It’s about seven hours since EL Revolution opened, so there were a lot of users who were connected to it. So the match was paired in an instant.

Basically, EL Revolution was similar to Gladiator Hall. However, the map was not as uniform as Gladiator Hall and was much more diverse.

Sang Hyuk came in to make sure nothing had changed, so he focused on checking things out without paying much attention to his opponent. *


‘Fortunately, the skill cooldown bug from the early days, was caught and patched this time around.’


EL Revolution’s beta service had some bugs in the beginning. The most serious of these was a bug that prevented the cooldown timer reset so you couldn’t reuse a skill.

Luckily, Sang Hyuk didn’t have to do anything to get this bug patched.

In addition, he checked things like reaction rate and sight distance carefully and checked if there was anything different from the server he used in his previous life.

Fortunately, there wasn’t much difference from his memories.

For the sight distance, it was slightly reduced, but this much can be felt because he was Sang Hyuk.  If it was a general users, then they wouldn’t notice it even if they were an advanced…no.  Not even advanced users could notice the reduction in sight radius, because they lacked the memories to Sang Hyuk’s past life for a comparison.

By the time Sang Hyuk had completed almost all of his tests, the enemy had appeared. His opponent was an utterly ordinary user. Sang Hyuk faced his opponent with his bare hands without using the blood wire, because he was just a ‘Noob’ user in the early 50s or late 40th level, and you shouldn’t bully kids.

Sang Hyuk lightly struck the blade of the battleaxe wielded by his opponent, with the flat of his hand.  This deflected the powerful overhand strike, the weapon completely missing him, and it slammed to the ground to his side.

This was actually a technique of unarmed combat. Unarmed combat was the most frequently chosen soul skill of those of the Warrior Monk-type series.

Of course, Sang Hyuk didn’t have this skill. He was only familiar with the mechanism of this skill, and it was purely because his physical power and senses were so great that he could imitate it.

The power was significantly reduced compared to using unarmed combat skills for real. The unarmed combat skill had the effect of preventing the opponent from using their main weapon for 10 seconds if he had used the ‘deflect’ unarmed combat skill properly, but Sang Hyuk’ s imitation of unarmed combat did not have that option.

He simply pushed the weapon to the side, preventing his opponent from using it properly for a second or two.

But that was enough for Sang Hyuk.

Sang Hyuk, who gently pushed aside his opponent’s weapon, just tapped his opponent’s chest seven times rapidly with his bare hands.

This was not anything like a skill. He only threw his fists hard and quickly.


It was a simple tap using his fists for Sang Hyuk, but to his opponent, it felt like Sang Hyuk had slammed his chest seven times using a sledgehammer.

In this one series of light strikes, Sang Hyuk’s opponent has lost more than half of his health. Due to the savage force and massive damage inflicted by Sang Hyuk’s light punches, he was forced into a stun state by the System.

Sang Hyuk wrapped his opponent’s neck with both hands and twisted it without hesitation.

It was also good for the other party to be defeated very neat and cleanly like this.

Dududu, flop.

Sang Hyuk defeated his opponent casually. So Sang Hyuk won the first set. EL Revolution allowed changing the winning conditions through the detail settings before applying for the first match, but in general, the default setting is ‘winning 2 out of 3 sets’.

There was no particular reason to change the settings, for Sang Hyuk, it would only extend the one-sided curb-stomping for his opponent and there was nothing good about it.


[Your opponent has given up the game.]




And withdrawing is allowed.

* * * *

Sang Hyuk was able to regain his familiarity perfectly after three games.


If this is the level of the ‘unlimited’ then fine….. now should I take a look at limited?


Limited mode didn’t exist in his previous life so of course everything was new.

When he entered the limited mode, he also had to choose the configuration in this place. However, the choices here were very different from the unlimited mode.


“I need to choose two out of the 74 best and most common Ancient Knowledges? I can also get four soul skills per soul.”


Limited mode allowed all players to fight under the same conditions, so they were able to choose two equal souls and choose one of the 116 rare grade set items that were listed as standard.

In short, the setting was free, but the range to choose from was fair.


“First, should I choose something easy?”


Sang Hyuk’s main focus, Shadow Knight, was also in the 74 Ancient Knowledges, so he didn’t think too much, and filled one spot in the soul hole with Shadow Knight.

And for the other one spot, he chose the ‘Buffer’, which was highly versatile and also called the best out of the sub-Ancient Knowledge.

The buffer was the ancient knowledge that allowed you to cast buffs that literally increased you abilities or your teammate’s abilities.

For the equipment, he chose a chain mail set and two-handed sword that matched the Shadow Knight, and the level was fixed to 55.

Is it a new system?

Sang Hyuk felt something exhilarating and nervous as he pressed the random confrontation button.


“Not bad, is it?”


It was exactly the feeling that Sang Hyuk liked.

Even the matching was finished quickly.

As the white snow field appeared in front of him, Sang Hyuk slowly pulled out his two-handed sword from his back and began to check this and that just like before.

Chapter 142 [Episode 73] Various differences with the Previous life 1 – End


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