One Man Army Chapter 1. The Greatest Moment?

“Congratulations. With this victory, the final victor of the United Grand Slam is now Team SKY. Everyone is saying that you, the director, is the greatest contributor to this achievement. What do you think about this?”
Lee Sanghyuk rejected the majority of interviews that flooded him after the victory, but he couldn’t reject the one from LGN(Live Game Net), who broadcasted most of Team SKY’s plays live.
“The victory is all thanks to the players and the coaches. I’m merely someone that just advised them in trivial matters.”
A humble answer. However, this was just for the interview. Sanghyuk himself knew that he was the one who practically lead Team SKY to victory.
The ‘Heavenly Dragon Card Deck’, used by the ‘Crash’ Choi Sangryul, the ace of Team SKY, and known to be the strongest man of EL(Eternal Life), was also created and completed by him.
He received full support from SKY Telecom to create the greatest player known as Choi Sangryul, realizing the theoretically strongest class, the ‘Card Master’. The one who received the benefits of the class was naturally Choi Sangryul.
There were many other things that were completed through his hands as well. In fact, Team SKY was practically created and raised to this point by Sanghyuk’s efforts alone until now.
In the first place, SKY Telecom had almost disbanded and rebuilt their team, since their team had placed last in ‘EL Master League’ for three years straight. When Sanghyuk caused an online uproar, they approached him, saying that they will support him with their full power in order to transform Team SKY into the greatest team in 3 years and Sanghyuk had indeed fulfilled his promise and created the perfect Team SKY within 3 years. Of course, many things happened midway, but Sanghyuk kept his part of the promise.
“You’re being too humble. The fans already know.”
“I only said the truth.”
Sanghyuk was not the hot-blooded youth in his 20s, but was in his 30s. Not only that, he would be a middle-aged man in his 40s in just 4 years, so he didn’t like flashy interviews like the young directors out there.
Naturally, the interviewer didn’t like such a style. Perhaps due to that, the reporter created a surprise question on the spot.
“Then can you confirm this as well? Recently, there is a rumor that Team SKY will bid farewell to the director in several online forums. Is this true?”
“They’re baseless rumors.”
Sanghyuk kept it short. In the first place, this wasn’t a question that was on the script, so there was no need for him to speak for long. However, what he was thinking was completely contrasting to what he had said.
‘It’s true. It’s really annoying…… but it’s true.’
In fact, he had actually been notified of the dissolution of the contract. However, this was a news that would be announced in 3 months, so saying it now may cause legal issues.
The reporter made a slightly dissatisfied expression at Sanghyuk’s disinterested response and continued to the interview. Normally, others would at least try to give a funny answer, but Sanghyuk only repeated his stiff expression and answer as if to tell the reporter why he was called the ‘Ice Man’.
In the end, the interview ended without any twists.
The reporter, who was frustrated that she couldn’t get any good content out of this interview despite knowing, threw a final question that wasn’t in the script.
“Is this the greatest moment that director Sanghyuk has dreamed of?”
Sanghyuk replayed the question in his mind.
The greatest moment……. Thinking about the meaning of that, and his own reality, he smiled slightly and opened his mouth to speak.
“Of course. Right now is my greatest moment.”
This was also a lie.
This moment could never be the greatest moment.
Although he reached this place by crawling up from the depths of despair…… the ‘greatest moment’ he wanted wasn’t something like this.
The interview had ended, but Sanghyuk sat still for quite a while, thinking about the last question that the reporter had asked him.
‘The greatest moment I really wanted…… It will probably never come true……. So, then. This is the realistic limit I can reach, I guess?’
Sanghyuk made a bitter smile and shook his head.
What was more frustrating was that the realistic limit he had just reached was about to be taken away from him.
Although it’s true that it was his fault for not checking the contract properly, this was going too far. Everything was practically achieved by his efforts alone, but they were forcing him to give up everything.
It was true that there was a clash of opinion between him and the SKY Telecom side, never did he imagine that they would strike him on the back of his head like this.
“Haa…… I’m tired.”
He sighed and muttered with a vain expression.
He had mostly lived a life where he was deprived of. And now, he was about to be deprived of something again, so it was no wonder that he felt everything was useless.
“Just where did it go all wrong?”
Sanghyuk wanted to return everything to the start. If he really could do that, he wanted to live a life that takes from others instead of being deprived of. However, as always, this was all his delusion.
‘If I could be reborn, no, if I could go back to that time…….’
He thought such things tens and hundreds of times, each day.
However, this wasn’t something that would be granted no matter how dearly he wished for it to happen. He knew this very well, but he could only think like that because he had so many regrets in his life.
His earnest wishes piled on and on.
Again, and again.



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