan Boshen could drink a sip of water after their return, Ruan Linggu was already urging Yan Boshen to take her to find someone.

Her always peaceful face was now written with the phrase “either you die, or I die,” which made Lin Suci not dare to postpone her matters. He stood by the fence post obediently and waved to Yan Boshen.

“Master, what was going on?”

In the Cardinal Sect, it was almost the same as before Lin Suci left. Hui Lian was still teaching talismans, while Xiao Lan followed Zhongli Haiming to earn some income. There was only one master and Ruan Linggu in the sect. Once Ruan Linggu left, only both the mentor and mentee were in the sect.

Lin Suci sent away Yan Boshen and Ruan Linggu, and prepared a cup of tea before entering the room. He asked with a stern face, “Didn’t Fourth Senior Sister never left the sect gates a single step before? What forced her to take the initiative to go out?”

Qing Fou looked for a seat, leaned softly, and rolled his eye to Lin Suci, “Why are you caring so much about your senior sister?”

Lin Suci patted his chest, “As a junior brother, it is incumbent to care about my senior sister! In case Fourth Senior Sister is bullied, as a junior brother, I have to help her whenever I can!”

Qing Fou nodded, “Oh, you’re right.”

Lin Suci got up and filled a cup of tea for Qing Fou, contributed his snacks to his master, and said with a smile, “That’s why family members must know what happened, so that we can know how to help, right?”

“Well, I think it’s time to tell you this.”

Qing Fou knocked on the lid of the teacup and groaned.

“Before apprenticeship, your senior sister’s life was rather…” Qing Fou hesitated for a moment before carefully using his words,”She beat everyone she sees…”

Ruan Linggu went to the sect fifty years ago. Before she entered the Cardinal Sect fifty years ago, she killed people and did not pay for their lives. She was a dual cultivator who replenished her well-being through others’ vigor and blood essence.

Lin Suci’s chin almost dropped due to the fright, “What? Fourth Senior Sister was a… what?”

“A dual cultivator.” Qing Fou took care of Lin Suci’s young age and made it clearer, “It means relying on dual cultivation to collect Yin and nourishing the Yang.”

Lin Suci’s mouth twitched.

The Fourth Senior Sister of his sect… No matter how he looked at it, she would never have anything to do with dual cultivators, but since his master said so…

“Your senior sister was a bit powerful back then. There were a few male cultivators who did dual cultivation with her. Each of them was outstanding. They were the chief disciples of the big sects, and the new generation of leaders in the cultivation world. However, they actually fought each other just to win your senior sister’s favor…”

Fifty years ago, Ruan Linggu was still a female dual cultivator who was greedy and charming. Wherever she went, the female cultivators spurned her and the male cultivators would be head-over-heels for her. She made friends with many young lads, and asked them to voluntarily offer her cultivation bases, to be her servant, and to protect her in every possible way.

A female dual cultivator, who was recruiting a stream of replenishment, had gathered more than a dozen promising male cultivators around her. She was constantly supplied with advanced cultivation bases. She was not at all worried about anything when she was easily advancing.

She lived like that for decades when fifty years ago, something happened.

Among the male cultivators around her, the one with the lowest cultivation level, was dead on the street. In the next few months, the servants under her died in vain one after another. In the end, there were only six with the highest cultivation levels.

Everyone said that it was because they were jealous of each other for hogging her, so the male cultivators preferred to hurt each other harshly.

Ruan Linggu thought so at first. However, the remaining six held her captive. The total of seven people returned to one of the men’s sects. With many seniors around to guard her, they tried to avoid accidents, but that sect made a request.

Execute Ruan Linggu.

A female dual cultivator, who used to collect streams of talented men, made more than a dozen men fall head-over-heels for her. However, it was also because of her presence, which made many lose their lives in vain.

The male cultivators who Ruan Linggu had gathered united with all of their sects and demanded Ruan Linggu’s execution. They imprisoned the six disciples who once defended Ruan Linggu, issued a wanted order, and arrested Ruan Linggu.

Lin Suci was amazed, “So, Fourth Senior Sister escaped from the hands of so many people? She is really amazing!”

With more than a dozen sects assassinating her, his Fourth Senior Sister could actually hide from all that. If someone thought she was really not great enough, then she should be a hundred times more powerful instead.

He never knew that besides Yan Boshen, there was also another sweeping monk…

“Heh, a dozen sects are trying their best to hunt down her. How can that be easy to escape?” Qing Fou shot him the white eyes, “Your senior sister almost became someone else’s human flesh skewers back then.”

Lin Suci felt a chill down his spine, human flesh skewers…

“Your senior sister said that she was going to slaughter a person, and it was related to this matter.” Qing Fou finally went to the point, and spoke bluntly, “When she was chased and killed, she had no shelter anymore. The person who designed everything took her away.”

“This matter about Linggu was actually the incident that the person caused through killing one after another in order to get her. Later, all the protection he provided to Ruan Linggu was provoked into danger. No one was protecting her, so she was assassinated again, which made Linggu fall into that person’s hands like that.”

Lin Suci frowned, “That vicious?”

“Not really,” With the mention of the old history, Qing Fou’s face was not very good, “When your mentor found your Fourth Senior Sister, the poor girl was having her life hang by a single thread. She looked neither like a human nor a ghost. It took me ten years with great effort to finally raise her into someone more humane.”

