One Man Army Chapter 20. Firehammer Tokan (1)


Sanghyuk’s explanation went on for a long time. This couldn’t be helped since the item he wanted couldn’t be described in just a single line.
“……And that’s it. That’s what I want.”
When Sanghyuk finished his explanation, Tokan nodded his head with a very interested smile.

Tokan is feeling a big interest towards the item you have just described. You have satisfied the first clear condition of the sudden quest ‘Tokan’s Request’.
Familiarity with Tokan increases by a large amount.

“Oho, that sounds interesting. What do you call this?”
“I call this the bone whip.”
“Cut the Ten Millennia Goldbone into around 400 small pieces and gather them up to make a whip…… it sounds peculiar, but it does sound reasonable.”

Tokan has gained realization after listening to your opinion.
You have satisfied the second clear condition of the sudden quest ‘Tokan’s Request’.
Familiarity with Tokan increases by a large amount.

‘It’s because you will definitely have interest in the bone whip.’
Sanghyuk smiled a little while looking at Tokan, who was nodding his head in front of him. Actually, he was cheating right now.
This bone whip that Sanghyuk had just mentioned was the item that would win the grand prize in the ‘Golden Anvil’s Experimental Product’, a large-scale event for the users that occurred much later into the game.
Sanghyuk had heard that the Red Hammer Tokan had praised this item to the extremes. After that, the bone whip was selected as an official production item of Golden Anvil and the users could use it as well.
The user that submitted the bone whip in the event was a user that possessed Ancient Knowledge regarding production, and he became well-known after the competition.
In any case, thanks to that user, Sanghyuk also had experience using the bone whip produced in the Golden Anvil, and he liked it a lot.
After considering many elements, Sanghyuk judged that it would best for him to make a bone whip from the Ten Millennia Goldbone, and explained it to Tokan.
And Tokan, as he had expected, took the bait.
Although he had to feel sorry for taking someone else’s idea, the important thing was, that user was one of the people that betrayed Sanghyuk. Sanghyuk had taken out the bone whip in order to screw that guy up and bring Tokan to his side.
This could be considered as two birds with one stone scenario.
In his previous life, Sanghyuk didn’t use the bone whip as his main weapon. At that time, he was already used to another weapon, so he didn’t think about utilizing a new weapon.
Even so, he had heard rumors about how good it was and tried it, took a liking to it and used it as his 5th main weapon.
“Yes, that’s it. Ten Millennia Goldbone can be made soft depending on how you polish it. Cutting the Ten Millennia Goldbone into small fragments and connecting them together may bring out an amazing weapon.”
Tokan was muttering praises to himself endlessly. And every time he did so, Sanghyuk could hear a message that his familiarity with him rose slightly.
“Good! I’ll make this bone whip. I’ll make it more perfect than you think so just wait.”
After pondering, Tokan spoke with a very excited face. However, Sanghyuk still had a card left.
“I…… also have another suggestion.”
“Hm? A suggestion?”
“Yes, this may benefit not only you, Sir Tokan, but all the members of the Golden Anvil.”
“Oho…… really? Let me hear it then.”
With a low familiarity he couldn’t have taken out anything like a suggestion, but this wasn’t the case now. Since he had raised the familiarity as high as possible, Tokan listened to Sanghyuk’s request.
“Why don’t we make this bone whip an exclusive product of the Golden Anvil? I’ll only take 7% royalty as the idea maker.”
In Sanghyuk’s knowledge, the user that came up with the bone whip in his previous life received a 10% royalty. However, that was a value that user had gained after meticulous negotiation on top of the event grand prize effect. So, Sanghyuk was just going to lower the percentage and get things over with simply. This was the card Sanghyuk had saved up until now.
“Hmm, 5%.”
Although he had raised a lot of familiarity, Tokan did not nod his head easily.
Sanghyuk wasn’t planning to drag on for long so he just decreased his profit.
“Good! Let’s do it that way.”
The negotiation came to a quick end. With that, Sanghyuk could receive 6% of the profit that was made from selling bone whips from the Golden Anvil. Although this didn’t seem like much, once all sorts of users carried around a whip later due to popularity, Sanghyuk would be able to earn a big sum.
Of course, right now, the users wouldn’t even have enough money to buy an expensive bone whip (Even without being made from a Ten Millennia Goldbone, bone whips were in the expensive category among weapons), but once the users gathered enough money and the performance of the bone whip was known to the public, it would definitely be a hit among the users.

