One Man Army Chapter 25. Whale Fights Result in Dead Whales (2)


“Kill them!”
Killing Machine, who struck Ghost guild’s back along with Providence guild’s elites that included Linx, shouted with an excited expression.
PK was his life; especially when he could benefit from doing so.
[I’ll say this again, but pretend to fight and don’t get yourselves killed. We’ll devour both Ghost and Providence today.]
Killing Machine sent a group message to his guild members.
Linx from Providence believed in Killing Machine, but as an innate trash, Killing Machine was planning to devour not only Ghost but Providence as well.
‘Providence is running out of juice anyway. It’s better to throw them away after sucking whatever’s left in it.’
Devouring both the Ghost guild and the Providence guild at the same time was a huge business. Of course, this would be normally impossible, but right now, these two guilds were bearing their fangs at each other.
‘Then should I enjoy my time until my meal is here?’
Killing Machine had great PvP abilities. He had a high level and decent equipment so he would be able to survive this battlefield as long as he didn’t push himself.
Not only that, the Demon Army members were all very quick-witted as well, so they retreated while not looking like they were doing so. The users from Ghost and Providence were in a brawl, so they didn’t notice Demon Army’s actions.
However, since Sanghyuk was watching from the darkness, he could see Demon Army’s schemes in plain sight.
‘They…… are trying to gobble both guilds at once, eh?’
Sanghyuk realized the intentions of the Demon Army guild and smiled with an interested expression.
‘Should I say, as expected of them? Well, either way, it looks like both of those guilds will be bitten to death by that mad dog.’
Sanghyuk shook his head while watching two guilds unknown to him. Of course, he wasn’t planning to help them out at all.
If it was him from his previous life, he might have stepped out to help due to his wimpy justice, but the current Sanghyuk only observed their battle with cold eyes.
‘Even Demon Army would have a hard time gobbling up those two guilds. Then I…… guess I should gobble the fattened up Demon Army.’
It was that simple. Demon Army would devour Providence and Ghost, and Sanghyuk will eat the Demon Army that ate both of them.
‘Well, then. What should I do while I wait?’
He had completely seeped into the darkness. He was waiting for the right opportunity.


The battle between Ghost and Providence was intense. They knew that the loser of this battle will be the loser of the entire war. This fact drove them to fight without retreating despite the big losses.
However, when time passed, Ghost started being pushed back. No matter how fake they were acting, as long as the users of Demon Army existed, they could only be pushed back, objectively speaking.
Gale tried his best with a sword in each hand, but when he was defeated by Killing Machine, the tide of victory suddenly tilted towards Providence’s favor.
Providence also received a big damage and all that remained was Linx as well as a few elites, but the important thing was that Ghost was annihilated.
‘We won!’
Linx thought that they would get the advantage in this guild war through this battle.
‘If we clear up the remnants of the Ghost guild while the ones that died here can’t log in for 12 hours, we can’t lose this war…….’
Linx tried to grab onto the flag of victory while thinking about the aftermath. However, his thoughts couldn’t continue for long.
“Wh, what the hell? Urgh!”
Killing Machine, no, Demon Army had shown their true colors.
They started attacking the users of Providence guild who were tired after the battle.
“S, stop!”
Linx shouted loudly as he looked around. There were around 10 remaining members, while 12 from the Demon Army surrounded them…….
‘Ah…… we were deceived!’
Linx realized that he had completely made a fool of himself after looking at the tired Providence guild members and the opposing Demon Army members who looked to be in their full condition.
“Well then. The results won’t change, so let’s do this quietly, okay?”
Killing Machine made an evil smirk while looking at Linx.
“You bastard…… you…….”
“You believed in me? You’re stupid for doing that. Why believe in me when you could have believed in anyone else?”
Killing Machine was shameless. He was indeed fitting to be called trash of trash.
Anger filled Linx’s head, and he realized that his greed had called upon a disaster. However, he wasn’t planning to die obediently.
“You f*cking malefactors! It won’t go as you wish! Let’s show them the power of Providence!”
Linx re-gripped the spear in his hand and charged against Killing Machine. The rest of the Providence guild members also charged towards the Demon Army members.
It was true that the members of Providence were very tired after that battle, but they weren’t about to collapse just yet. They were planning to resist until the end in their frustration of being betrayed by Demon Army.

