178 Part 2


That was the only thing Sang Hyuk could tell Leah.


“I desperately hope so. I’ll race you home!”


Leah began to run faster. Sang Hyuk had always felt this, but morning exercise with Leah was both enjoyable and difficult at the same time. While he enjoyed stretching with her near, since Leah worked out like a top pro champion, it was difficult for Sang Hyuk to keep his gaze on  Leah’s face. However, he worked out with Leah as often as possible when given a chance since he enjoyed being with her too much, even compared to physical fatigue. Sang Hyuk came back after finishing the enjoyable and difficult morning workout to shower and access the game.


‘I’ll focus on hunting and skip lunch.’


Sang Hyuk had eaten a hearty breakfast so he could skip lunch. He was thinking of filling the quota for this week by hunting for eighteen hours straight. He came down to the first floor of his inn to eat another meal. It was for his game character and not the real him this time, mostly to listen to gossip and news.

Sang Hyuk came outside to prepare for the hunt, which basically meant buying a few consumable items. However, the stealthy eyes appeared again at the moment Sang Hyuk appeared in Goren City. They were the observers who had been waiting for him and started reporting his movements in minutes.

Sang Hyuk came out of Goren City to activate recall to the Dark Jungle, and everything had gone well up to this point. Nothing was the matter until he opened the Pegasus Marking Book. However, Sang Hyuk realized that something was wrong when he teleported to the Dark Jungle though the Pegasus Marking Book.


‘Teleport tracking!’


While normal users would simply notice something was different from the usual, Sang Hyuk knew exactly what this feeling meant. It was the sensation of a high-class special technique called ‘teleport tracking’ or ‘teleport interception.’

Sang Hyuk had not felt this feeling much in his past life but had heard stories. He had been interested in teleport tracking and researched it for strategic reasons as he worked as a coach. He even had asked players to feel what it was like, and that was why Sang Hyuk knew what was going on now.

Sang Hyuk took off from the point after arriving at the Dark Jungle and turned on his stealth skill. Teleport tracking meant that the enemies knew where Sang Hyuk had moved to and also copied his marking. Enemies would be after him now by nearly a hundred percent, and Sang Hyuk first had to prepare to meet them. Guessing who they would be in this situation did not mean anything.

There was a saying called ‘Good people do not come uninvited, but those who come uninvited are not good.’ Sang Hyuk prepared to fight as the idiom fitted the situation perfectly. Sang Hyuk had disappeared into the darkness, and a few seconds later, the enemy appeared, and there were fourteen of them.


“Hmm? We had followed him here immediately, and where had he gone to? Did…he recognize teleport tracking?”

“How can a mere dimension traveler know about that? It’s a skill that does not even exist in the lower lands. It must be a coincidence.”
“Is that so? Then he must not be far.”


Everyone who had followed Sang Hyuk looked to be the Sun People, and at that moment, a system message popped up in front of Sang Hyuk’s eyes.

A sudden quest ‘Human Hunters’ has been created. It is an important sub-quest for ‘The Riot of the Black Cat.’

The player receives a fifteen percent boost on all abilities for seven hours due to the ‘pioneer’ status.


‘Quest? That means they have something to do with my agreement with Black Cat.’


Sang Hyuk managed to guess who they were after fitting together the cause and effect of the situation. While he could not be certain, he was sure that he was right by over seventy percent.


‘If the pioneer status raised all of my abilities by fifteen percent, that means that this quest’s difficulty level must be tremendous.’


This kind of increase in stats was of the highest level quest buffs, and if it went on for seven hours, this quest had to be extremely difficult.


‘Fourteen Sun People who specialize in battle. Estimated level from 150 to 170. Damn, isn’t this too much for capturing a mere dimension traveler?’


Sang Hyuk was about to curse, because if the combat capabilities of the gathered Sun People were unleashed in the lower lands, there would be utter chaos in a few days.


‘Calm down. You can do this.’


Sang Hyuk shook his head to concentrate and stared forward, still hidden in the darkness. Since he did not know when he would be discovered, he could not go on hiding like this for long.


‘If they can use teleport tracking, they can use an area teleportation block. That means escape is futile.’


If Sang Hyuk could not run, there was only one thing he could do.


‘If I cannot run or hide…I can only fight!’


Sang Hyuk did not believe that he could win, but he could not give up. Sang Hyuk’s way was to die resisting even if there was only a one-percent possibility.


‘So damn…let’s get on with it!’


Sang Hyuk gathered his fighting spirit as he concentrated because he would not give up to the end.


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