Chapter 111 [Episode 57] Offline Competition 2



* * * *


Sang Hyuk received the notice for the offline preliminaries participation and laughed. In fact, Sang Hyuk originally intended to compete under the name Lone King.

Sang Hyuk was not a pervert who feels pleasure by hiding his identity while slaughtering the ordinary users. He had planned to take the top seed with the Lone King ID and easily participate in the tournament.

However, he just knew that this was not possible in an offline competition. Basically, for offline competition, he had to reveal his real identity.

Raon Soft had created a special server for the competition by copying the Main server’s user information and overlaying it on a special server so they knew the real identity of the participants.

So, Sang Hyuk was forced to join using Immortal as his identity. And of course it was impossible to re-register as the Immortal in Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality which he registered as the Lone King.

He was tackled in a place he could not think of, so he gave up trying to join as Lone King.

At this point, Sang Hyuk also thought to start by climbing from the bottom to the top by his skills and so he did not mention his guild name or give his self introduction.

He did not have any reason to hide how he looks like because it was already revealed to the public when his paid video was released, even though no one knew his name anyway.


“Yeah, this is better. Later, even as a semi-professional gamer, I will have to work as the Immortal.  I should be satisfied with the Lone King as a unique person who only works online until his identity is revealed.”

Sang Hyuk, who made sure of his position, thought he should not regret his choice.

He was planning to show what a Royal Roader is by winning the offline qualification as well as being undefeated in the record books. *


There were about ten days before the competition, so Sang Hyuk has been constantly preparing for the Hydra Hunting while steadily turning to the Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality. Of course, Sang Hyuk had the ability even without practice, but he did not underestimate it even just a little.

Time went fast and became the day when the offline qualification were held. Sang Hyuk was dressed in comfortable clothes and came down to parking lot to get to the super large DN(Dream Network) center that was in the broadcasting station.

Even though it was a comfortable clothes, it was a luxury brand from a department store and because it was charming in its own style, he did not look old-fashioned. Added to it the Mercedes Benz S-Class was the most important part.

Sang Hyuk drove his car to the DN center, which is an hour away. Fortunately, the traffic was not bad so he could arrive earlier than he thought. He arrived 20 minutes earlier than the time he was asked to, but the people at DN center were already flocking.

Sang Hyuk stood at one window and watched LGN’s (Live Gaming Network) staff preparing for the upcoming tournament.


“This competition…succeeded, right? In my memory, I remember that even after the pro-league was officially launched, it was opened a few more times again… was it about seven more times?”

In the past life, EL The Best One was held steadily at intervals of about five months. Especially because the first season was a big success, it was popular for a little over three years.

The first episode had been too long and Sang Hyuk was not in a position to be interested in it.

He did not even remember the winner.


“There’s going to be something happening in it and I think it became popular through it…. I do not remember the exact thing.”

Sang Hyuk tried to recall his memory again, but nothing came up.

The rules of the game were a bit different than the rules that Sang Hyuk knew.

But the basic framework itself is similar so he did not feel any discomfort.

Because it was LGN, which had experience holding several game leagues, so he decided to read the rules very carefully, but in the end, these four were the most important.


First, Magic Armor was disabled.

Second, after the five locations in each venue are chosen, both teams fight in each location, selected at random until the winner is determined. *

Third, this competition will be played only on the Gladiator Hall, ‘Way of Proof (1:1)’ and ‘Shadow Forest (3:3)’ and in the Hall of Mortality, only the ‘Skeleton Island Time Attack’ is used.

Fourth, the number of strengthening effects that can be applied to oneself or team members is limited to four.


First, Magic Armor was an item that most users did not have, it was right to disable it.

And the location part will become more versatile and elaborate later on, but procedurally, it is similar to the rule now.

The most interesting rule was the fourth one, later on it’s not only reinforcement effects, but also various other buffs will be restricted and their ban enforced.

But in conclusion it was for fun.

The viewers simply did not like the fact that some of the contestants was unilaterally favored because of an advantage in the number of items and skills.

The nature of the EL game did not allow for a perfect match, but at least there was a minimum framework.


“If it is limiting the reinforcement effects to four, then this is almost no limit.”

Sang Hyuk was known to be one of the best directors of his previous life, so he knew better than anyone.


“There are no duplicate application restrictions, and the game is finished after the Way of Proof Qualification and the Shadow Forest Qualification, so I can do both of them.”

He wanted to play at the Hall of Mortality too, but their time was overlapping.


* * * *


“Hey, Sangryul. I don’t know if this is right. If it is you, you’re definitely going to be in the 1,000th rank, nope 100th rank, so I don’t understand why you’d drop to 10,000th rank and get involved in this useless competition.”

Lee Jung Hwan, Choi Sangryul’s friend, still did not understand. He himself got into the 1,000th ranking and was exempted from the qualification, so he could not understand why Sangryul, who is much better than himself, wants to start from the bottom.


“Jung Hwan, I’ve told you many times. Impact! A newcomer like me who can be called a rookie needs an intense impact. The difference between people with and without drama is huge. In particular, the popularity at the pro-level is not simply determined by skill.”

Choi Sangryul was only 18 years old but his thoughts was totally different from the kids from his age. He had already made a very big picture.

In fact, his judgement was accurate. The world of pro gamers was not simply where everything was determined by skill.

Sangryul, who knew it well, had intended to start from the offline preliminaries which could be called the bottom in a deliberate attempt to make himself the main character of the drama.


“Sigh, you’re a lot smarter than me, so you’ll do well. Anyway, congratulation in advance for winning.”


“I don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched. It is offline contest, and it is possible to be crushed by an expert who hid their identity when I’m distracted. I have to be careful.”

Choi Sangryul was very careful and modest, unlike his age, because his personality was meticulous.


“You’re the expert in hiding your identity.”

Jung Hwan did not expect at all that Sangryul would be defeated in this offline contest. The Sangryul that he knew has great skill that even if he challenged the current rankers right away, he could get close to the top 10.

Control, Equipment, Level, Skills…. None of them was missing.


“It was best to think before you leap.”

Sangryul smiled and answered, and Jung Hwan shook his head as he smiled at Sangryul as he wanted to say that he couldn’t stop Sangryul.

In fact, although Sangryul said that, he had no idea that he would not win the offline preliminaries. The standard of offline preliminaries was rather low.

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