177 Part 2

Sang Hyuk checked his equipment first after arriving at the Dark Jungle with one recall. The protection gear was the Red Whale’s Flame+8 and his weapon, The Blood Wire of the Full Moon+10. His other equipment was fully prepared.


‘All right. Let’s start this.’


Sang Hyuk looked around after finishing the preparations. While the Dark Jungle was as dark as its name, he was comfortable in darkness like this.


‘The goal is Awakened Giant Spiders…’


Sang Hyuk was standing surrounded by multiple spider webs. Giant Spiders lived in a colony in this area, and normally it would be insane to hunt at a place like this. If someone wanted to hunt in a place like this, a scout or assassin player would grab aggro from one or two and the rest of the party used ranged attacks to finish them off.

However, Sang Hyuk was already in the colony, and while his stealth skill was working, he would be discovered if he touched a web.

The level of an awakened Giant Spider was about 140, and Sang Hyuk had come here where there were masses of them for only one reason.


‘I cannot secure enough sunstones by hunting one by one in the normal way. There’s only one way left, and it’s to be the Rabbit and take them all!’


Sang Hyuk had chosen to be the Rabbit, and doing it solo in the Dark Jungle sounded insane on the surface. Others would never think of this, but Sang Hyuk had thought of this method, and he always broke the rules when it suited his purpose.


‘Let’s start this!’


Sang Hyuk removed his stealth skill in the middle of the Giant Spider colony, and blue eyes sparked with rage everywhere. Giant Spiders began to move, and at least ten of them were moving rapidly to take care of a sudden appearance of succulent, juicy prey.


‘That’s not enough.’


However, Sang Hyuk thought the number was a little lacking.


‘Wake up!’


He swung the Blood Wire while he was running as if he was the worst alarm clock in the world. As the wire cut through the webs in a circle, more Giant Spiders woke up from sleep, which had been Sang Hyuk’s intention. Then, tens of Giant Spiders began to move at the same time.


‘Yes, it has to be this much, at least.’


Sang Hyuk smiled in satisfaction and nodded as he saw their movements. While the massive Giant Spiders were surrounding the stopped Sang Hyuk, he looked around as if everything was at peace. There was a simple reason for his composure, and he stuck the two wires he held in both hands into the ground and looked around calmly.


‘A little more…’


Sang Hyuk was calculating the timing, and to be more specific, was waiting for the thirty four giant spiders to come inside the area he had designated in his head. The awakened Giant Spiders were charging unforgivingly towards the intruder.

He did not move an inch while the Giant Spiders were gathering around him at the same time.


‘A little bit more!’


Sang Hyuk was waiting for the perfect timing for maximum effect in this dangerous situation, and the Giant Spider in the very front arrived right at Sang Hyuk and rushed him. He was going to be gobbled up at any moment, and it was then he confirmed that the thirty four Giant Spiders had entered his designated area.




Sang Hyuk used the ‘Ritual of the Thunder God: Lightning Formula – From Earth to Sky.’ It was a technique that injected mana into the earth to create lightning that shot from the ground to the sky, and its power increased up to 400 percent according to the accumulated energy. Since Sang Hyuk managed to inject near the maximum, the lighting was very powerful. Since the ‘First Strike’ effect was applied to the lightning, the power was multiplied several times.

With a rolling noise, white lightning sprang up in a radius of 40 meters from Sang Hyuk, and they all swallowed the awakened Giant Spiders. While the spiders were strong, they were unable to endure the sheer power behind Sang Hyuk’s lightning.

As a result, the spiders were all eradicated due to the lightning, all at the same time. There were many items fallen where the spiders had been, and there were also sunstones.


‘Whew, not bad.’


Sang Hyuk complimented himself and picked up the wires that still sparked electricity as they were stuck in the earth. While the current entered Sang Hyuk’s body, he did not suffer any damage. He collected the items after putting away the Blood Wire. Sang Hyuk did not care about his other loot and only wanted to know how many sunstones had dropped.


‘Twelve…it’s not bad to think that twelve fell out of thirty four.’


Sang Hyuk had thought there would be less than ten, and even that number justified to Sang Hyuk’s hunting method, and he would continue to do so.


‘Let’s go to the next point.’


Sang Hyuk opened the Pegasus Marking Book after collecting the drops. Since the Pegasus Marking Book allowed recall prices to be free within a certain area, there was no need to hesitate using recalls as much as Sang Hyuk wanted. He was going to hunt some ‘awakened Dire Wolves’ next.


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