“After your senior sister entered the sect, she never mentioned the old past. Honestly, she was free for fifty years in our sect. Until recently… the guy, who almost cut off your senior sister’s last thread of hope, appeared.” Qing Fou frowned, “For fifty years, Linggu, the girl’s anger had been suffocated in her heart till now. When she had this opportunity, she wanted to remove the thorn in her heart directly.”

“Master!” Lin Suci patted the table and stood up, “I’ll go after senior sister and help her slaughter that brat!”

Without further ado, Lin Suci rolled up his sleeves and ran out in a panic.

There was a fire in his heart.


With a raise of Qing Fou’s hand, Lin Suci, who ran to the threshold, fell straight to the ground.

“What’s the use of you going?”

Qing Fou stood with his hands behind his back, standing in the gloom of the main room, his face was dark,”You are not at the fusion state yet, and you were out for two to three months. With that, you’ll just be an empty display of cultivation. What can you do with it??”

Lin Suci lied on the ground, raising his head unconvinced and retorted, “Master, you see, I can fight a cultivator with a fusion cultivation level! I have cultivated very well!”

“Do you know your senior sister’s cultivation base back then?” Qing Fou asked.

Lin Suci’s heart shuddered, “…What was Fourth Senior Sister’s cultivation base back then?”

Qing Fou’s tone was slow. Word by word, he answered, “One step Golden Core.”

One step…Golden Core?

Lin Suci remained on the ground and silently recalled the list of cultivation bases. When he reached the part where “One step Golden Core” was, he took a cold breath.

Fusion of the ninth tier, after experiencing thunder tribulation, was only one step before the stage of core formation!

His senior sister was actually a “One step Golden Core” back then?!!!

“Your senior’s cultivation base back then almost cost her her life because of the people around her.” Qing Fou looked down at Lin Suci who was lying on the ground, and sighed, “Suci, don’t ever think of looking down on others just because you are born with a natural spirit body and can advance in cultivation bases more swiftly. In this world, powerful people are everywhere. You are just a drop in the ocean among all living beings.”

Lin Suci lied down for a while, stood up silently, patted the dust on his sleeves, and asked nonchalantly, “Then… how about Boshen?”

His senior sister was a “One step Golden Core” fifty years ago, and now she had to avenge herself with Yan Boshen’s help. Boshen…

“Boshen?” Qing Fou was stunned, and said vaguely, “Ah, he’s better than your seniors anyway.”

Of course Lin Suci knew that. Yan Boshen was able to fight Li Cuo back then.

It was just that Qing Fou did not look like he was about to tell him. Lin Suci stepped back and asked another question, “What about Master?”

Qing Fou laughed, “Your master has let you down, I’m still a golden core cultivator.”

That was somewhat different from what Lin Suci expected. The senior sister of his sect was a “One step Golden Core”. Yan Boshen was much better than his senior sister, at least in the golden core aspect. But in his opinion, his master should be at the Nascent Soul state(after core formation), how could he be just at the golden core?

He was confused.

Qing Fou naturally knew his disciple’s thoughts, but he did not intend to tell him. When he passed by Lin Suci, he smiled and patted his head, “Suci, the road to cultivation is very long. You have just taken a step now, so forget the arrogance and rashness.”

Lin Suci watched Qing Fou leaving. He hesitated, and still asked, “How can I help Fourth Senior Sister now?”

He knew that he could not defeat that person, but he did not want to be of no help either, so he did not give up asking questions.

“Let me think…” Qing Fou really stopped and gave some thought, “There is actually a way.”

Lin Suci’s eyes shined and he chased after his master who was heading out of the main room, “Master, speak up! I can definitely do it!”

Qing Fou took Lin Suci around the mountain path, went diametrically opposite the direction of Yan Boshen’s cave home, and went farther.

Lin Suci had never been to that remote side road in Cardinal Sect for more than a year. He walked and observed the surroundings. Dead leaves were piled up on the ground, and he stepped on it with a creak.

“Master, where are we going? How can I help Fourth Senior Sister like this?”

Qing Fou walked forward without looking back, “If your senior sister succeeds in killing that person, she will have no worldly concerns from now on. She once said that if one forgets the past, one will be born again.”

“The front is the flower field that your senior sister spent decades growing. There are three purple flowers, seven red flowers, twelve blue flowers, six white flowers, and eighteen yellow flowers. Collect these flowers back and refine them into a memory loss pellet for your senior sister.”

“Alright! No problem!” Lin Suci rolled up his sleeves and patted his chest, “I will definitely collect enough flowers for senior sister!”

The spiralled path went further down. Lin Suci estimated that the temperature was almost as low as the cold lake under the cliff.

“We’re here.”

Qing Fou stopped.

Lin Suci slipped from behind him, saw everything in front of him, and went silent.

“Master? Next year, on this same day, are you planning to come for my anniversary of death?”

Qing Fou knocked Lin Suci’s head, which staggered him.

“Don’t be mean, just squat here for me. When you finish picking all these flowers, you can come back.”

Lin Suci stood outside the flower field. The flowers were blooming beautifully in those acres of land. With big mouths, fangs and creaking friction between teeth, the flowers stood countless times taller than him. Suddenly realizing life and death, Lin Suci understood what he had to deal with next———

The Corpse Flowers.


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