If Sang Hyuk fought by neutralizing the flame-magic by using ‘Attribute (Flame) Magic Nullification’ while using hit and run tactics using the double pistols then it will be horribly frustrating from the magic knight’s viewpoint.

The biggest difficulty in this style of combat was ‘distance control’ and Sang Hyuk’s sense of distance was unrivaled so even if it was Kim Junyoung, he had no choice but to helplessly stand there and take it.

With that the third game has ended with Sang Hyuk’s effortless victory.

Kim Junyoung was pushed into a corner with the score at 2:1.

Even in this disadvantageous situation, Kim Junyoung persisted in choosing magic knight. And Sang Hyuk again chose the Shadow Warrior (Shadow Knight+Buffer), which was his main pick.

The result was a victory for Sang Hyuk again.

Even if it was Kim Junyoung, with magic knight he couldn’t beat Sang Hyuk.

There was virtually no difference in terms of skill. Sang Hyuk could ‘read’ Kim Junyoung with flawless accuracy, and Kim Junyoung knew nothing about Sang Hyuk before, so it made all the difference in the world.

Kim Junyoung laughed as he rose from the capsule at the moment the Immortal’s advancement to the final has been decided with 3 victories to 1.


‘I lost. How long has it been for me to lose as badly as this?’


It’s not that he was feeling the bitterness of defeat, but he was just calming his pounding heart.


‘The Immortal… Amazing!’


Kim Junyoung got up from his seat and quietly watched Sang Hyuk, who was getting up from the front booth.

At that moment, just like him, Sang Hyuk lifted his head and looked at Kim Junyoung and their eyes met.

Ssk, ck!

Kim Junyoung gave a thumbs-up as he looked at Sang Hyuk.

He truly enjoyed today’s game.


‘I’ve sensed it since the previous life, but that dude is really crazy.’


Sang Hyuk can’t help but laugh as he looked at Kim Junyoung.

The final game was not held today, but was scheduled to take place next week with victory requiring 4 wins out of 7 games.

But those who watched Sang Hyuk and Kim Junyoung in today’s semi final didn’t have much expectations for the final.

Krai, who was the first to reach the final, was significantly less skilled than Kim Junyoung and of course than Sang Hyuk. This was something that anyone could clearly see, so all the experts predicted the winner of the final to be Immortal.

The problem was that Sang Hyuk who made it to the final was also not interested.

Rather, Sang Hyuk was more interested in the defeated Kim Junyoung.


‘Considering his character, he is going to run around like crazy in limited mode for the time being.’


Kim Junyoung who disliked losing.

That part was almost similar to Sang Hyuk. As a result, Sang Hyuk was able to easily predict Kim Junyoung’s next move.


‘Unfortunately, I have to focus on sailing again until the final game, so I will have to let him run the limited mode alone.’


He wanted to run with all his heart and fight as much as he could with Kim Junyoung, but when he thought that Gye Baek and Dark Knight waiting for him, he couldn’t do it.

Sang Hyuk declined to do all except for a minimal interview that he had to do. He didn’t hate the attention, but he just didn’t want to get the attention for this tournament, which was just a qualifying tournament.

Sang Hyuk’s goal was to defeat and win against all the pro-gamers at the first LGN EL Battle of the Kings.

When that happens, he can enjoy the attention as much as he wants.

* * * *

Sang Huk spent a week exploring the Sky-sea.

And a week later, he easily won the EL Tournament.

Winning didn’t make much of a difference. Sang Hyuk competed in this tournament just to get the chance to compete in the Battle of the Kings, so when he was asked about winning, “thank you” was all.

In fact, there were four players in the EL Tournament, so he didn’t need to win. It just because he didn’t like to lose, so as he kept working hard, he won.

Since the EL Tournament was broadcasted live on LGN from the semi-final, there has been a lot of reaction online.

Naturally, the live channel ‘One’ also helped with the viewership. Unfortunately, the video of the competition was copyrighted to LGN, so Sang Hyuk could not sell or take advantage of it.

In any case, Sang Hyuk won 5 million won and one of the four seeds of the first EL Battle of the Kings held on LGN.

There was a big difference between him and the second to fourth place winners who only qualified.

Battle of the Kings was scheduled to take place exactly a month later. Originally, Sang Hyuk had intended to play in unlimited mode, but now that plan was changed.

As he focused on the limited mode, he suddenly lost his interest in the unlimited mode.

When he lost his interest, it became meaningless to Sang Hyuk.

Sang Hyuk was an extreme ‘gaming’ addict, so he decided not to pay attention to unlimited mode at least until he became interested again.

* * * *


“I think we’ll be able to find out important information about the Immortal in the near future.”


Chen Kai, who hadn’t given an order, but none the less expected something, opened his mouth with a surprised expression when he heard the sudden report from the general secretary.


“What is it? I thought you had given up on it?”


“I did….. But he showed up at an unexpected place.”


“Did you succeed in hacking?”


“No, we didn’t need to hack anything. He…appeared in a broadcast competition in Korea.”


“Huh! Are you sure it was the One Guild’s Immortal?”


“Yes, all the confirmations have been done. Since I have put a person on the LGN side, we’re going to start tailing him right away as soon as he’s back on LGN. Apart from that, I have tried to hack LGN to find out his information…. but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. ”


“Tsk, tsk, until 15 years ago, there was no place that couldn’t be penetrated by Chinese hackers….anyway, I’m glad that you got a lead.”


With the development of DN technology over time, an almost invulnerable firewall technology has been developed using DN technology. Because of this technology, the hackers  had to give up one by one, and now, due to sheer attrition, the good hackers themselves are retired, or in jail.


“If you wait for a bit longer, I’ll definitely take care of it and let you know.”


“Okay. But as I said last time, keep your guard on. If you get caught, or cause a public incident, then you’re burning down the house just to catch a rat.”


“I will keep it tight and discreet, so you don’t need to worry.”


When the general secretary finished the report and left, Chen Kai rose from his seat and walked toward the luxuriously decorated high-end DN capsule in the middle of the office.


“Immortal….. you’re not going to be able to be the best forever. And it’s both in the game and in reality.”


Chen Kai opened the capsule and laughed cruelly.

He happily laid into the capsule and immediately connected to EL.

Chapter 153 [Episode 79] Diamond Cut Diamond 1 – End


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