One Man Army Chapter 13. Secret Dungeons (2)



Merlogs were weak and Sanghyuk’s battle capability was quite good so his time to clear all of the dungeon was insanely good.
27 minutes 22 seconds.
Even though Merlog’s Treasury was a small-scale dungeon, this kind of time was worthy to take first place if there was a time attack competition.
A normal user would have taken at least an hour or two to clear the dungeon, but Sanghyuk cleared the dungeon easily by shortening his movement distances as much as possible and killing as many Merlogs as he could at once.
“Hm, if I shorten the movement distance and deal more damage when the boss is stunned, I think I can reduce the time for around 5 more minutes.”
It was an insane record already, but Sanghyuk was thinking of shortening it even further. He definitely was someone far from normal.
He left Merlog’s Treasury and returned to Falcon City again. The second dungeon he had to look for was surprisingly within Falcon City itself.
He didn’t know the exact name of this dungeon either, but in that TV program, they called it the ‘juicy sewer dungeon’. Then why did Sanghyuk look for Merlog’s Treasury before he looked for this dungeon?
The reason was simple. It was because the guys on the program said that they found this dungeon after they found the Merlog dungeon. That meant that discovering the Merlog dungeon first meant discovering the sewer dungeon first as well.
Honestly, he didn’t know when their ‘very early stages’ meant, so he could only try things out like this.
In any case, since he discovered the Merlog’s dungeon, the only thing left to do was the discover the sewer dungeon first as well.
What was interesting was that Falcon City already had a public dungeon named ‘Falcon Sewers’.
Falcon Sewers was the dungeon made for beginners that users could experience for the first time in Falcon City.
However, this couldn’t be looked down upon just because it was a beginner’s dungeon since the scale was bigger than most final raid contents of other games.
Users could feel the whole league of Eternal Life from here on, and they even talked about how Falcon Sewers could be made into an independent game.
Of course, at this point, the absolute majority didn’t even have the qualifications to enter Falcon Sewers, so there was no talk about it.
‘Falcon Sewers started to be conquered one month into the official launch, right? It looks like there’s still around 3 weeks left.’
Although Sanghyuk was trying to discover all the things that he could, he was planning to skip Falcon Sewers. First off, he lacked too many things to conquer Falcon Sewers right now, and the effort-to-reward ratio was too small to his liking.
So, Sanghyuk decided that it would be better to skip Falcon Sewers altogether. However, he was going to make the ‘juicy sewer dungeon’ wholly his and monopolize it.

A little outside Falcon City, there was a field where ‘Falcon Bandits’ appeared. And killing NPCs belonging to this group resulted in getting an item called ‘bandit’s nameplate’.
This nameplate was the quest item that was required to complete one of the most common quests in Falcon City, ‘Exterminating enemies of Falcon City’.
Bringing this nameplate resulted in getting additional amounts of karma according to the number of nameplates, and a total of 10,000 nameplates could be exchanged by one person. Also, it was possible to raise the familiarity with the guards at Falcon City so it was quite a useful item.
In EL, there weren’t that many items that couldn’t be traded. So, these bandit nameplates were also traded a lot.
Since these nameplates had a variety of uses, there were both high demand and supply. Sanghyuk bought a thousand of these nameplates from the commissioned sales store. He used the majority of the gold he had gathered from killing malefactors here, but he didn’t think it was a waste.
In fact, it was more of a waste to hunt those bandits to get those thousand nameplates. Nameplates, like all other miscellaneous items, could be stacked, and above the nameplate was the holographic number 1,000.
With those 1,000 stacked nameplates, Sanghyuk went to the guards at Falcon City and received karma as compensation. However, what he wanted wasn’t just karma.

Congratulations. Your familiarity with the Falcon City Guards has increased a lot and reached the ‘friendly’ stage. Now, you can visit the Security Office of the Guards and talk with the Guard Captain.

This was what Sanghyuk wanted. To be exact, it was the qualifications to enter the Security Office.
Surprisingly, the ‘juicy sewer dungeon’ existed below the Security Office.
Bringing a thousand bandit nameplates allowed a user to build the familiarity up to ‘friendly’ with the guards at Falcon City, and bringing ten thousand would allow the user to build the familiarity up to ‘colleagues’ and enter the security guards.
However, Sanghyuk didn’t need to raise enough familiarity to enter the guards, so he only bought one thousand. Sanghyuk entered the Security Office as soon as he was qualified.
Thanks to the ‘friendly’ familiarity, the NPCs belonging to the Falcon City guards all greeted Sanghyuk with smiles.
This familiarity system was just as important as titles in EL, and was largely separated into ‘personal’ and ‘group’. The more important of the two were personal and group was secondary.
For example, even if Sanghyuk raised the familiarity with the Falcon City Guards to ‘colleagues’, if he made a mistake in a personal relationship with an NPC that belonged to it, that specific NPC may hate Sanghyuk unlike the other NPCs in that group.
In any case, this familiarity system wasn’t treated as important among the users right now, but they would realize how important this is as time passes.
Until now, no guards were related to Sanghyuk through personal matters, so all the NPCs had positive attitudes towards him. Eventually, Sanghyuk entered the basement of the Security Office without being held back.
Having come to the basement, Sanghyuk thought back to what those guys spoke about in that TV program again.
‘An old shelf on the wall….. they took out the book containing the map of Falcon City Sewers, didn’t they?’
Sanghyuk approached the shelf in one corner of the basement and looked for the ‘Falcon City Sewer maps’ book.
‘Here it is.’
Sanghyuk found the book quickly and pulled it out without hesitation.
When he did, the entire shelf started moving sideways.