You have become a helpful person to Tokan and the Golden Anvil.
You have satisfied the third clear condition of the sudden quest ‘Tokan’s Request’.
Congratulations. You have cleared the sudden quest ‘Tokan’s Request’, and acquired the rare-grade title ‘Friend of the Race of the Land’ as a reward.
Your familiarity with Tokan has reached max!
A ‘ring of fate’ has manifested between The Firehammer Tokan and the dimensional traveler Immortal.
You have acquired a rare-grade title ‘Friend of the King(Dwarf)’ by manifesting a ring of fate with the legendary-grade NPC, ‘Firehammer Tokan’.

Sanghyuk was greatly delighted after seeing the message. Not to mention manifesting a ring of fate with Tokan, he had cleared the sudden quest as well.
Making a ring of fate with the king of the Race of the Land, typically known as dwarves, Tokan, was an arduous and important process that was more difficult than acquiring a legendary-grade item.
Of course, the familiarity system wouldn’t just end with the ring of fate. EL’s familiarity system was complex to the point that people often said that the familiarity process just started after the ring of fate manifested.
‘Throne of the Four Guardians of the Cardinal directions…… and the Heavenly Origin Throne……. Can I really take that place? Although it’s just a possibility now, in any case, this will be the start.’
What Sanghyuk ultimately wanted was a jaw-droppingly amazing matter. However, he had many things to do to achieve that.
He had just taken the first step by manifesting a ring of fate with Tokan.

Title – ‘Friend of the Race of the Land’
Grade – Rare
Description – You have shown trust towards to the Race of the Land. All beings of the Race of the Land will feel good will towards you.
Effect – [Prefix: N/A] [Postfix: N/A] [Constant effect: I can smell iron?(A) : You emit a fragrance that all dwarf NPCs like and brings out their good will. Familiarity increase rate increases by 2 times.]

Title – ‘Friend of the King(Dwarf)’
Grade – Rare
Description – The King of the Race of the Land has acknowledged you as a friend. Your reputation spreads among the Race of the Land
Effect – [Prefix: N/A] [Postfix: N/A] [Constant effect: I am this kind of guy!(A) : You can access all dwarf domains without any condition and can purchase items sold by dwarves at a 10% discount.]

After checking the two titles quickly, Sanghyuk made a satisfied smile. Although both of them were lifestyle-type titles, they had what Sanghyuk wanted on it.
“Ahahaha! Today is a good day. Why don’t we go out for a pint of Hinte beer?”
Tokan asked Sanghyuk with a good laugh. Hinte beer was definitely not wrong. EL contained quite a lot, no, a ridiculous amount of PPL (Product placement) inside it.
Hinte beer was one of those PPL. Actually, the unique taste of Hinte beer was also fully implemented as well. (T/N: Hinte = HiteJinro, a Korean beer company)
Actually, the race known as alcohol lovers, dwarves, drinking mass-produced beer like Hinte beer was quite strange. However, no one could say anything since they had to agree to the terms & conditions where it said that they had to acknowledge all PPL contents in EL.
Sanghyuk could only leave the Golden Anvil after two barrels of Hinte beer with Tokan. Since he had limited the drunkenness in the settings, he wasn’t drunk, but his hunger value went beyond 100% and reach 130%, so he got a ‘too full’ debuff instead.
This wasn’t a problematic debuff. It would decrease the movement speed and HP recovery rate by a little, but this was more of a prank than anything.

Having logged out of EL, Sanghyuk checked the video he had filmed in the Ancient Castle of Ghosts. Although he wasn’t going to reveal the footage immediately, he was planning to edit it a little beforehand.
However, Sanghyuk realized that he did not need any editing the moment he watched the footage.
“Damn…… this is really not fun even when I look at it. Whew, was my fighting style so boring?”
Sanghyuk could only make a bitter smile while looking at his own fighting footage as a third person.
It was definitely a footage that would make people exclaim at some points, but in the views of ordinary viewers, it was a sigh-inducing video.
‘Looks like I’ll have to give up on fighting footage for a while.’
Having watched all the footage he had recorded with fast-forwarding, Sanghyuk judged that it was impossible to gain the interest of other people right now.
Of course, the fact that he solo-played in a situation where he had to party was an element of interest, but the battle was too machine-like even after considering that.
Especially, if he butchered the footage to hide his secrets, it would become even more uninteresting.
‘Looks like I’ll have to give personal streaming another thought.’
No matter how much he wanted the personal streaming, he had more important things to do right now, so it would be a wise choice to delay the personal streaming a little.
‘Let’s think about it after I sleep a little.’
Sanghyuk had been logged on from the Ancient Castle of Ghosts to the Golden Anvil for 17 hours, so he was quite tired. He lied down on the mattress and fell asleep in 1 minute.
Since he had gained many things today, he felt that it would be good to sleep for 5 hours.

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