One Man Army Chapter 16. Personal Streaming (1)


Having acquired everything he needed, Sanghyuk immediately left Six-Nine street. His instincts as a man did twitch a little, but this was no time to spend time on things like that, so he endured it and left.
Having left Six-Nine street, Sanghyuk moved towards the most populated part of Falcon City, the merchant district.
Sanghyuk kept picking up stones on his way and put it inside his bag. It was unknown why he did so, but he kept looking around for pebbles.
Having arrived at the merchant district, Sanghyuk checked the amount of gold in his possession and immediately went to the commissioned sales store.
Until now, Sanghyuk had visited the commissioned sales store to sell things, but this time he went there to buy things.
‘Tinge of fire and Blackstone powder.’
Reminding himself of the two items he needed to buy from the store, he immediately used the search system to find those items.
Tinges of fire was an alchemy ingredient that was relatively common. They could be found by killing Firelizards in the Heat-harboring Cave or digging Flameflowers.
They weren’t rare nor were they used in special things, so there were many in stock in the commissioned sales store.
Meanwhile, Blackstone powder was one of the many items that mages used and could be acquired through various means. However, since there were all sorts of mages in EL, there was quite a lot of demand for it as well.
Even so, he procured them without difficulty since the supply was quite large as well. In EL, NPCs also acquired items according to the users’ trends and sold them through the commissioned sales store, so there weren’t many things that were impossible to get just because there were no users supplying them.
Sanghyuk bought suitable amounts of Tinges of fire and Blackstone powder before leaving the commissioned sales store.
‘Since I got the Tinges of fire and the Blackstone powder, all I have to get is the Methane gas from the sewers……. That’s the final ingredient.’
Methane gas from the sewers. This item was ridiculously easy to acquire once you know the trick but was insanely difficult if you didn’t.
Sanghyuk first went to a biggest general store in Falcon City to buy a thousand bulk of blank cards. In Sanghyuk’s previous life, these were called the ‘empty cards’, and the majority of users right now didn’t know that such an item existed in the general stores.
Having bought 1,000 empty cards, Sanghyuk immediately went to his own secret dungeon, Falcon City 77th Sewer. Having entered the dungeon, Sanghyuk took out an empty card after going to one corner of the dungeon.
“People still don’t know what these empty cards are.”
It would take a lot of time for the other users to find out where these empty cards were used.
Sanghyuk focused with an empty card in hand. To be exact, he was imaging what would enter the empty card.
What Sanghyuk wanted was the endless methane gas that flowed out from the sewers. In other words, Sanghyuk was trying to put methane gas into the empty card.
Like this, empty cards were akin to empty dishes in which one could put something into. As long as one imagined in one’s head well, it was possible to put something inside an empty card like this.
Sanghyuk put methane gas into 50 empty cards. When the methane gas was put inside the empty cards, the blank card produced a yellow-brown gas image as well as the text ‘Methane gas(Warning: smell)’.
Sanghyuk acquired his methane gas cards like that. Then, he proceeded to make the Tinges of fire and Blackstone powder into cards as well.
He acquired a total of 54 Tinges of fire cards and 50 Blackstone powder cards.
“What’s left is…….”
Having completed 3 types of cards, Sanghyuk started making the pebbles he picked up on the way into cards. The trick was simple as well this time.
He just had to fuse the empty cards and the pebbles to make the pebble cards.
He got a total of 50 pebble cards.
With that, Sanghyuk had acquired a total of 4 types of cards.
The reason he made four different types of cards was simple.
These four types of cards were the variables of the first formula that he was creating.
“The most fundamental card formula from the Heavenly Dragon Card Deck, the ‘Flame stone’. The fact that the formula for the Flame stones was this was a secret that no one, no, only I and Choi Sangryul knew.”
Flame stones were basically similar to ‘fireballs’, one of the main magic that most battle-oriented mages specialized in.
To be exact, it was slightly weaker but was much more versatile to compensate. Anyway, this formula was one that Sanghyuk was going to use a lot in the future.
Actually, these cards were worthless when looking at them one by one. However, combining four worthless cards produced a strong means of attack.
“Card Fusion.”
Sanghyuk pulled out each of the four types of cards and quietly muttered ‘Card Fusion’. When he did, the four cards fused into one and a magic card that is known as ‘Flame stone’ appeared on his hand.

The card formula ‘Flame stone’ is registered to the Soul Skill ‘Card Fusion’.
There is a total of 1 formula registered in ‘Card Fusion’.