Resistance ended as resistance.
There was no miraculous reversal or anything, and the remaining 10 members of Providence were all killed by Demon Army guild. Linx was especially butchered by Killing Machine himself and paid for his greed.
Killing Machine shook his head lightly after seeing Linx who disappeared into particles of light after struggling to the very end.
“Damn guy. So stubborn.”
Since Linx was the last to die, there were no remaining Providence members.
“What the hell? Four of you died? That’s embarrassing considering that you went against half dead people.”
Killing Machine frowned after seeing that the original 12 members were reduced to 8.
“We couldn’t help it. They were stubborn until the end.”
Demon Army guild was a guild of malefactors, and malefactors were very proficient at PvP. However, the equipment side was better for the Providence guild. And since the betrayed Providence guild members desperately fought back, the damage was very big.
“I always say this, but the one who dies is the stupid one. Everyone get yourselves together. Let’s first collect our loot-”
Killing Machine was about to leave the place quickly after collecting loot since the battle was over. Since they had to stay low after doing a big job like this, they had to clear up all the items before the dead users were able to log back in again.
However, Killing Machine, no, the users of Demon Army guild couldn’t collect any of the loot on the floor.
*Pew, bbbbbooom!*
A sudden explosion! Just as when they thought that it was all over, a ball of fire struck the hindmost Demon Army guild member and exploded. That user instantly collapsed onto the floor, engulfed in flames. The other members of Demon Army could only flinch on their spot after seeing that.
“An ambush!”
The members of Demon Army had many experiences in PvP, so they knew what this attack meant. Perhaps due to that, they moved around busily in order to defend against the ambush.
However, something was quicker than them.
*Swoooosh, chrrrrrt!*
A strange rope-like thing wrapped around the frontmost Demon Army user!
Sanghyuk’s hyena hunt had begun.
The Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip wrapped tightly around the neck, and the next moment, the Demon Army user’s neck bone was shattered to pieces. The user whose neck was crushed didn’t think that he would die in a single strike.
The attack this time wasn’t something he had ever experienced before, so he just collapsed down onto the floor without being able to scream at all.
Sanghyuk, who killed two Demon Army user in a brief moment, stepped out of the darkness and looked around.
‘So there’s six left now?’
Sanghyuk expanded all of his senses in order to fight against the six malefactors.
“Don’t panic! There’s only one enemy!”
The one who regained his calm first was naturally Killing Machine. As soon as he found out that Sanghyuk was alone, he shouted to the other members to calm them down.
The fact that the opponent defeated two Demon Army users in an instant may seem amazing, but this was still six on one.
“Damned rat is getting cocky. How dare you try to interfere with us.”
Killing Machine knew what Sanghyuk was aiming for. However, the opponent was just one person. He believed that no matter how great a user was, one on six was impossible to win against.
“Everyone get yourselves together and just surround him properly.”
*Srrr, shing*
Killing Machine ordered the other Demon Army members and pulled out two daggers from his waist.
“I’ll pull out your eyes.”
Killing Machine could use a pair of daggers very proficiently and looked as if he was about to strike the two daggers into Sanghyuk’s head at any moment. The remaining five users who were ordered by him to surround him started approaching Sanghyuk slowly as well. They were trying to restrict his movement, and at this rate, Sanghyuk looked like he would be in for trouble.
However, the one who was facing them, Sanghyuk, was actually very calm. It was more like he had plenty of room for doing things.
‘One…… two…… three! Now!’
Sanghyuk heightened his senses and waited for the Demon Army users to surround him completely. Then, he extended his left hand towards the floor when they came within a certain range.

Fusion Card skill, ‘Small Tornado’!

*Fwoooooosh, tttttttut!*
A streak of gust was emitted from Sanghyuk’s hand, and it swept at a radius of 4 meters around Sanghyuk. The ones who stood there were all swept inside it as well.
All five Demon Army members within Sanghyuk’s range lost their balance and swayed.
And at that moment, Sanghyuk spun around quickly and swung his right arm.
*Clack clack, cl-cl-cl-clang!*
The little pieces of Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip clicked together in a straight line and changed into a long sword-like weapon. And that sword possessed a strong, sharp aura that seemed like it would slash anything.
*Slaaaash, snip! Crrrrrunch!*
A strand of sharp light was emitted from Sanghyuk. That light flashed very quickly at 360 degrees, and momentarily separated space to upper and lower regions.
The results of the flash of light were frightening. The five users that surrounded Sanghyuk…… their heads had all disappeared.
To be exact, their heads were each cut apart in different ways.
The fact that they were beheaded meant that they couldn’t endure Sanghyuk’s strike, so all five of them collapsed down onto the floor while scattering particles of light.
Sanghyuk’s attack power itself was beyond common sense, so not even one of them could endure it. If their defense was at a level they could endure Sanghyuk’s level, their heads would be injured at most, but not beheaded. But this was not the case, so they were all beheaded.
“Th, this…….”
Fortunately, Killing Machine was barely outside the range, so it ended with a clear slash line on his nose.
A lot of light particles dripped down onto the floor, but Killing Machine couldn’t even think about wiping it.
He was literally overwhelmed.
Sanghyuk’s transcendental power mercilessly pressured Killing Machine.
A sky above a sky had appeared in front of him.
That sky opened his mouth while looking at Killing Machine.
“Why don’t you just obediently die? It’s not like anything would change at this point.”

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