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Chapter 105 [Episode 54] Ragna Blade 2



This time, it was a opponent who Sang Hyuk couldn’t lure out using money.

No matter how hard he thought, a way to summon Tamia out of the war fortress did not come to mind. And moreover, it seems that she was not going to be alone anytime soon.

Sang Hyuk has been looking for ways to continue, but this time he could not find a way at all.

After worrying for a full day, Sang Hyuk found a solution in a totally different direction.

It was a totally different approach from what he has done so far.

But it was the same in that he had to use the powerful first strike. Moreover he couldn’t use concealment this time.

Of course, even without the concealment, the necessity of the first strike remained. However, the advantages of surprise will disappear, and the probability of a critical hit will drop a little, but that didn’t matter much.

In fact, if Sang Hyuk was determined, he could have made the first strikes in a frontal confrontation rather than raiding through concealment.

It was in order to eliminate troublesome surprises and variables as much as possible for the previous three, luring them into a place isolated and without witnesses.

It was best to handle this important quest secretly to avoid rumors. There were no users who had yet reached the war fortress, but there could be lots of people who could see it.

Even NPCs could spread rumors about what they saw.

So he had to try to solve it secretly and quietly.


“But if it is impossible to handle it secretly and quietly…. I must find another way.”

Sang Hyuk gave up doing it secretly and quietly. He decided to approach it in a totally different way because he had come to the conclusion that it was impossible to keep it secret and quiet while dealing with Tamia.


“Trees indeed are the best thing to hide in the forest!”

The transformation of ideas. Sang Hyuk inverted the problem.

He was going to make it ridiculously hot, so the NPCs, not the users, believe that they are in an event.

Like hiding a tree in the forest, Sang Hyuk intends to hide the fact that he is a user in this battle of nonsensical scale.

To do that, Sang Hyuk had to make sure that any users in the battlefield fortress were busy.

If the users get involved in this plan, they could become a headache.

Luckily, no matter the battlefield, if you want to fight you have to be at least level 57 – 59, so no one was able to enter the battlefield at this point.

But you never know.

Sometimes there were users who liked to wander around regardless of the level, so he had to check to see if there were any users like that.

The investigation failed to turn up any users in the battle fortress. There were not even any users wandering around. The location itself was the northernmost of the Heroic Lands and there were a lot of high level monsters on the way here, so travelers seemed not to be here yet.

And on the map of the Heroic Lands that Sang Hyuk sells, this war fortress was absent. Sang Hyuk had unintentionally triggered this content first, which was unexpectedly fortunate.

And he found out that NPCs did not fight Mazors (Demons) all the time for 24 hours.

As soon as he got the information, Sang Hyuk was able to complete the rough plan that he had built in his head.


“I’ll make sure of everything.”

Sang Hyuk, who had completed the plan, looked toward the war fortress. No, he looked at the Magye (Devil World) portal far beyond the war fortress.

The plan he was thinking in his head was much bigger and more splendid than he had imagined.


* * * *


All the preparations has been done but it took only one day.

He did not need much preparation time because most of what he need he had. But he had to spent one full day to get the exact timing for the NPCs to pull out of the battlefield.

Sang Hyuk, who finished the preparations, immediately headed to the war fortress. Of course, the war fortress did not reject the user. Rather, once the first dimensional traveller entered the battlefield, he received all the attention.

But it didn’t give him special treatment.

Since it was a battlefield where hundreds of people were dying a day, nothing would be changed by one dimensional traveller.

They just watched him with interest.

Sang Hyuk received the basic quest of the war fortress. ‘Prevent the Magye (Devil World) Invasion’ (Infinite Repeat). The content of this quest was simple.

If you take these quest and kill Mazors (devils), the count will go up and you will be able to raise your reputation in the ‘Blue Wolf War Fortress’ as you accumulate more kills.

This reputation could be utilized in a variety of ways, but once you have reputation, you could buy items from the war logistics officer.

