Chapter 103 [Episode 53] Apostles of Glory 2



It was a bit easier to get information about Pokin than Egray. But instead, it was more difficult to predict the route. It was impossible to predict exactly where she would be because she was randomly walking around in the Heroic Lands.

However, it was possible to predict the approximate route by considering that she traveled around small, remote villages rather than a big city.

Pokin was a typical priest. But still, underestimating and recklessly attacking her would leave you exhausted after a very long battle.

Pokin was an opponent who had to be knocked down much faster than Egray. If she got a chance, she will rise again like a zombie with her unique healing ability, and the possibility that Sang Hyuk will win is slim to none.

The first strike, then followed by the continuous attacks, Sang Hyuk had, at most a minute to win. He must not let her use her recovery ability at all.

It was the end once she used her healing ability.

So, Sang Hyuk started to prepare the first strike that was even more powerful, based on the lessons he learned from his fight with Egray.

Just like he was able to launch another strike to Egray at that time thanks to the title ‘there is no impossibility’.

Sang Hyuk was not satisfied with this and decided to use Black Flame Dragon from the beginning without hesitation.

Of course, all of this could not be done near Pokin. Usually, priests have the ability ‘crisis sense’. So even in Concealment state, in front of a high legendary NPC priest , he could not be reckless because the concealment could be broken.

A precise prediction is almost impossible, but once he has predicted the most accurate route, he has to finish all preparations and stage the ambush based on it.

If the prediction of the moving route fails, the raid has to be closed, wait for the cooldown time of all the reinforcement techniques and then set up all over again.

This was the best Sang Hyuk can prepare.

Considering the price of the various combination cards used for the ambush, it took about 50,000 gold to prepare once, but this was not the time to think about saving money.

Sang Hyuk decided to make everything clear, and put the ‘Pokin surprise operation’ into action.*


* * * *


The most frustrated thing was Pokin’s moving route. He calculated the highest probability in his own way to ambushed her, then failed four consecutive times.

This took three days and 200,000 gold was wasted.

Now that he has hurriedly decided on the fifth ambush point, and has finished all preparations, and should Pokin moves to another place, Sang Hyuk thinks he should review his plans again.


“Please come on.”

Sang Hyuk had five of his own strengthening effects active. Because the number of enhancements that can be active depends on the level, Sang Hyuk, who is in level 56, was limited to five only.

Sang Hyuk’s body was wielding strong forces because his path led to choosing very powerful things.

Since these five’s cooldown times were 15 minutes at the shortest, Pokin had to come here within 15 minutes.

At least, according to Sang Hyuk’s calculations, Pokin was supposed to pass here in 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes and she didn’t pass by, it meant that she had gone the other way.


“9 minutes…. Sh*t, is it another failure?”

Sang Hyuk covered his right eye with his palm and looked at the markings and the cooldown timers of the strengthening effects that are currently displayed in front of his left eye.

Through it, Sang Hyuk could see how many minutes had passed.

But, right then!

Pokin, who Sang Hyuk was waiting for, appeared.


“Finally she came!”

As soon as Pokin appeared, Sang Hyuk crouched in the dark and gripped the ‘Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King’ tightly.

He had been thinking of using Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip, which is very easy to attack like when he attack Egray, but he found that ‘Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King’ is much better because she is a priest.

Even though the Ten Millenia Goldbone Whip received the main weapon effect, the damage in the first strike was similar to the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King since the Great Sword was a very high grade weapon. Nope, rather the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King was better. *

The special effect of the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, ‘Black Sword’, reduces the healing effect by 20%, so that even if Pokin uses the healing spell, it can suppress the effect to the utmost.


“One strike! I do everything in this one strike.”

Sang Hyuk controlled his breathing and kept looking at Pokin.

Meanwhile, Pokin gradually walked toward Sang Hyuk’s concealment. For Pokin, this road was just an ordinary road to the next village.

Honestly, she could not imagine that someone was aiming at her.

Nobody has bothered her since she announced her intention to live a life for ‘all people’ five years ago when she resigned from the position of a high priest.

She was highly respected figure in the Heroic Lands called ‘Saint’. Even her sacred aura was powerful enough to suppress the instincts of monsters.

So she was walking down the street leisurely.

The distance between Sang Hyuk and Pokin was narrowed to about 40 meters. Sang Hyuk was planning to launch the first strike as soon as the distance came within 10 meters.

The most certain thing was to aim for the other party’s back within 3 meters but against the legendary NPC Pokin, the timing was too late and neither the porridge nor the rice could be served. (Can’t be anything, not win or lose)


However, as soon as Pokin came within 40 meters, which is within the range of Sang Hyuk, some mysterious power began to emerge deep in Sang Hyuk’s body.


Infinity Challenge (SS+) is activated to increase your level and all abilities. The difference between you and the enemy has been cut in half.


At that moment, Sang Hyuk could feel the enormous energy wrapping around his entire body. It was not simply a strengthening effect.

Simply by level, Sang Hyuk suddenly increased to 70. The difference between level 56 and level 70 was so huge that no words can explain it.

Of course, only the basic abilities increased, while abilities such as the ancient knowledge or general skills stay the same, but the basic ability itself was fearsome.


“If this is the case….. it is unconditionally possible.”

Sang Hyuk, who clearly felt the unprecedented power wrapped around his body, was able to gain a certain confidence.

Sang Hyuk was rather worried that the power gathered in his body would become so large that the concealment would be cancelled.

The distance from Pokin is now only 30 meters.