Once registered, it was possible to fuse cards directly without pulling out the cards and just by possessing them.
Card Fusion technique required cards to activate, so it didn’t consume anything else.
No MP, no HP, or anything else. It was just that using the cards continuously was impossible. All card combinations had a cooldown, so it was only possible to use the same card combination after that cooldown.
For example, the ‘Flame stone’ that Sanghyuk had just registered had a cooldown of 8 seconds. In other words, he could use a Flame stone card every 8 seconds.
Although it differed according to people, considering how Fireballs had 15 second cooldown time normally, Flame stones were extremely good.
He acquired the Ancient Knowledge, Card User, and also prepared enough ‘Flame stones’ as well. What he had to do now was to work hard to discover other contents first as well.
However, right now, he needed rest above all. Since he focused on seven poker until now in the casino with barely any sleep at all, he had to recharge himself here.
Since he didn’t exercise much, he even felt his body was heavy.
‘Let’s log out first.’
Since he had almost filled the limit login time, he couldn’t stay any longer either.

Sanghyuk first slept after logging out. As if to supplement the lack of sleep until now, he slept like a log for 5 hours until he was woken up by a loud alarm.
He wanted to sleep at least 10 hours more, but that would instead break his biorhythm, so he woke up after that.
After he woke up, he quickly took a shower and had a nutritional meal while looking for information online about EL as he always did.
‘There are no big issues……. Oh!’
Just as he was about to close the window thinking there was nothing special, Sanghyuk made a surprised expression after seeing a small banner-like article on the side.
“Pu TV……. How could I have forgotten about this.”
This was nothing like a big mistake. It was just that he felt that he was stupid for forgetting about Pu TV, which could be considered an aspect of the history of EL.
Pu TV, in a sense, was a personal internet streaming like Pafreeca TV. Of course, those two had their differences. If Pafreeca TV was acknowledged as the best personal streaming platform in the internet era, Pu TV was acknowledged as the best personal streaming platform in the Dream Network era.
Pu TV originally became famous through Fantasy Tekken streams and in Sanghyuk’s previous life as well, Pu TV switched their main contents to EL from Fantasy Tekken and became the single largest personal streaming platform.
“I remember. It’s around this time that Pu TV started offensively marketing EL.”
Although Pu TV had selected the right choice, there were many people that were worried about Pu TV’s daring decision.
Those people thought that it was better to invest in Fantasy Tekken since it was still popular.
‘Well, that would disappear in just half a year when it’s proven that Pu TV was right.’
Since he remembered, Sanghyuk entered the Dream Network and went to Pu TV. Although there were a lot of Fantasy Tekken streams on the main page, there were some EL-related streams that Pu TV had prepared on a special spot.
The difference between personal stream via Dream Network and personal streams via internet was like the difference between 2D and 4D. Obviously, Dream Network side was way better.
‘I can’t see any familiar names yet…….’
Sanghyuk shook his head after looking at EL-related contents. It was true that it was possible to get some pretty cash through personal streaming, but it also required publicizing many things, so it wasn’t an area many people challenged yet.
Especially in the case of Sanghyuk, who had many secrets, he could never do something like livestreams easily.
‘Instead, I should record my gameplay and put it on later.’
No matter how many important secrets he had, giving up the personal streaming was too much of waste, so he had already thought up of a method to make his own channel work while hiding as many of his secrets as possible.
Once professional game broadcasting media like LGN(Live Game Net) started their channels later, he had to acquire a live channel from them. This was a different area from personal streaming, so it was hard to give up on. In any case, he had to raise his popularity and fame through personal streaming if he wanted a live channel later.
Sanghyuk clicked the most popular channel’s BJ’s name and watched it. Although this guy didn’t bring out 100% of the fun, it was quite interesting to watch.
The stream was broadcasting the challenge of Falcon Sewers, where many parties were being created.
Sanghyuk switched the watching mode to the first person and started seeing what the BJ saw. Although 90% of the viewers chose to watch from the ‘tower’ view, Sanghyuk preferred the first person like this.
‘You should have blocked and not dodged here.’
Although it wasn’t like he was trying to find flaws, he could see too many mistakes from the BJ since he was in the first person view. The other viewers were busy complimenting the BJ’s ability, but Sanghyuk considered this user to be just above average.
Of course, the BJ was also relatively under-evaluated since Sanghyuk had too high standards. Actually, objectively speaking, this BJ was enough to challenge becoming a pro gamer if he put some effort in.
Sanghyuk left after watching for around 15 minutes. He didn’t have any reason to watch as users clashed against the Sewer dungeon.
‘It’s not like it’s a big deal if I don’t start my personal streams right away so let’s keep recording and gather some contents I can show later.’
EL supported many kinds of video recording software so he could film videos whenever he wanted. It was just that it was illegal to film other users without their permission so, not only would his account be banned if he tried to sneak someone’s face, he might have to deal with a lawsuit as well.
Since this kind of thing happened many times in other games until now, DN users were now cautious not to do that.
Having organized his thoughts about the personal streaming, Sanghyuk logged into EL.
‘I have enough stats and the stage is just about done, so should I go hunt that guy down?’
This was a target that Sanghyuk was aiming from the beginning. It was just that he had delayed in the challenge because he didn’t see any hope yet.
However, he couldn’t delay it forever. He didn’t know from when the users started paying attention to that place, so he had to suck out the juicy bits before they found out the good things.

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