“You, what are you going to do?”


“I… am going to give them a spanking.”


Sang Hyuk smiled at Gye Baek. He did not hesitate to jump straight toward the Reverse Fleet.

The distance from Ink Black Dragon to the Reverse Fleet is approximately 300 meters.

He was currently wearing the Magic Armor Dark Black Wings, so he could fly far enough.

Note that the Ink Black Dragon’s energy emission range was 700 meter in radius, so there was no problem with using the Magic Armor.

Chwaaaak, Phaaat!

Sang Hyuk, who spread the black wings and flew 300 meter in an instant, landed lightly on the enemy’s Sky-grade Ship.


The first Sky-grade Ship that Sang Hyuk rode on was the ship flying the ‘Red Star’ flag.

Sang Hyuk, who crossed by himself casually, which normal users wouldn’t dare to try without using a harpoon gun, looked around.

Naturally, he was surrounded by enemies.


‘Red Blood…stupid Chinese.’ (Ed Notes: We kept the author’s original words, including his slurs.)


Sang Hyuk knew exactly who they were, due to the red star on their guild badges and the enemies’ outfit.

Red Blood was the largest union in China. No, to be precise, it was the largest coalition of guilds in the world.

Xiao Fang, Sang Hyuk’s opponent at the Best One, belonged to the Golden Imperial Soldiers, which was not a part of Red Blood…so actually Red Blood had no contact with the One Guild.

If you wanted to take the first place from the One Guild, you had to fight for it.

The reason Red Blood joined the Reverse One union was simple. The One Guild had to fall for them to be able to take the first place. So they joined the Reverse One coalition, and naturally through that coalition, they became hostile to One Guild, and now they can freely fight and kill each other.

It would have been a limited PvP if it was in Treenark which have lots of restrictions, but because of the weak limited PvP in the Middle Layer, they were in a free PvP state, resulting in red skulls floating over each other’s heads.




“Where did he come from?”


Red Blood users were stunned when the enemy, with a red skull floating over his head, appeared alone, and they all gaped at Sang Hyuk, shocked and bewildered.

Sang Hyuk raised his hands as he looked at those Red Blood users.




Sang Hyuk spoke lightly and at the same time two wires appeared from both of his hands.


One user who invaded the Reverse One Fleet.

In normal cases, it was an intrusion without any reason to be concerned at all. However, for Sang Hyuk, nothing like normal cases existed.


In a single attack, four Red Blood players, who were nearest to Sang Hyuk, had their heads blown off.

Overwhelming speed and damage.

When the Red Blood users who saw four of their colleagues fall without even able to respond, they started to pull out their weapons and tried to stop Sang Hyuk. But Sang Hyuk didn’t care whether they pulled out their weapons or not.

Sang Hyuk was a tiger, no, a dinosaur who jumped into a flock of sheep. Not just any dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

All that was left was the Tyrannosaurus slaughtering the sheep. Baaaaaa!

* * * *

Red Blood did its best to hold out. But it didn’t stop Sang Hyuk from quickly cleaning up the deck and using concealment to flash-step to the east and launch a savage attack.

One shot one kill…. The world’s most fearsome assassin turned Red Blood’s ship into a living hell.

Red Blood’s monarch and also famous ranker, ‘Captain Jojo’, also failed to endure Sang Hyuk’s attack.

Dududuk, kwadududuk!




Jojo looked down at a red wire line which penetrated through his heart without belief.

Blasting the heart means that health become zero….

Jojo’s consciousness began to fade. And since he doesn’t use the ‘Skip Death’, like a ranker, as he faded away, he could just barely make out the face of the enemy who had made him like this.


‘This son of a ……..’


Eventually, Jojo fell to the floor with an expression showing his disbelief at his death.

After taking down Jojo, Sang Hyuk immediately moved to the engine room of Red Blood’s Sky-grade Ship, Red Star One. The best way to terribly ruin a Sky-grade ship was to overload the Magic Armor.

When that happens, the Sky-grade Ship’s durability was cut from zero to minus, so they had to struggle for a long time to recover it.

It was easy to overload the Magic Armor if you know how to do it.

Since Red Star One had been ‘freed’ from control when the helmsman died, so Sang Hyuk was able to manipulate the control pads in the engine room without any problems.

He cranked the engine power to its maximum and open only the energy circuit to the cannon while shutting down all the other circuits.

When it was left like that after 10 to 15 minutes, then the Magic Armor would explode.

Sang Hyuk quickly came out onto the deck after the operation. Before Jojo’s death, he informed other Sky-grade ships about what was happening on his boat, so the other ships were preparing to strike as soon as Sang Hyuk crossed.

Of course, Sang Hyuk was aware of this.

Even if it is Sang Hyuk, using flight without any defense could be dangerous.

So, Sang Hyuk called Gye Baek for a safer solo-crossing.


[Gye Baek, do you see a ship with the flag with a Black Hand printed on it?]


[Yeah, I see it.]


[Then, can you bombard the side of the bow?]


[Of course, it is possible. Exactly after 21 seconds.]


[Please give me a countdown.]


[Okay. I’ll start to count from 10.]


If there is no path, then make your own path.

In fact, Sang Hyuk was able to cross in several ways without Gye Baek’s help. He just chose it because the safest and easiest way to do it was to get the support of the cannon.


[Okay, I’ll start. 10, 9, 8, 7 …. 3, 2, 1! Fire!]



The magic cannonball, fired from the Ink-Black Dragon’s cannon, flew to the Black Market’s Sky-grade Ship. And…….


Gye Baek hit exactly the target he was aiming for.

Gye Baek’s cannon shooting skills were getting better over time. It was originally a good skill, but now only with instinct, he can hit almost 9 out of 10 shots.

Sang Hyuk jumped hard at the moment the magic bullet hits the Sky-grade Ship.


The dark translucent wings spread out behind Sang Hyuk, who wore the Magic Armor! Sang Hyuk, who triggered Black Flight, soared through the air and flew straight into Sky-grade Ship belonging to the Black Market.

Chapter 146 [Episode 75] Ink-Black Dragon Great Victory 1 – End


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