Because there were unexpectedly a lot of items that were good and were sold very cheaply, so later on a lot of users did a lot of reputation work here. And as the reputation rises, the disposition of NPCs who reside in the Blue Wolf War Fortress also rise.

At least, if you are going to be active in the war fortress, it is a benefit to keep this quest active constantly and to keep the rewards accumulated in the interim.

Of course, Sang Hyuk also received this quest for the same reason.

He was going to use this quest to earn reputation in the Blue Wolf War Fortress.

However….there was a certain difference between Sang Hyuk and the other users.


“The good things about this quest is that rewards are cumulative without limit. Thanks to it, it was fun to be able to build it up and get all the rewards in one go.”

Sang Hyuk laughed at the memory of his past life.

He had been hunting here for quite some time in his previous life. Of course, the reason he hunted here was to collect the ‘Blue Wolf Medal’, which he could continue to receive as a middle level reward for this quest.

In the workshop, the workers sold the blue wolf medal, which they gathered with difficulty, to ordinary users at an expensive price. After all, it was the money that made them hunt.

Sang Hyuk, who received the quest ‘Prevent the Magye (Devil World) Invasion’, immediately moved to the battlefield beyond the War Fortress.

NPCs, of course, could not see Sang Hyuk’s confidence from his previous life…


“Whoa, whoa, look at this. Where are you going alone?”

An NPC soldier guarding the entrance to the battlefield quickly blocked Sang Hyuk.


“Of course I’m going to get the Mazor(Devils).”

Sang Hyuk responds with a gentle expression. The soldier looked at Sang Hyuk with strange eyes and opened his mouth again.


“You are a dimensional traveller….. Even if you have the power of immortality, you do not have to die in vain. Especially now it’s Break Time, when all the Knights are absent. If you go out alone now, you will die.”

It was an ordinary NPC soldier, but his level was 65. In other words, Sang Hyuk in his eyes was nothing but a low level dimensional traveller.


“Even if it was in vain, I will die in the end. I also have the blue wolf seal, so there is no reason to stop me, right?”

Upon receiving the quest mentioned above, the blue wolf seal received together with it was like an identification card.


“Ok ok, there are those who have to experience it themselves.”

He opened the road with an reluctant expression when Sang Hyuk mentioned the blue wolf seal.

Sang Hyuk stepped out slowly and walked forward. Then he melted into the darkness very naturally.

This battlefield, where Magye portal existed, was the best place for Sang Hyuk. He wanted to attack Tamia here in this place, but he could not do that if there were any NPC knights beside her.

When he was dealing with Tamia, eventually the knights would be involved, and if they were killed or injured, the levels of evil karma could rise. Then he could become a malefactor, and it was the worst thing if he become a malefactor in this situation.

For that reason Sang Hyuk had gave up in raiding Tamia.


“Instead, I found another way.”

Sang Hyuk, who was fully assimilated into the darkness, continued to walk around in the dark.

War Fortress was on break time, but Mazor(Devils) was still climbing up through the Magye (Devil World) portal. The crazed Mazor(Devils) are hunted after the break time is over by the knights or mercenaries from the fort until the next break time.

Of course, the Mazor(Devils) are the enemy of all. However, the War Fortress cleared the Mazor around the perimeter without getting close to the Magye (Devil World) portal.

Some elite monsters that existed near the Magye (Devil World) portal were not easy to get rid of even if they had a mind to do it in the War Fortress.

It was already a few years, since this status quo continued.

To change this landscape, players had to enter the War Fortress.

From then on, with the intervention of the players, the Four Knights Orders that guarded blue wolf war fortress began aggressive operations around the Magye (Devil World) portal.


“This is the scenario I originally knew and… maybe that scenario will change quite a bit today.”

Sang Hyuk came closer to the Magye (Devil World) portal while thinking and remembering his past life.

When he got closer, he could see the stronger Magye (Devil World) inhabitants were wandering around. The mass of Mazors(Devils) near the Magye (Devil World) portal were like swarming ants.