You have discovered a separate sewer that exists under Falcon City.
The secret dungeon ‘Falcon City 77th Sewer’ has been opened.
‘Falcon City 77th Sewer will be bound to the Dimensional Traveller ‘Immortal’.
A total of four users can be registered for this dungeon.

‘It worked!’
He knew the exact answer as well this time, and could discover the secret sewer dungeon without much of a problem. Like this, Sanghyuk acquired the results and skipped all the processes so he could discover two secret dungeons first and monopolize it.
Normal users would not only have to gather a lot of information, but they also had to extract a few possibilities by combining those informations and finally had to test each of those possibilities out just to find one dungeon.
Obviously, it was pointlessly more complex than what Sanghyuk did.

Secret dungeon [Falcon City 77th sewer] >D rank<
– Bound to the Dimensional Traveler ‘Immortal’
– Registered Dimensional Travelers [Immortal], [N/A], [N/A], [N/A]
: A sewer that was made when Falcon City was built but was completely closed off after a long time. It had disappeared from the memories of everyone, but there are some special items among the things that flowed into this sewer.
– Bonus karma: +10%
– Dungeon clear rewards: Special items that have flown into the sewer.
– Reactivation time after clearing the dungeon: 1 hour.
– Dungeon duration: Infinite.
– Maximum number of dungeon clears: 150 times.

The entrance to the secret dungeon behind the shelf in the basement of Falcon City Security Office was one that could only be seen by Sanghyuk alone. Since that was the case, Sanghyuk entered the dungeon and checked the information on the dungeon before leaving again without worry.
‘I’ve procured the two hunting zones, so all that’s left is to grind.’
Sanghyuk exited the Security Office with a satisfied expression and went to the biggest magic store in Falcon City.
The Abandoned Fishing Village and Falcon City both contained their respective secret dungeons. Sanghyuk was planning to alternate between the two secret dungeons and level up rapidly.
First, Sanghyuk was planning to just run to the Abandoned Fishing village. It would take him around an hour to run to the village if he ran, but honestly, he could use the ‘Marking Book’ to recall himself there as well, but right now, he didn’t have that much money to recharge those recalls on top of buying the Marking Book.
What he could afford, however, were rechargeable Return Stones.
With the rechargeable Return Stones that could be used 10 times per charge, he could use it usefully when returning to Falcon City from the Abandoned Fishing Village.
He actually wanted to use the return stones that could hold 100 returns per charge, but there was no need to buy something so expensive right now.
Once the travelers left Falcon City for various parts of the planet of Treenark, Marking Books were necessary items for all travelers.
Marking Books, Spatial Expansion Bags, and Return Stones were a must-have item for a Dimensional Traveler.
Spatial Expansion Bags were absolutely necessary since EL didn’t have the concept of ‘inventories’, and Return Stones were also necessary to return to the saved point that the user had saved before.
The number of markings in the Marking Book would increase as the level rises, but without the Marking Book, users wouldn’t even dream of traveling through the planet of Treenark.
He decided to buy the Marking Book later and first bought the Return Stones and ran to the Abandoned Fishing Village. With a Marking Book, he would be able to alternate between the two locations easily, but considering the reactivation time of the two secret dungeons, there was no problem just using the Return Stones to travel between the two.


Sanghyuk finished all of his preparations and started alternating between the two secret dungeons without even wasting a minute.
He received large amounts of karma in Merlog’s Treasury and acquired considerably expensive items from the 77th sewer.
Especially, killing the ‘Giant Sewer Rat’, the boss of the sewer dungeon, gave him a Magic-grade set item and this was a very good thing.
First off, EL’s item hierarchy went from normal → magic → rare → unique → legendary → god; and set items were usually treated like items of a rank above.
At this point in time, there weren’t many magic-grade items in the market, so magic-grade set items that were treated like rare-grade items were of tremendous value.
Falcon City’s hero, Harkan’s, equipment.
Not to mention Harkan’s sword and shield, his armor and cape as well…… Sanghyuk continued clearing the sewer dungeon to gather the magic-grade set items.
When he cleared the sewer around 80 times, he could finally get one full set of Harkan equipment. He had a couple of other parts, but ‘Harkan’s Helmet’ was not to be seen until the 80th clear.

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