“10 meters is also dangerous. 20 meters! If she come within that range, I’ll fly the strike.”

Sang Hyuk revised his plan.

For the first time, he had the effect of the Infinity Challenge and he has not been able to deal with the power yet. So the manifestation of power was a little bit rough, which meant that it would soon be caught by Pokin’s senses.

So, Sang Hyuk decided to launch the first attack before he caught on.

Again the distance has decreased.

Now 20 meters. Finally, the moment has come.



Sang Hyuk jumped out of the shadows gripping the handle of the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King.

The technique he used was Shadow Knight’s special technique, Shadow Blade. This skill jumps out of the shadows while raiding the enemy, if the attack is successful with concealment maintained, then it has the effect of increasing the damage by 10%.

Phaaattt, jjijijijijik!

Sang Hyuk, who ran out of the shadows, instantly dashed a distance of 20 meters and holding ready the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King, and the Great Sword poured enormous energy into the space in front of him.

Right at that moment.

Some of the locks locked in the sky library were released and the hidden conditions were cleared.

The result was a transcendent skill that can not appear now has emerged.


Clear! Clear! Numerous locks are unlocked and knowledge of the sky library is released.

A series of miracles! You have penetrated all the locks with your own strength and acquired the secret of the transcendence skill ‘Ragna Blade’.

Because all conditions are met, ‘ragna blade’, which registered as an event skill, will be activated.




The power of ‘god’ that came out of the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King swallowed Pokin from the front. Exactly, it swallowed the entire area including Pokin.


“T-trans, transcendence skill?”

It was Sang Hyuk that triggered the Ragna Blade, but even he was making an unbelievable look.

Of course, he knew what the transcendence skill was.

It was in the last moments when the third planet was in a crisis of destruction by the Dark Dynasties, preceded by the legion of evil dragons, that the sky library opened and god techniques were given to some special dimensional travelers.

The god skill was the transcendent skill.

There are various restrictions, but the pure power itself is a transcendent skill with the power to go beyond the mythical level.

At that time, there were not a hundred out of the billions of users who got this special skill.

It was that much of special skill.

Such a great thing has now appeared. It was too much, even though EL was already a complete game from the time it was released.

It was a really great gift even though it seemed to be more complicated to register the transcendence skill, which had to be registered as a special skill in order to balance the event, as it was an event reward.


“This is the result I’ve created, but…. Is it really okay in that way? This will be a buggy later, won’t it?”

By this time, Sang Hyuk was also worried.

But there was nothing changed when he was worried. Sang Hyuk did not use bugs anyway.

He was just doing what he did to make the most of his abilities which created the nonsensical results.


This was the result of that nonsense.

Signs of a huge explosion on the ground. In front of the Great Sword of the Weakened King that Sang Hyuk stretched out, there was a clear trace of a huge energy shock wave sweeping all before it.

It just looked like that god had stretched out his hand and punched a large hole in space itself.

And in the middle of it Pokin was kneeling and vomiting white light.

Like Egray, Pokin had a legendary ornament with a strong defensive spell.

Of course, in the moment of crisis, the ‘light of glory’ that created by her ornament wrapped her tightly.

This light has the effect of doubling the maximum vitality and reducing all damage by 30%. But…. it had no meaning in front of ragna blade.

Ragna Blade swallowed the light of glory.

Even if Pokin was great, it was only at the level of the Planet of Treenark.

On the other hand, Ragna Blade was a skill that was used as the ultimate technique in the third planet beyond Planet of Treenark. Even on Sang Hyuk’s last planet, the fourth planet, transcendental skills were still powerful.

It was natural that she could not bear it.

Since it was not meant for her to be destroyed for the ‘quest’, at the last minute, the ‘system’, the most powerful force in the world of EL, was involved.

No matter how great the ragna blade was, it could not get over the ‘system’.

So, in the end, Pokin could escape the extinction.


Priest of Glory Pokin is overpowered. Pokin’s attack rate increased to 100% and one of the four clear conditions of the quest ‘Apostle of Glory’ have met.

Created the ring of fate by force and Pokin is obedient.

Fulfilled all the hidden conditions and completed the S-grade Hidden Quest  ‘Priest of Glory’.

The second condition of SS grade Hidden Quest ‘Apostles of Glory’ has been met.

The transcendence skill ‘Ragna Blade’ is the ultimate extinction technique that destroys all obstacles.

As a result, all karma to be rewarded has been destroyed and the rewards for the Priest of Glory S grade Hidden Quest has been lost. The karma, won after overpowering Pokin, also disappeared.


“Wh, what?”

The front system message was good. But the message at the back was ridiculous. The technique that erases karma… the past life, Sang Hyuk had seen a few transcendental skills, but none of the transcendental skill he saw went as far as this.

Anyway, thanks to ragna blade, Sang Hyuk’s reward was blown away.


“Wow, this looks really unfair.”

Of course, he could not get what he needed to get. At that moment Sang Hyuk was able to clearly see what the penalty of transcendence skill ragna blade was.

Most of the transcendent skill came with strong penalties and triggering conditions like this….. and, ragna blade’s penalty was ‘All kinds of compensation not available’.



Chapter 103 [Episode 53] Apostles of Glory 2 – End


Editor’s Notes: Make everything clear by battle.


Editor’s Notes: Main Weapon effect is explained in chapter 23.


Editor’s Comment: Yep, Ragna Blade isn’t the overpowered sure kill skill, but a massive liability.  You may be wondering why this skill was introduced unexpectedly, but worry not, Ragna blade is an important plot point. 😀


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