“This should be enough.”

Sang Hyuk approached Magye (Devil World) portal as close as possible and sneaked back.

Sang Hyuk, who was exactly 200 meters from the Magye (Devil World) portal, thought it was a good spot and started doping.

His plan itself was so simple, but implementing the simple plan was a completely different matter.

He used four boosts to strengthen himself. He woke the Black Flame Dragon up once again.

But that was not the end.

Sang Hyuk used ‘aura crystal’ of Golden Lion, one of the unique aura crystal, to enhance Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King and he use ‘Enlarge!’ also.


Sang Hyuk’s body grew and his strength doubled. At this level, almost all of the doping that Sang Hyuk could do was done. But Sang Hyuk added one last thing.

Sustainable effect of ‘Coup de Grace’ from the unique title ‘Grim Reaper (S)’. To activate the title, Sang Hyuk killed four ordinary Mazors(Devils) in a single strike. Fortunately, while killing the enemy, the blessing of darkness activated, and the concealment was not lost. Of course he had anticipated it would be lost, but he had a better luck than he expected. Thanks to it, he got another damage 10% increase buff. *


But in fact it doesn’t matter even if the Concealment is lost.

Thanks to the four enemies killed in a single strike, his attack power has increased by another 40%.

The retention time of the reinforcement effect was only 10 seconds. So, now everything had to be done immediately.

Sang Hyuk, who forcibly stacked multiple abilities that increased his attack, saw his ‘enemy’ looking ahead.

The existence he set as his enemy was a powerful elite monster that was 200 meters ahead.

The estimated level is approximately 79.

Although it was a lower level compared to Apostles of Glory, it was comparable to the Apostles in other ways.

As soon as he aimed at the monster, ‘Infinity Challenge (SS)’ was activated and raised Sang Hyuk’s level to 67.


“Burst. No, EXPLODE!”

What Sang Hyuk wanted was ragna blade, of course.

He had expended all kinds of expensive cards and crystals for it and he was loaded with multiple stacked effects.

The last round king (S) buff that gains 40% attack power is now only 4 seconds left! Sang Hyuk did not hesitate to go out of the darkness and once again used the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King.

Geurereng! Jjijijijik!

At that moment, Sang Hyuk’s body was flooded with huge stacks of enormous power from the Great Sword of the Weakened Shadow King.

The critical hit activates, and as a result, all damage is stacked and stacking continues to multiply and the result was far beyond the ragna blade trigger.


Since all conditions are met, ‘ragna blade’ registered as an event skill will be activated.


Eventually, Sang Hyuk invoked ragna blade as he wanted. Of course, ragna blade was not a skill that Sang Hyuk should use.

He was surprised when he took Pokin down and he was not able to check it properly, but after the excitement had subsided, he checked the after effects of the ragna blade and stamina was reduced to 30%, consuming 70% of his maximum stamina and 30% of his health was consumed.

Ragna blade consumes 70% stamina and 30% health. In fact, it was natural for this level of consumption to be used to activate a transcendent skill, but Sang Hyuk could not use ragna blade in succession.

In other words, it meant that you had to decide everything in one strike.

Of course Sang Hyuk was confident.

If it was Ragna Blade that wipes everything out… he believed that he could obliterate all the Mazors(Devils) that existed before his eyes, as well as the Magye (Devil World) portal which had the appearance of a huge wound that could not be healed.

It was such a regret that he even had to erase everything in a strike and he could not get even the karma reward as well as losing the items, but it didn’t matter.

What Sang Hyuk wants anyway was the ‘kills’ of the quest ‘Prevent the Magye (Devil World) Invasion’ that he received. He has already confirmed that the quest- related things are normally updated, just as it did with Pokin.

So, he could use ragna blade without hesitation.

Knight of Glory Tamia.

The way Sang Hyuk chose to capture her was not a frontal attack, but the side.



Chapter 105 [Episode 54] Ragna Blade 2 – End


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